"Emotions are unnecessary burdens if things are to proceed smoothly. You should know that better than anyone."

Shin Nemoto to Mirio Togata in "Mirio Togata"

Shin Nemoto (音本 真 Nemoto Shin?) is one of the Eight Expendables who works for the Eight Precepts of Death.[1]


Shin is a thin, medium-sized man. He wears a black cape and hat with sneakers, along with a characteristic black plague mask of the Eight Precepts of Death.


Shin appears to be a very cynic man, as a result of never finding anyone worthy of his trust and friendship thanks to his Quirk making it easy for him to detect lies. He states that emotions are unnecessary to carry out objectives, but it's unknown if he actually believes this or if it was just a way to demoralize Mirio Togata.

Because Overhaul was the only truly sincere person he ever met, Shin is extremely devoted to him. Due to being granted knowledge about his boss's plans, Shin holds himself in high-esteem among the Eight Expendables, viewing himself as special and the only one of the group worthy of walking alongside Overhaul. Shin's loyalty to Overhaul is enough to make him follow his boss even after getting completely overwhelmed in battle.


Shin used to be a hardened con artist, becoming aware of how people always masked their true nature and weaknesses, even if they were unaware of it themselves. Those he spoke to would always lie to him before Shin forced them to tell the truth, leading them to keep their distance from the con man as he grew further disillusioned.

Shin joined the Eight Precepts of Death after being intentionally scouted by them. Overhaul's villainous, yet honest intentions convinced Shin to accept his new purpose in life.


Internship Arc

Chisaki first apearance

The Eight Precepts of Death deal with Team Reservoir Dogs.

Overhaul, Chronostasis, Shin, and another member defeat Team Reservoir Dogs and destroy their getaway vehicle.[2]

When Chisaki starts fighting the League of Villains, members of the Eight Precepts of Death come to his aid, including Shin. Tomura Shigaraki decides not to continue the fight, and the yakuza leave.[3]


Mirio defeats Shin and Deidoro.

When multiple heroes, their interns, and the Police Force invade the Precepts' HQ, the Eight Expendables are sent to fight the heroes to buy time for Chisaki to escape. Shin is teamed up up with Deidoro Sakaki and they confront Mirio Togata in the tunnels beneath the compound. Deidoro uses his Quirk to destabilize Mirio's balance, giving Shin a chance to shoot him with his gun, failing to do so due to Mirio's Permeation. Shin uses his Quirk to break Mirio's will to fight convincing him that he is only saving Eri to make himself feel better, because he had to overlook her suffering so things could proceed smoothly. When Shin and Deidoro try to finish of Mirio, he uses his Killing Move: Phanton Menace to defeat both.[4]

Even being completely subjugated by Mirio, Shin's devotion to Chisaki allows him to keep his consciousness and to drag himself to where Chisaki is. Chisaki throws a cartridge with special bullets at Shin and tells him to shoot.

Quirk and Abilities

  • Confession: Shin's Quirk allows him to force people to answer his questions with their true feelings.[5]
  • Psychological Manipulation: As a former con artist, Shin has knowledge about confidence tricks, using those abilities in conjuction with his Quirk to psychologically dishearten victims.

Equipment and Weapons

  • Handgun: Shin is armed with a simple handgun, which he uses as his main form of offense.


  • His given name means truth ( shin?) while his surname means real intentions (本音 nemoto?).
  • He seems to represent a corruption of the fourth tenant of the real eight precepts of Buddhism: do not deceive others.


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