Ochaco Uraraka vs Katsuki Bakugo is a battle fought between Class 1-A students Ochaco Uraraka and Katsuki Bakugo during the Sports Festival's fighting tournament.


Katsuki asks Ochaco if she is the "floaty one", and tells her that if she wishes to withdraw she should do so now. The match starts with Ochaco running towards Katsuki in an attempt to strike him first, while telling that she does not have an option to withdraw. Instead of dodging, Katsuki strikes back directly with an explosion.

Katsuki attacks Ochaco

Katsuki attacks Ochaco.

Ochaco is unable to dodge the attack, but removes her jacket so that it can act as a decoy and throws it onto the floor to distract Katsuki. Katsuki takes the bait by grabbing her jacket while telling her not to underestimate him, allowing Ochaco to successfully sneak behind Katsuki without him noticing. Ochaco prepares to make her opponent float, but Katsuki's reflexes allow him to see her and he counters by hitting her with an explosion, blowing her away.

Ochaco attacks

Ochaco sneaks behind Katsuki.

Ochaco gets up and prepares to attack again. However, Katsuki is quicker than Ochaco and he hits her with an explosion. Ochaco, still standing, tries to attack, but Katsuki once again hits her with another explosion. Refusing to waver, Ochaco continues withstanding Katsuki's attacks. The audience starts questioning whether it is okay to let the match go on like this, and some of the heroes stand to boo Katsuki for "toying with a girl". Shota then calls them out, saying that Katsuki is refusing to let his guard down because he recognizes the strength of an opponent that has made it this far, and that if they can't notice that, they should quit their jobs as pro heroes.

Ochaco's preparation

Ochaco thanks Katsuki.

Katsuki stops his attacks for a brief moment and Ochaco, tired and battered from his explosion assault, thanks Katsuki for not letting his guard down. From the stands, Neito explains that she kept charging at Katsuki in order to keep his attention downward while she used the rubble created through his explosions to make a meteor shower with her Quirk. Izuku notes that it was a very dangerous plan while Ochaco thinks that she is going to win and advance, just like him.

However, Katsuki creates a huge explosion which not only destroys the meteor shower of rubble but blows Ochaco away as well. Ochaco is shocked and horrified that Katsuki managed to destroy all the rubble in one hit. Katsuki says that he knew she'd have something planned since she has been hanging out with Izuku.

Ochaco, drained of her stamina from using her Quirk on a large scale as well as badly injured from Katsuki's explosions, makes one final attempt to attack Katsuki while he grins, saying that the real match starts now. However, her severe injuries, drained stamina and her Quirk's weight limit takes its toll on her and she collapses onto the ground, no longer able to move.


Midnight checks on Ochaco and declares that she is unable to move, declaring Katsuki the winner and thus eliminating her from the tournament. Ochaco is taken to Recovery Girl, and Present Mic announces that the first round is over.