Sharpshooting Gear is a set of support items invented by Power Loader and Mei Hatsume for Denki Kaminari's costume upgrade.


Denki's sharpshooting equipment includes a three-pronged disk shooter that attaches to his forearm called the shooter, orange disks called pointers contained in yellow clips, and a pair of blue glasses.  

In order to utilize his electrification Quirk without injuring everyone around him, Denki requested Mei and Power Loader create a way for him to aim his discharges.

By firing a disk while the pointer is set to "shooter", the disk will stick to the point of impact. As long as Denki is within ten meters of the pointer, his electric discharges will be concentrated into a straight line. If he needs to select multiple targets then he can use the dial on the shooter to select them and figure out exact locations using the glasses.[1]


  1. My Hero Academia Manga and Anime: Chapter 107 and Episode 56.

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