Permeation is a Quirk used by Mirio Togata.


Through his Quirk, Mirio is able to phase his body through anything solid or liquid, including the ground itself, allowing him to travel through walls and avoid enemy attacks.

Step By Step

The basic steps of Mirio's wall phasing. Black represents intangibility whereas white represents solidness.

Mirio is able to restrict the effects of his Quirk to individual body parts. To pass through a wall or object, he has to follow a set of specific steps in order to do it successfully. While fully permeated, everything passes through Mirio's body, including air, light, and sound, effectively leaving him temporarily blind, deaf and breathless as long as his Quirk is activated. For unknown reasons, he still possesses mass, meaning that he's affected by gravity and will fall through the floor when using his Quirk above the ground. His clothes also fall off when his Quirk is activated.

Mirio's Catapult 2

Basic diagram of Mirio's "teleporting".

Mirio's Quirk also features a peculiar property; whenever he deactivates his Quirk while phasing through any solid object such as the underground, his body instantly gets ejected back to the surface of said object due to Mirio's own body mass being unable to overlap with any other preexisting mass, giving off the illusion that he's teleporting back to the surface after descending into the ground. Thanks to rigorous training, Mirio was able to master transportation through this application, being able to adjust the direction and positioning of his falling body in order to control the trajectory of his ejection as well as using prediction based on experience in order to transport himself next to targets. Mirio has also shown the ability to counter his opponents' own counterattacks, using his own intangibility in order to create feints.[1]

Named Techniques

  • Blinder Touch: Eyeball Crush: A feint where Mirio pretends to poke an opponent in the eye while his arm is intangible, distracting them long enough to deliver an actual blow to their stomach.


  1. Boku no Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 124

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