Ochaco's Father is the father of Ochaco Uraraka.


Ochaco's Father is a rather stocky man with short hair, a stubble, and thick eyebrows. He also has dark, round eyes. Overall, he appears well built for a man of his age.


He is a kind and considerate person, as he did not want his daughter to help with his construction business but rather look out for her own happiness. He also expressed his pride in his daughter after her fight with Katsuki stating she will be a wonderful hero.


At some point he married Ochaco's mother and had a daughter.

When Ochaco was little, she wanted to help with her father's business but he kindly declined stating all he and her mother wishes is for her to achieve her dreams for herself.


Sports Festival Arc

He is first heard over the phone talking in private with his daughter about her loss against Katsuki Bakugo. Though she apologized for failing he told her he did not and she gave it her all stating he and her mother are proud to have a strong daughter like her, causing her to tear up.

He makes his first appearance at Ochaco's apartment with his wife. The two congratulate their daughter for her efforts and decide to visit her in person, causing her to shed tears of joy.


Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco is his daughter. It is clear he loves her very much and supports her choice to become a hero rather than help in the family business. He said that if she ever gets lots of money, he wants her to take him and her mother to Hawaii.

Ochaco's Mother

Ochaco's Mother is his wife. The two love each other very much and support their daughter.


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