Permeation ( (とう) () Tōka?)[1] is a Quirk used by Mirio Togata.


Permeation grants Mirio the ability to phase his body through physical matter.

Mirio can choose to make one part of himself intangible or his entire body. This allows Mirio to smoothly maneuver through solid objects and effortlessly evade incoming attacks. 

If Mirio fully activates Permeation, not only does his worn normal clothing fall off, but gravity will drag his body's mass through the ground as well. If he deactivates his Quirk while phasing through the ground or another solid object, Mirio is instantly repelled to the surface due to his own body mass being unable to overlap with any other preexisting mass. Mirio's senses are negated too, as the necessary elements for them to work (light, oxygen, sound, etc.) will also pass through him.[2]

Mirio's Permeation does not extend to other people, meaning he has to be extra careful while handling those he needs to rescue. If someone becomes susceptible to an imminent danger like projectiles or other hazards, Mirio becomes unable to block them unless he deactivates his Quirk.


Mirio has trained vigorously to counteract the major drawbacks of his Quirk. Back in his early years, Mirio struggled a lot with Permeation, and it would take until his internship with Sir Nighteye for him to achieve perfect control over his Quirk.


The specific steps Mirio takes to phase through a wall.

To pass through an object without falling down to the Earth's core, Mirio must undergo a series of specific steps involving different parts of his body turning intangible while others not. Most people admit that they would never be able to accomplish that successfully in a rush, but Mirio is able to perform it as if it were second nature. He is capable of showcasing meticulous precision on when and where in his body Permeation should be active while performing swift moves. For those reasons, guarding oneself against his attacks in combat is essentially impossible.


Releasing his Quirk while falling through the ground repels Mirio back to the surface in an instant.

Thanks to rigorous training, Mirio was able to master instant transportation through the repelling property of his Quirk, being able to adjust the direction and positioning of his falling body in order to control the trajectory of his ejection, as well as using prediction based on experience in order to resurface himself next to targets, allowing him to strike them from any angle. For an outside observer, Mirio gives the illusion that he is somehow teleporting, because of his apparent disappearance and reappearance at various spots, which happens almost immediately.[2]

Named Techniques

  • Blinder Touch Eyeball Crush (ブラインドタッチ 目潰し Buraindo Tacchi - Metsubushi?): A feint where Mirio pretends to poke an opponent in the eye while his arm is intangible, distracting them long enough to deliver an actual blow to their stomach. It was first seen used against Izuku Midoriya.[2]
  • Killing Move: Phantom Menace (ファントム・メナス Fantomu Menasu?): Using the ejective property of his Quirk, Mirio repeatedly catapults himself from the walls, floor and ceiling of an enclosed space while striking his targets at blinding speeds. It was first seen used against Shin Nemoto and Deidoro Sakaki.



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