Shinji Nishiya, Yu Takeyama & Toshinori Yagi vs. Trapezius Head Gear is a battle fought between Pro Heroes Kamui Woods, Mt. Lady & All Might against the Villain Trapezius Head Gear.


On Wednesday morning, 7:35 AM, Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady struggle to fight Trapezius Head Gear as he takes a family hostage. She states that he is under arrest for serial lacery and murder while Kamui Woods comments on how powerful their foe is.

On his way to U.A., All Might sees the battle and decides to help out. He rushes by and uses Missouri Smash to knock the villain unconscious while grabbing his hostages at the same time.[1]


All Might saves the family from the villain and Mt. Lady states that she is grateful for the help, but that he will put them out of work.


  1. My Hero Academia Manga and Anime: Chapter 13 and Episode 9.

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