Pop Off (もぎもぎ Mogimogi?) is a Quirk used by Minoru Mineta.[1]


Pop Off allows Minoru to produce extremely sticky, removable spheres from his head.

Once Minoru removes one of his spheres, a new one will grow in its place in a matter of seconds. Those spheres appear to be made of Minoru's hair, with him referring to them as such.

The spheres will cling to any surface once they get in contact with one, and are extremely difficult to remove as any limbs or objects will just get stuck to it as well. Minoru is the sole exception to this, as his spheres act as bouncy objects when he touches them. Water does not seem to affect the adhesion capabilities of the spheres.

The stickiness of the spheres is dependant of Minoru's health. If Minoru removes too many spheres from his head in quick succession, he will begin to bleed.[2]


Minoru primarily uses his spheres as thrown projectiles, binding opponents and their weapons to other surfaces. This makes them suitable for traps too.

Because Minoru bounces off his spheres, they can act as improvised trampolines for him to jump on, which he can use to bypass obstacles in his way. They can also function as climbing tools.

Named Super Moves

  • Grape Rush: Minoru rushes towards the enemy while throwing several of his sticky spheres at them, sticking the enemy in place and allowing Minoru to rush past them.


  • The name, Mogi Mogi, is based on Meiji Mogi Mogi Fruits Goumi Candy, an actual Japanese snack.


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