"Lock Hero" Rock Lock (錠前ヒーロー ロックロック Jōmae Hīrō Rokku Rokku?)[1] is a pro hero.


Rock Lock is a tall man of dark skin with dark, curly hair. He has pierced ears with padlocks in them. Notably, his fingertips have protrusions that resemble key teeth.

Part of his hero costume is a small white mask that covers his eyes. He wears a necklace around his neck with five keys dangling from it. Rock Lock wears a two-colored, short-sleeved shirt with a black section and a white print on it, resembling a keyhole. He wears two light-colored shoulder pads with a dark keyhole shape on both of them.


Rock Lock is a very patronizing and judgmental man who is quick to disregard people as useless and a hindrance. He especially views newbies and young students as such. However his negative attitude does not border to malice, as he is glad that Tamaki Amajiki did not get permanently injured. Rock Lock is also prone to underestimating his enemies, as he is certain that the Yakuza would cower in fear and surrender or run away.

Ironically, he does not like being patronized or underestimated himself.



Internship Arc

Rock Lock is present during the discussion regarding the Eight Precepts of Death. He was confused about the presence of the U.A. students, as he deemed them unfit to be a part of the discussion and incapable of contributing. When Tamaki demonstrated that he can still use his quirk despite being shot with the anti-quirk drug, Rock Lock stated his relief. When Sir Nighteye reveals that the anti-quirk drugs have human blood cells in them and Eijiro does not understand it right away, Rock Lock pointed out that he knew the children would hold the discussion back. As Sir Nighteye further reveals that Overhaul's daughter is the one whose blood is used and that Izuku and Mirio already encountered them, Rock Lock merely points out that the whole thing would be over with, if they had saved her right there.

With the main mission being the rescue of Eri, Rock Lock asks if they know for certain where she is and points out that they might have removed her from the hide-out. After Sir Nighteye explains how his quirk works and that he can't prevent what he sees, using death as example, Rock Lock challenges him and tells him he'll avoid his prediction a hundred times, only for Sir Nighteye to tell him that he cannot.

Rock Lock is later seen, scouting out the urban environment and finding the Eight Precepts of Death's hideout. Later, when it was confirmed that Eri is in their hideout, Rock Lock criticized Sir Nighteye for wasting his daily turn of his power, on checking out a villain who was buying a toy for Eri.

At the day of the mission, at 8:30am, Rock Lock and several other heroes and police units gathered in front of the villain hideout. As the police officer asks them to do everything as smooth as possible, Rock Lock is getting impatient and feels like the officer doesn't trust them. He then explains on how the Yakuza are cowards and will probably not put up a big fight. When the heroes and the police are being attacked, he is surprised that they are not scared at all and put up a fight.

Quirk and Abilities

  • Lock Down: Rock Lock can immobilize anything not living, locking it into a particular place. However, it can be overwhelmed by force and cannot apply to large areas.[2]
  • Deadbolt (本締 (デッドボルト) Deddoboruto?): By touching a nearby surface and performing an 180° spin with his hand, Rock Lock secures his immediate area down in a point of space. It is first used against Joi Irinaka.


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