Ochaco Uraraka & Tsuyu Asui vs. Himiko Toga is a fight between U.A. students Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui versus the League of Villains member, Himiko Toga.


On the night of the third day, the Vanguard Action Squad attacked the training camp; Himiko appeared behind Ochaco and Tsuyu and attacked them. Having managed to slightly wound Ochaco’s left arm, Himiko explained that normally she would have to make a big wound to suck blood. However, thanks to her machine, her Quirk’s weakness is compensated by the machine’s ability to drain blood from tiny wounds.

Himiko ran towards the two, launching an attack, to which Tsuyu responded to by flinging Ochaco away with her tongue. She told Ochaco to run back to the facility and call for help and said that she also planned on retreating with her. Himiko slashed at Tsuyu’s tongue with her knife injuring it. Tsuyu to tried to run away but Himiko pinned her hair to a tree with her machine. 

Gunhead Martial Arts

Ochaco slams Himiko.

While Himiko prepared her machine to drain Tsuyu’s blood, Ochaco arrived to Tsuyu’s aid, which caused Himiko to turn her attention to Ochaco. Ochaco dodged a slash attack and used her newly learned martial arts to push the other girl down. With Himiko forced flat on the ground, Ochaco asked Tsuyu if she could restrain the blonde girls arms. 

However, Himiko began talking to Ochaco, calling her spectacular while noting that they are similar, as both of them are in love with someone and how they strive to be like the ones they love. Her talking caught Ochaco off guard, allowing Himiko to use her machine to stab Ochaco’s leg. She then began to draining Ochaco’s blood. 


Suddenly, the Bakugo Escort Team arrived and saw Ochaco. Not wanting to engage a large group of enemies and not wanting to get killed, Himiko stopped draining Ochaco’s blood and pushed Ochaco aside. Before retreating, Himiko saw Izuku and blushed. While Ochaco wanted to follow her, Tsuyu stopped her due to Himiko’s Quirk being unknown to them.[1]


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