Shinji Nishiya & Yu Takeyama vs. Giant Villain is a battle fought between the heroes Shinji Nishiya (Shinrin Kamui) & Yu Takeyama (Mt. Lady) and the Giant Villain.


Kamui Woods vs Giant Villain 2

Shinrin Kamui confronts the Giant Villain

After finding himself cornered by several heroes at Tatooin Station, the Giant Villain is directly confronted by Shinrin Kamui. The villain threatens Shinrin Kamui, as the hero uses his quirk to dodge of flurry of crushing attacks. Shinrin Kamui tries to rush the villain but is pushed back.

Before preparing his final attack, Shinrin Kamui tells the villian that he has violated several laws and is the incarnation of evil. Just before Kamui Woods can use his Lacquered Chains Prison attack, Mt. Lady jumps in and strikes the Giant Villain with her Canyon Cannon attack, defeating him.


After the Giant Villian is defeated and returned to normal size, paparazzi swarm Mt. Lady as she receives all the credit for defeating the evil-doer. Shinrin Kamui remains in the background depressed after missing his moment to shine.