Ochaco Uraraka & Yuga Aoyama vs. Thirteen is a battle fought between Class 1-A heroes-in-training Ochaco Uraraka & Yuga Aoyama and Pro Hero Thirteen during the Final Exams Arc in the Replica City-District.[1]


The battle was skipped to near the end, At this point Yuga and Ochaco were holding onto rails near the exit. Thirteen vacuums the two with his quirk. Then, Yuga shoots Thirteen with his laser from his knee. This is possible because his hero costume can redirect his navel laser to a number if other locations on his body. Thirteen absorbed the light, as black holes do, and destroyed Yuga's shades. Yuga said, "Hmph," and commented how this battle is not a joke.

Ochaco thought how Izuku would do in this situation. Yuga immediately thought how Ochaco likes Izuku and asks her if she likes him. Ochaco blushed putting her hands on her cheeks letting go of the railing. Not wanting to kill a student Thirteen shuts off their quirk. While flying towards Thirteen Ochaco uses the skills she learned with Gunhead to incapacitate Thirteen and handcuff them.


The two passed because they were able to handcuff Thirteen. However, it was pointed out that the limit for passing was a 30 and they got a 36. This made them receive extra attention during the forest lodge boot camp. Though not as much as the teams that outright failed.


  1. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 61

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