"The great hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said... 'True heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life.' Plus Ultra!! Break a leg, everyone!!"

Hizashi Yamada to the U.A. Entrance Exam participants in "Entrance Exam"

Hizashi Yamada[1] (山田ひざし Yamada Hizashi?), also known by his hero name Present Mic (プレゼント・マイク Purezento Maiku?) is a Pro Hero who teaches English at UA.


Present Mic is a tall man with long, spiky blonde hair and a small mustache. He wears a pair of headphones with the word "HAGE" written on the headband, and a pair of sunglasses. When his eyes are visible, they appear as concentric circles.

His hero costume is a black jacket with an upturned, studded collar and studded shoulders, black pants with studded belt, black boots, and black, fingerless gloves. His neck is enclosed in a large collar that resembles an old stereo player, complete with speakers, play buttons, and cassette tape.


Present Mic carries the persona of a radio host. Maintaining a level of excitement and loudness regardless of the situation or event he happens to be in. He often attempts to bring his audience up to his level by getting them involved (he sometimes refers to them as his 'listeners', even while on a live stage). Even if this results in no response from them he continues his act regardless. He seems to be more prone to violence even against civilians (or at the very least reporters) should they annoy him, evident when reporters invade the school premises to speak with All Might and he asks Eraserhead if he can beat them up since they are technically villains for illegally trespassing.

Present Mic has a great aversion to bugs, to the point where he faints when too many bugs crawl up his legs. He does not like the forest because you can encounter a lot of bugs there. He prefers to stay in the city.


When he cried as a newborn, blood came out of the ears of his parents and the doctor who delivered him.[2] He and Aizawa went to Hero-School together and he thought of Aizawa's hero name "Eraserhead".


Entrance Exam Arc

Mach battle

Present Mic explains the exam.

Present Mic is first seen in U.A. High, introducing and explaining the Entrance Exam to the candidates. He is also the one who announces the start of the practical exam, catching all the participants by surprise.

After the exam ended, Ochaco Uraraka tried to negotiate directly with Mic to transfer some of her exam points to Izuku Midoriya, who finished the exam with none, but managed to save her life. Present Mic told the girl that wasn't necessary, as Izuku had passed the exam through rescue points.

Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc

Present Mic arrives with the other Pro Heroes from U.A. after being called for help by Tenya at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint to fight against the League of Villains. In the anime he attacks the villains with his Quirk, managing to knock out several of them.

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Present Mic is seen outside U.A., saying to the reporters that they will see the spirit of their students and announces that the Sports Festival is about to begin. He is then seen in the stadium where the Sports Festival is being held, acting as one of the commentators. He announces the arrival of Class 1-A and the other classes. After the Obstacle race begins, Present Mic drags Shota so that he can commentate alongside him.

Exams Arc

On the day of Class 1-A's test exercise, Present Mic is one of the teachers that Class 1-A will face in their end of term test exercise. Present Mic faces Kyoka and Koji in their test exercise.[3]

Koji, Kyoka, and Present Mic arrive in an uninhabited city where Class 1-A's test exercise will take place. In the city, Present Mic says that they will be facing his top percentage; Kyoka wonders if he is referencing something, mocking him in the process, to which Present Mic tells her to watch what she says. Present Mic explains the 30 minute test; Kyoka and Koji must either handcuff him or one of them must escape the battlefield within 30 minutes in order to win and pass the test. The test begins.[4] Present Mic uses his loud voice against Kyoka and Koji to keep them off balance.[5]

Kyoka and Koji manage to get a little closer to the escape gate, but Kyoka notes that Present Mic will be at the escape gate and that no matter what option of victory they choose, a standoff is inevitable. Present Mic uses his loud voice again; Kyouka notes that they cannot get any closer as long as Present Mic is using his Quirk. Kyoka sees an ant and comes up with an idea; she asks Koji if he can control bugs but his terrified reaction indicates that he does not like bugs. Present Mic uses his loud voice once again; Kyoka tries to counteract with her Earphone Jacks but the sound of her heartbeat does not do anything against Present Mic. Present Mic continues using his loud voice against Kyoka and Koji who are unable to handle it. Out of options, Kyoka asks Koji if he can control insects to which he approves. Kyouka uses her Earphone Jacks to break a rock which reveals dozens of insects, much to Koji's terror. Kyoka tells Koji that she understands his phobia but using the insects to attack Present Mic is the only plan she can think of because their opponent is too strong. She encourages Koji to follow through with her plan. After seeing her bleeding ears, he is ashamed that he is running away from this fight and realizes that he can only continue being at U.A. by overcoming his fear. He musters up the courage and commands the insects to attack Present Mic. At the escape gate, Present Mic sees that time is nearly up. Suddenly, dozens of insects crawling him, and he realizes that the insects traveled to him by moving underground, a place where the sound is ineffective. He is paralyzed by fear, allowing Koji to run through the escape gate while carrying an injured Kyoka with him; thus they pass the practical test.[2]

School Trip Arc

Present Mic is later seen among other U.A. teachers in an emergency meeting regarding the villain attack at the training camp and the capture of Katsuki Bakugo. Present Mic pointed out how the time of peace had made them soft and was the one to bring up the idea of a traitor in U.A. He desired to find the identity of the traitor, only for his theory to be dismissed by Midnight and Snipe.

Quirk and Abilities

Voice Anime

Present Mic uses his quirk

Voice (ヴォイス Voisu?): Present Mic's Quirk allows him to increase the volume of his voice, giving him the ability to create loud high pitched sounds. The sound from Present Mic's Quirk is strong enough to cause people's ears to bleed. The loudness from Present Mic's Quirk can annoy and distract enemies as well as block out other sounds. The only known weakness of this Quirk is that the loud sounds do not travel well underground, making this Quirk ineffective against anything that is underground.

Keen Intellect: Present Mic was the first of the teachers to point out the possibility of a traitor in U.A., even stating his reasons for why this would be the case.

3/5 C
2/5 D
4/5 B
5/5 A
5/5 A
Present Mic's stats, according to the Official Character Book


Directional Speaker System: Present Mic has a device around his neck that allows him to aim his quirk to a specific direction.



Shota Aizawa

Present Mic and Shota used to be classmates, which explains the easy-going attitude between them.


  • According to the official twitter, Present Mic's real name would be "Yamada Hizashi" (as stated in the prototypes). In Japan there is a real radio personality "Yamada Hisashi(やまだひさし or 山田ひさし)" , the host of "Hisashi Yamada's Radi-Unlimited" in TOKYO FM.
  • Present Mic likes radio and TV.
  • According to his profile, Present Mic and Eraserhead were classmates.
  • At first, Present Mic was supposed to be just a fat old man that would do announcements, but the author thought it was boring, so he went for a high-tension guy instead.
  • The word 'HAGE' on his headband means 'Baldness' in Japanese, which may be a nod back to his original design as an old man.
  • Present has a radio show called "Put Your Hands Up Radio" where he broadcasts nonstop music every Friday night.
  • Present Mic has a fear of insects.
  • In the anime, Present Mic is the one who provides explanation of characters and their Quirks.
    • When it came to his Quirk, it was instead Shota who provided the explanation.
  • Present Mic rankings in the Popularity Polls are as follows:
    • Present Mic ranked 36th in the First Popularity Poll.
    • Present Mic ranked 17th in the Second Popularity Poll.


  • (To the Entrance Exam participants) "The great hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said... 'True heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life.' Plus Ultra!! Break a leg, everyone!!"[6]


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