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Ochaco's Memory

Young Ochaco with her parents.

Ochaco's parents own a construction business, but none of them have the Quirks compatible for the job, which caused them to have considerably economic problems for years, even after having a child.

As a result, Ochaco wanted to help with her family's business since her early childhood. However, her father refused her help, replying that even though he and her mother were happy that she wanted to help, they would be happier if she made her own dreams come true instead.[1]

During her teenage years, Ochaco decided to get a Hero's license in order to give a more comfortable life to her parents. Despite her financial outcome compared to her classmates, after she entered to U.A, Ochaco managed to get her own apartment to assist school.   


Entrance Exam Arc

Izuku Meets Ochaco

Ochaco meets Izuku at the Entrance Exam.

Ochaco first appears at the U.A. Highschool Entrance Exams when Izuku Midoriya trips and nearly begins to fall over. She uses her "Zero Gravity" Quirk to prevent him from falling down. She apologizes for using it without Izuku's permission, expresses how nervous she was for the exam and him good luck.[2]

During the practical test, Ochaco manages to score 26 points by lifting robots with her quirk before sending them crashing down. As the practical test reaches the end, Ochaco gets trapped under debris caused by the sudden appearance of the zero pointer robot. Seeing her in danger, Izuku uses his Quirk to destroy the giant robot and saves her, to her amazement.[3] She then frees herself and uses her Quirk to save Izuku from hitting the ground after he begins to free fall from his attack.[4].

Izuku Falling (Anime)

Ochaco saves Izuku

After the exam, Ochaco asks Present Mic to give Izuku her points since he saved her. Present Mic thanks her for asking, but reveals that he and her scored enough rescue points to pass the exam and gain acceptance into U.A. Highschool. [5]

Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

Izuku Blushes To Ochaco

Ochaco meets Izuku again in their class

Ochaco arrives at Class 1-A and finds that she has been put in the same class as Izuku. She expresses her happiness in seeing that he was accepted into U.A., as well as complimenting him on the punch he gave to the huge robot during the practical test. Unaware of Izuku's embarrassment over their close proximity, she excitedly wonders about what their first day is going to be like. However, she is interrupted by their homeroom teacher, who orders them to wear their gym clothes and head to the P.E. grounds.[6]

Once she and the rest of the class reach their destination, Ochaco is shocked to know that they'll be put through a Quirk apprehension test. She questions Shota about the ceremony and guidance counselor meeting, to which he replies that if they want to be heroes, they have no time for such things.[6]

Once the test begins, Ochaco uses her Quirk to make her clothes and shoes weigh less, which allows her finish the 50 meter-dash in 7.15 seconds. On the pitch test, she achieves an "infinite" score by making the ball float into atmosphere.[7] After Izuku manages to control his Quirk and get a good score in the pitch test, Ochaco was amazed by his abilities and cheers him on, glad he finally got a record suitable for a hero. Later, once Shota explains the threat of expulsion was a logical ruse, she, along with Izuku and Tenya, are greatly shocked.[8]

Izuku Ochaco Tenya Trio

Ochaco makes new friends.

At the end of the first day, Ochaco meets up with Tenya and Izuku and formally introduces herself to them. She accidentally mistakes Izuku's name as "Deku", due to hearing Katsuki Bakugo call him that. After Izuku explains that "Deku" is insulting nickname Katsuki gave to him as kids, she apologizes to him and says that, despite that, she likes the name "Deku" as it, in her words, just screams "do your best!". Her words cause him to say he'll go by that as Ochaco walks home with her new friends, Izuku and Tenya.[8]

Battle Trial Arc

Izuku And Ochaco Team

Izuku forms a team with Ochaco.

After receiving and putting on their costumes, Ochaco walks along with the rest of her classes to the place where the Battle Trial will take place. She compliments Izuku's costume and says that she regrets not being more specific on her request, because she finds her costume a bit embarrassing. After All Might explains the rules of the trial, Ochaco asks if there's a threat of expulsion like on the Quirk Apprehension Test. She is teamed up with Izuku as a hero team, against Tenya and Katsuki, as a villain team.[9]

As they wait for the trial to begin, Izuku and Ochaco attempt to memorize the building blueprints. Ochaco says she's not worried since there's no threat of expulsion, but comments that Izuku, on the other hand, looks really worried. Izuku explains his relationship with Katsuki, then apologizes for dragging her into his childhood rivalry, to which Ochaco replies that he shouldn't worry because they're a team.[10]

Once the trial begins, Izuku and Ochaco successfully infiltrate the building and survey their surroundings. Moments later, Katsuki Bakugo suddenly ambushes and charges at them, but Izuku saves Ochaco from his attack. She briefly watches the two battle, complimenting Izuku on his counter-attack against Katsuki.[11]

Tenya Finds Ochaco

Tenya notices Ochaco sneaking around.

Izuku tells Ochaco to go on ahead without him while he deals with Katsuki, to which she complies. She manages to find the fake Nuclear Bomb but discovers that Tenya is guarding it, so she decides to stay hidden and wait for Izuku to reach her. However, hearing Tenya trying hard to play into the role of a villain makes her laugh, and so he finds her. Tenya explains that he prepared to counter her Quirk by cleaning the floor, removing all objects that she could use to attack. Ochaco contacts Izuku, and tells him that Tenya found her and she's in the middle room on the fifth floor.[12]

Team A Wins

Ochaco successfuly recovers the warhead, giving the win to her and Izuku.

After Katsuki blows up a large portion of the building, Ochaco makes a run for the fake Nuclear Bomb after seeing Tenya being distracted by Katsuki's action. Tenya tries to intercept her, but Ochaco uses her Quirk to make herself float above him. She reaches for the fake Nuclear Bomb, buy Tenya uses his Quirk to snatch the bomb before she could reach it. Later, Izuku contacts her and she immediately holds onto a pillar. After Izuku uses Detroit Smash to destroy the floor Ochaku is on, she uses Home Run Comet to fling rocks at Tenya to distract him. Then she once again makes herself float to jump over the distracted Tenya and grabs onto the fake bomb, granting both her and Izuku victory.[13]

After the trial, Ochaco is brought into the monitor room for her critique. All Might declares Tenya had the best performance in the battle. Tsuyu Asui asks why not Ochaco or Izuku, since they were the winning team. All Might asks if anyone knows why and Momo Yaoyorozu answers, saying that Tenya was the most adept to the scenario. She then says that although Ochaco did well at first, she lost her focus halfway through and her final attack was reckless, as it would not work on a real nuclear bomb. After school, when Izuku comes back to the classroom, Ochaco worriedly asks about his wounds to which he replies that he is fine.[14]

Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc

Interview With Ochako

Ochaco is interviewed about All Might.

On her way to school, Ochaco is questioned by reporters. They ask her how All Might appears in front of the class, to which she replies that he looks super muscly. Later, during the elections for class president, Ochaco votes for Izuku, hoping that Katsuki doesn't find out that she did it. At lunch, she is seen sitting with Izuku and Tenya, enjoying her rice bowl. She asks Tenya if he didn't want to become class president too, commenting that his glasses would suit the role. After seeing the way Tenya talks, she deduces that he is from an upper-class family and asks if it is true.

He say that she's correct, and that he comes from a renowed hero family. After the siren goes off, Ochaco is seen evacuating from the lunch room. Then, at Tenya's request, she uses her Quirk to make him float in order to jump onto the exit sign and calm the students.[15]

The following day, Ochaco changes into her hero costume in preparation for the rescue training trial. She asks Izuku why is he wearing his gym clothes, and he explains that his costume was tattered during the battle trial. She is later seen on the bus laughing at the conversation Katsuki is having with the others. At USJ, Ochaco says she's a fan of Thirteen, and then listens to his speech with admiration. However, before anything else could progress, villains suddenly show up, much to Ochaco's shock.[16]

Ochaco attempts to evacuates with her class, but they fail once Kurogiri warps everyone away. However, Tenya saves her from being teleported. After Tenya shows reluctance to go back to U.A., Ochaco encourages him to do so, reminding him of his actions in the lunchroom, saying that he is their best hope.[17] Later, Ochaco is shocked at seeing Kurogiri warp Thirteen's Black Hole against himself.[18]

Uraraka throws Kurogiri

Uraraka throws Kurogiri

When Tenya finally reaches the exit, Kurogiri tries to stop him. However, noticing that the villain must have a real body since he's wearing metal plates around his neck, Ochaco runs towards him and uses her Quirk to make Kurogiri float into the air, preventing him from stopping Tenya and allowing him to escape.[19] Suddenly, All Might appears, making Ochaco shed tears of joy. She then cheers for All Might as he battles Noumu.[20]

Later, Ochaco makes an injured Shota float in order to help Tsuyu carry him, and is relieved to see Tenya arrive safely with the other U.A. teachers.[21] Once the battle with the Villain Alliance is over, Ochaco is seen with her class, uninjured. She and Tenya ask the police about Izuku's well-being.[22]

Sports Festival Arc

Scary Ochaco

Ochaco is determined to win the Sports Festival.

After the fourth period of modern literature is over, during lunch break, Ochaco encourages herself, Izuku and Tenya to do their best at U.A.'s Sports Festival, which surprises some of her classmates due to the fierce expression on her face. Later, Ochaco tells Izuku and Tenya that she wants to become a heroine to earn money. She apologizes for her goal, afraid that it seems selfish, which prompts Tenya to say that there's no shame to aim for a comfortable life.[23]

Izuku Tenya Listen To Ochaco

Ochaco embarassedly tells her motivations to Izuku and Tenya.

Ochaco explains that her family works in a building company but haven't had a contract in long time, so their financial situation isn't good. Izuku says that her Quirk would be useful in construction, to which Ochaco agrees. However, in a flashback, it is revealed that her parents wanted her to make her own dreams come true instead of working for her family. Ochaco then firmly states that she will definitely become a heroine in order to make her parents' life easier, which Izuku and Tenya find very admirable.[24]

Ochaco and Tenya finish the race (Anime)

Ochaco finishes the race.

After Izuku leaves to talk to All Might, Ochaco speaks to Tenya, discussing the similarity between All Might's and Izuku's Quirk and that All Might may have taken an interest in Izuku.[25] On the day of the Sports Festival, Ochaco is seen walking out to the event with her class.[26] Once the Obstacle Race begins, Ochaco is seen avoiding Shoto's first attack,[27] and eventually manages to get to the second stage of the race, the Fall, where she sees and is impressed at Mei Hatsume's equipment.[28] She finishes the race in 16th place, allowing her to participate in the next event, the Human Cavalry Battle. She then congratulates Izuku on placing first.[29]

Team Midoriya's Stance

Team Midoriya

Ochaco chooses to team up with Izuku, wanting to team up with people she is friends with, which moves the boy to tears. She is sad to see that Tenya will not be joining their team. Ochaco is then seen in formation along with her other teammates, Fumikage and Mei.[30]

The event begins and Ochaco along with her teammates are about to be assaulted by Tetsutetsu's team and Toru's team. Ochaco and her team try to escape, but they find themselves stuck in Juzo's Quirk. Izuku tells Ochaco and Mei to look away and uses the jetpack that Mei gave to him earlier, allowing them to escape into the air. Kyoka attacks the group, but Fumikage uses his Dark Shadow to defend his team.

Hover Boots Stuck

Mei's Hover Boots get stuck.

Ochaco uses her Quirk along with equipment attached to her legs to land safely. Then, Ochaco and her teammates are attacked by Tetsutetsu's team again, but Fumikage uses his Dark Shadow to block them. Suddenly, Mezo and his team attack them. Under pressure, Izuku decides to escape by flying into the air, but they are suddenly attacked by Katsuki. Fumikage then uses his Dark Shadow to block Katsuki's Explosion. After landing again, Ochaco and her team are confronted by Shoto's team.[31]

Ochaco encourages her team

Ochaco encourages her team.

Ochaco's team battles Shoto's team, managing to hold their ground. However, Tenya uses his new move, Reciprocating Burst, which allows Shoto to snatch Izuku's 10 million point headband in an instant, shocking Ochaco. As Izuku orders his team to after them, Fumikage advises that they go after another team, but Izuku replies that he doesn't know the point distribution of the other teams. Ochaco pushes her team forward and encourages Izuku to get back the 10 million point headband. Ochaco and her team then face off in one final clash.[32]

Team Midoriya advances-0

Team Midoriya advances to the finals

Thinking it is the ten million point one, Izuku manages to take Shoto's headband. However, Izuku is shocked to see that the headband he took is instead a seventy-point headband. For the last ten seconds, Ochaco and her team try to attack Shoto's team again, with Fumikage using his Dark Shadow to protect his team from Denki's electricity, but soon the ten seconds are up and the Human Cavalry Battle ends. Izuku apologizes to his team, but Fumikage reveals that he was able to take a headband from Shoto. Ochaco and her team place fourth, allowing them to advance and participate in the final event. After the lunch break begins, Ochaco talks to Tenya, saying that the move he used was sneaky, but Tenya denies it. She then wonders where Izuku went.[33]

Ochaco cheers

Ochaco cheers.

After Denki and Minoru state that the girls must do the cheering battle as per orders from their homeroom teacher, Ochaco and the other girls of Class 1-A walk out in cheerleading outfits. However, they realize that they have been tricked, and Ochaco comforts a frustrated Momo. The final event is revealed to be a tournament, and Ochaco's opponent is Katsuki Bakugo in the first round, much to her shock. During the recreational events, Ochaco cheerleads, in an attempt to ease her worries about her upcoming match.[34]

Ochaco leaves

Ochaco heads to the waiting room

After Ibara defeats Denki, Ochaco sees that Izuku is writing down counter strategies. He explains to her that it is a hobby of his, and that the event is a great chance to observe the Quirks of everyone outside their class, since he already has information on everyone on class A. Ochaco comments that Izuku has been incredible since they first met, but the festival has brought him to another level. After Tenya wins his match, Ochaco tells Izuku that she is going to the waiting room and will be back later.

Ochaco Politely declines

Ochaco politely declines Izuku's offer.

Ochaco, in the waiting room, meets Tenya. He notices that she is nervous, and she admits that she is indeed scared. Izuku then also enters the room and describes what happened in the other matches. Ochaco notes that it will soon be her time to battle. Tenya says that even Katsuki could go easy against a female opponent, but Izuku disagrees, since they're all fighting to be number one.

See you in the finals

Ochaco promises to meet Izuku in the finals.

Izuku, wanting to help calm Ochaco as well as thank her for the many times she saved him, offers her notes on a strategy against Katsuki based on her Quirk. Ochaco thanks Izuku for the offer but politely declines, not wanting to count on him to pull through again just like in the Human Cavalry Battle event. She admits that she grew a little ashamed of herself to be relying on Izuku. As she leaves for her match, Ochaco then says that they will meet up in the finals.

Ochaco walks to the ring to face her opponent, Katsuki, in her first round match.[35] Before the match begins, Katsuki tells Ochaco that if she is going to withdraw, she should do it now. The match begins and Ochaco runs toward Katsuki in an attempt to strike him first, saying that she doesn't have the option to withdraw. Ochaco is hit directly by Katsuki's explosion.

Ochaco's first strategy

Ochaco's first strategy.

Ochaco removes her jacket so that it can act as a decoy and throws it onto the floor to distract Katsuki. Katsuki takes the bait by grabbing her jacket, allowing Ochaco to successfully sneak behind Katsuki without him noticing. Ochaco prepares to make her opponent float, but Katsuki's reflexes allow him to see her and he counters by hitting her with an explosion, blowing her away and damaging her in the process. Ochaco gets up and prepares to attack again.

However, Katsuki is quicker than Ochaco and he hits her with an explosion. Ochaco, still standing, tries to attack, but Katsuki once again hits her with another explosion. Ochaco proves to be quite resilient, refusing to waver so easily and is hit by Katsuki's explosion again.

Episode 22

Ochako not giving up

After being hit by another explosion, Ochaco, tired and battered from Katsuki's explosion assault, she thanks Katsuki for not letting his guard down as in doing so it allowed her to prepare her final plan; to create a meteor shower from all of the rubble utilizing the effects of her Quirk to hit Katsuki.

Ochaco releases the meteor shower

Ochaco releases the meteor shower

Ochaco had been trying to attack Katsuki so that he would not realize what she was doing. Ochaco fires the meteor shower of rubble at Katsuki, planning to use the meteor shower of rubble as a distraction so that she can attack him directly with her Quirk. However, Katsuki creates a huge explosion which not only destroys the meteor shower of rubble but blows Ochaco away as well. Ochaco is shocked and horrified that Katsuki manages to destroy all the rubble in one hit.

Ocahaco can't move

Ochaco is unable to move

Ochaco, drained of her stamina from using her Quirk on a large scale as well as badly injured from Katsuki's explosions, makes one final attempt to attack Katsuki. However, her severe injuries and stamina drain finally take its toll on Ochaco and she collapses onto the ground, unable to move her body. Midnight goes to check on her and declares that she is unable to move, thus causing her to lose and to be eliminated from the tournament.[36]

Brave face-0

Ochaco puts on a brave face

Ochaco is taken to Recovery Girl to have her severe injuries attended to. After having most of her injuries healed, Ochaco is seen in the waiting room and Izuku arrives to see her. Ochaco cheerfully tells him that she lost, saying that she got carried away trying to win. When Izuku asks about her injuries, she tells him that her severe injuries are healed and that she only has minor bruises. Ochaco says that she was beat pretty badly by Katsuki and has to step up her game. As Izuku tries to asks if she is okay, Ochaco admits that she is feeling surprisingly fine. She tells Izuku that he always looks straight ahead and because she lost she cannot afford to lose again.

Ochaco crying

Ochaco cries while speaking to her father

The first second round match is stated to begin shortly, causing Ochaco to apologize to him for taking up his time which he could have used to prepare, going on to say that she will be watching him and tells him to do his best. Izuku leaves the waiting room and Ochaco calls her father on her phone. Her father tells Ochaco that she was incredible during her match to which Ochaco replies that she wasn't that great. As Ochaco goes on to say that she couldn't show off her skills enough to get scouted, her father tells Ochaco that it is fine and that there is no rush, saying that he knows that his sweet, kind Ochaco will without a doubt become a great heroine. Ochaco breaks down in tears and begins to cry, as she is one step behind in her goal in helping her parents.[37]

Ochaco then goes to watch the next match which is Izuku versus Shoto. As she goes to sit down, Tenya comments on her eyes, telling her to go to Recovery Girl, to which Ochaco replies that the condition of her eyes were from something else and proceeds to rub her eyes to make them better. Ochaco sits down and agrees with Fumikage's comment on taking inspiration from one's battles. Ochaco then wonders how Izuku is going to deal with Shoto's ice.[38]

Izuku friends check on him

Ochaco checks up on Izuku

After Shoto defeats Izuku, Ochaco along with Tenya, Tsuyu and Minoru go to Kango's office to see Izuku. However, Ochaco is forced to leave as Kango states that Izuku is going to undergo surgery.[39]

Ochaco cheers for Tenya during his battle against Shoto. Ochaco, along with Izuku and Tenya, watch the match between Fumikage and Katsuki. Ochaco notes that Fumikage is at a disadvantage due to the light coming from Katsuki's Explosions. Ochaco agrees with Izuku about Fumikage having a better advantage if Katsuki didn't know about Fumikage's weakness. Ochaco notes that Izuku looks much better.

Ochaco meets her parents

Ochaco tears up upon seeing her parents.

After Fumikage surrenders, Ochaco says that it must have been frustrating for Fumikage to force himself to give up. Ochaco and Izuku agree with Tenya's comment about watching the final match for revenge later. Ochaco watches the final match between Katsuki and Shoto along with Izuku.[40]

Ochaco along with her class watches the closing ceremony of U.A.'s Sports Festival. The next day, Ochaco is walking home after picking up some groceries. She opens the door, surprised to see it's unlocked. Ochaco is shocked to see her parents in her apartment. Her parents tell her that because she did so well in the Sports Festival, they decided to come see her and throw a nice get-together for her efforts. Ochaco cries in happiness.[41]

Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Ochaco chooses hero name

Ochaco chooses her hero name.

Two days after the Sports Festival, Ochaco is in class. During the Hero Informatics period, Shota shows the Pro Hero nominations which shows that Ochaco received 20 Pro Hero nominations. Afterwards, Class 1-A has to decide on Hero names. Ochaco writes down and shows her classmates her hero name. Ochaco's reveals her Hero name to be Uravity. Midnight commends Ochaco on the sleek and classiness of her Hero name. After Izuku revealed that his Hero name will be Deku as well as his reason why he chose it, Ochaco smiles.[42]

After Class 1-A is finished formulating their Hero names, Ochaco is given her personalized work place list in order to choose a work place that she wants to train at.

Gun head agency choice

Ochaco tells Izuku her choice of workplace.

Ochaco tells Izuku that she plans to train at Battle Hero Gunhead's Office with Izuku noting that it is an office specializing in combat and thought that she wanted to specialize in life-saving like Thirteen. Ochaco replies, telling Izuku that life saving is her end goal but after her battle with Katsuki, she has realized that she can gain more opportunities if she is stronger with combat training, allowing her to become more efficient at life saving and that sticking in her comfort zone would limit her opportunities. She then notes that Izuku is shaking to which he replies that he is doing an isometric exercise.

Ochaco and Gunhead patrol

Ochaco meets Gunhead.

On the day of the workplace training, Ochaco is at the train station with her class so that she can travel to the workplace of her choice by train. As Tenya walks to his train, Izuku tells Tenya that if he needs someone to talk to he can talk to him and Ochaco (with her nodding in agreement) as they are his friends.[43]

Ochaco arrives at the workplace of her choice which is Gunhead's hero office. Gunhead explains to Ochaco that his hero office specializes in clamping down on crime with most of their requests include backing up the police and that they earn money on commission.[44]

Ochaco calls Izuku

Ochaco calls Izuku.

After Stain's defeat is published, Ochaco phones Izuku, asking him if he is alright to which Izuku replies that he, Tenya and Shoto are fine. Ochaco is relieved to hear the news. Ochaco tells him to get rest and that they will talk at U.A.. Ochaco ends the call and prepares to train with Gunhead.[45]

The workplace training comes to an end and Ochaco returns to U.A.. In Class 1-A, Mina, Tsuyu, and Kyoka ask Ochaco how her workplace training was, to which she replies that it was fruitful. During Foundational Hero Studies, Ochaco notes that while Tenya is injured, she thinks that he can still win the race. Ochaco watches the race and is surprised by Izuku's new control of his quirk which permits him to make speedy and athletic movements, which she notes that are like Katsuki's.[46]

After Foundational Hero Studies is finished, Ochaco is in the girls' locker room changing into her school uniform. After school is finished, Ochaco is seen walking home with Izuku and Tenya.[47]

Final Exams Arc

Ochako and friends discuss the exam

Ochaco discusses the exams with her friends.

One week before the end of term test, in the lunchroom, Izuku, Tenya, Shoto, Ochaco, Tsuyu and Toru eat at a table, discussing how they will perform on the end of term test; they have high hopes about the written tests but not about the exercise test since they do not know what it is. In class when Katsuki confronts Izuku, Ochaco wonders if Katsuki is referring to Izuku's movements during the Foundational Hero Studies. On the day of the exercise test, Mr. Principal reveals that Class 1-A will be fighting against U.A.'s teachers for their exercise test.[48]

Ochaco and Yuga vs Thirteen

Uraraka and Yuga vs Thirteen.

Ochaco is paired with Yuga and they must face Thirteen in their test exercise. Ochaco, Yuga and Thirteen arrive in an uninhabited city where Class 1-A's test exercise will take place. In the city, Thirteen explains the 30-minute test; Ochaco and Yuga must either handcuff him or one of them must escape the battlefield within 30 minutes in order to win and pass the test. The test begins.[49]

Ochaco handcuffs No 13

Ochaco handcuffs No. 13.

Ochaco and Yuga reach the escape gate but before they can go through it, Thirteen creates a Black Hole, causing the duo to hold onto a guardrail to prevent themselves from being sucked in. Yuga fires his Navel Laser from his knees (thanks to his Hero Costume) at Thirteen but the attempt fails as Thirteen easily sucks away the lasers. Ochaco tries to think of a plan, causing Yuga to surmise that Ochaco is thinking about what Izuku would do; Yuga then asks Ochaco if she loves Izuku, which shocks Ochaco and makes her blush, causing her to let go of the guardrail out of embarrassment. As a result, Ochaco gets drawn towards Thirteen who is surprised by this. Facing Thirteen directly, Ochaco instinctively uses her combat skills she learned from Gunhead and manages to handcuff Thirteen, allowing her and Yuga to pass the practical test.[50]

Ochako runs from Izuku

Ochaco runs off in embarrassment.

Back in class, Ochaco learns that she has passed the written test and will be going to the forest lodge along with her classmates. The next day, most of Class 1-A (except Katsuki and Shoto) go to the Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall, a shopping center that caters for all needs. Most of Class 1-A split up to go and buy their specific needs, leaving Ochaco and Izuku alone. Izuku asks Ochaco what she plans on buying and tells her that he plans on buying heavy wrist weights. Ochaco says that she requires bug repellent; however, she begins blushing as she remembers what Yuga said about Izuku. The blushing Ochaco runs off on her own, finding it hard to believe that she actually has a crush on Izuku.[51]

Ochako finds Izuku and Tomura

Ochaco finds Izuku with Tomura.

Ochaco has stopped running. She feels guilty about running away from Izuku and feels bad for making him confused. Ochaco decides to go back and apologize to Izuku, noting that her great friendship with Izuku isn't becoming love.

Ochaco manages to find Izuku and wonders who Izuku is talking to. Izuku tries to tell Ochaco to run. However, Tomura lets go of Izuku and apologizes for interrupting their shopping. Tomura begins leaving and warns Izuku to not give chase. However, Izuku asks Tomura what All For One's ultimate goal is. Tomura gives Izuku his answer; that he doesn't know and doesn't care. Disappearing into the crowd, Tomura tells Izuku to take care of himself because the next time they meet, he will kill him. Ochaco calls the Police.[52]

School Trip Arc

Ochaco is taken away once the police arrives

The police arrives after Ochaco's call.

The Police Force arrive due to Ochaco's call and temporarily close down the Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall to investigate the whereabouts of Tomura.[53]

The next day after the shopping trip at U.A., Shota informs Class 1-A that the destination for their lodge trip has been changed and the new destination will only be announced on the day of the event. The first semester has come to a close and summer break has begun. On the day of the event, Class 1-A boards a bus that will take them to the forest lodge destination. An hour later, Class 1-A’s bus stops for a restroom break. However, Class 1-A notes that Class 1-B isn’t at the rest stop. Suddenly, two females wearing cat-like costumes and a small boy appear; the females excitedly introduce themselves as the professional Hero Team, The Pussycats.[54]

Ochaco caught in the landslide

Ochaco is caught in Pixiebob's landslide.

The black haired female explains to Class 1-A that they will be staying at the base of a mountain which is a part of their domain; they have three hours to reach the base of the mountain using their Quirks as they please and those who don’t arrive there by 12:30 pm won’t be served lunch. Soon, Class 1-A realize that they have already arrived at their destination and their training camp has already begun with the Pussycats being their supervisors.

Ochaco and classmates arrive at the facility

Ochaco arrives at the facility with her classmates.

Some of Class 1-A try to leave, but Pixiebob uses her Quirk to create a landslide of dirt that causes Class 1-A to fall into a forest called Forest of Magic Beasts, which they must traverse to reach their destination. Suddenly, Class 1-A are confronted by a beast; Kouji tries using his Quirk to control the beast but it does not work due to the beast being made out of dirt. Izuku, Shoto, Tenya and Katsuki mobilize and use their Quirks to destroy the dirt beast.[55]

After Izuku, Tenya, Shoto and Katsuki destroy the dirt beast, Class 1-A begins traversing the Forest of Magic Beasts. However, the journey through the forest to the Cabin takes around about 8 hours. Class 1-A arrive at the facility, battered and tired. It is now 5:20 pm in the evening. Pixiebob admits that she thought they would take longer to get to the facility.[56]

Class 1-A fetch their luggage from the bus and put it in their rooms. They go to the dining hall to have dinner. After finishing eating dinner, Class 1-A go to the hot springs.[57]

The next day at 5:30 AM, Class 1-A are outside the training camp cabin. Shota greets his students and tells them that they will undergo reinforcement training to strengthen and upgrade their Quirks which will allow Class 1-A to obtain their temporary licenses.[58]

During the night of the third day, Ochaco and Tsuyu are paired together for the test of courage. A few minutes later, the Vanguard Action Squad attacks; Himiko attacks Ochaco and Tsuyu in which Ochaco's arm was slightly wounded due to the ambush.

A few moments earlier before the Bakugo Escort Squad was formed, Tsuyu and Ochaco are fighting Himiko Toga who managed to slightly wound Ochaco’s arm. Himiko notes that her Quirk requires her to make big wounds in order to suck her targets’ blood. However, thanks to her machine, her Quirk’s weakness is compensated by the machine’s ability to drain blood from tiny wounds. Himiko begins to attack, to which Tsuyu responds to by flinging Ochaco away with her tongue. Tsuyu tells Ochaco to run back to the facility and call for help and says that she also plans on retreating with her. Suddenly, Himiko manages to wound Tsuyu’s tongue with her knife. Tsuyu tries running away, only for Himiko to pin her hair to a tree with her machine.

Himiko prepares to drain Tsuyu’s blood, however, Ochaco arrives to Tsuyu’s aid, which causes Himiko to turn her attention to Ochaco. Himiko attacks with her knife, only for Ochaco to dodge. Ochaco then uses the martial arts skills she learned from Gunhead to apprehend Himiko. With Himiko on the ground and apprehended, Ochaco tells Tsuyu to restrain her arms. However, Himiko begins talking to Ochaco, calling her spectacular while noting that they are similar, as they are in love with someone. She tells Ochaco that she knows how she feels because they are girls; and begins talking about people who are in love strive to be like the ones they love, which enrages Ochaco. Himiko notes that love stories are fun and uses her machine to stab Ochaco’s leg to drain her blood, who was unable to stop her due to being caught off guard with Himiko’s talking.

Suddenly, the Bakugo Escort Team arrives and sees Ochaco. Himiko stops draining Ochaco’s blood and pushes Ochaco aside, not wanting to engage a large group of enemies and not wanting to die. Before retreating, Himiko sees Izuku and blushes. Himiko retreats with Ochaco wanting to follow her, butTsuyu stops her due to Himiko’s Quirk being largely unknown. After seeing that Ochaco and Tsuyu are alright, Izuku asks them to join the escort. However, Ochaco and Tsuyu wonder why Katsuki isn’t with them. Mezo, Shoto and Izuku turn around only to find that Fumikage and Katsuki are missing.

Suddenly, a masked villain appears on a tree branch and reveals that he used his “magic” to take Katsuki by turning him into a marble. The masked magician-like villain states that the Heroes don’t deserve someone of Katsuki’s caliber and notes that Katsuki will shine even brighter on the villains’ side. Izuku demands that he give Katsuki back.[59]

Izuku hatches a plan to allow them to save Katsuki and asks Ochaco to make them weightless so that Tsuyu can throw them towards Mr. Compress. Ochaco and Shoto are unsure about letting Izuku help with the rescue, but after Izuku convinces them, Ochaco makes them weightless while Tsuyu flings them. Before Tsuyu flings them, Ochaco bandages Izuku's arms and wishes them good luck.

After the three young Heroes are sent flying towards Mr. Compress, Ochaco and Tsuyu run after them. They reach them but find out that they were too late to save Katsuki.[60]

Hideout Raid Arc

Two days later, Ochaco visits Izuku in a hospital near the training camp. Eijiro states a plan to rescue Katsuki, but most of Class 1-A are against the idea with Ochaco saying that Katsuki needing rescuing would disgrace and humiliate him.[60][61]

Ochaco watches the broadcast of the battle between All Might and Sensei.[62]

Hero License Exam Arc

While waiting fir the Second Exam to start, Ochaco overhears Hanta Sero tells Denki Kaminari and Minoru Mineta that Izuku saw Camie's naked body, which leaves her silent. After Camie walks away while Ochaco's heart starts pounding and she is not able to suppress her feelings and tries to speak with Izuku but the exam starts.

A rescue scenario is being broadcast to the examinees; large-scale destruction of buildings have resulted in large numbers of victims. The damage to the roads are severe and the emergency unit will be considerably late. Until the emergency unit arrives, all rescue activities will be left to the heroes and they must save every life they can. The waiting room door opens up and the one hundred examinees rush out to the disaster site to carry out their rescue operations. Ochaco, Izuku, Tenya, Minoru, and Mina Ashido head to the nearest affected urban zone.

Ochaco watches as Izuku tends to an injured child who gives him a hard time at first until Izuku's kind words reassure him. Izuku tells Ochaco and Tenya that he will take the child to the first-aid station but will return for them. As she watches him leave, Ochaco berates herself as she realizes she does have feelings for Izuku but realizes in order to focus on her dream, she must shut off her feelings for Izuku. The reason Ochaco found Izuku to be cool in the first place was because he does everything he can without giving up for the sole purpose of achieving his objective and found Izuku's determination admirable. Ochaco decides to do her best as and decides to shut off her feelings for Izuku will aid her in doing so. Ochaco becomes focused and determined and springs into action.[63]

Internship Arc

Ochaco is revealed to be doing a internship with Ryukyu along with Tsuyu, thanks to Nejire, recommended them by telling that both heroines-in-training who were turned down by the field training teachers.

One day, they defeat a villain together and use a new combo move called Meteor Fafrotskies. Ryukyu then tells them that the internship will help with their fighting skills and that they might help with "The Case", which is to team up with Nighteye's hero office for an investigation.[64]


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