Ryo Inui (犬井 猟 Inui Ryō?),[2] also known as Hound Hero "Hound Dog", is a Pro Hero and the Lifestyle Guidance Counselor at U.A. High School.[1]



When angry, Ryo speaks in a incoherent and violent manner with a mix between words and a sound akin to a dog's growling.[1]


Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc

Ryo and several other U.A. High School teachers arrive at the USJ to help Class 1-A and All Might against the League of Villains' attack.[3]

Internship Arc

During the Opening Ceremony, Ryo has some final comments. Unfortunately his anger causes his speech to come out as a mix of words and incoherent growls and to end with a howl, scaring a few of the students. Sekijiro Kan relieves Ryo of his speech and reiterates what Ryo wanted to say as the Pro Hero sulked away angrily.[4]

Quirk and Abilities

Dog: Nothing is known about the Quirk except its name. It can be assumed that his Quirk gives him all the advantages that a dog might have, including heightened sense of smell and hearing.


Sekijiro Kan

Ryo and Sekijiro appear to get along well. After Ryo has an angry fit, Sekijiro approaches him and takes over for his speech, having understood what Ryo wanted to say.[4]


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