Navel Laser is a Quirk used by Yuga Aoyama.


Yuga's Quirk gives him the ability to fire beams from his navel. The beams can range from short beams to long ones, with strong enough recoil to propel the user through the air at high speed. Because of the brightness of the beams, the Quirk can also be used to illuminate dark paths or to act as a beacon, allowing others to locate Yuga's current position.

Yuga's Hero Costume is capable of channeling the energy created by his navel, allowing it to be fired from other openings granted by the costume itself. Strangely, Yuga has yet to be seen using his Quirk without the assistance of his Sparkle Belt, implying that he is dependent of his equipment to use Navel Laser properly.

This Quirk can only be used for 1 second at a time, otherwise overusing Navel Laser will cause continuous damage to Yuga's stomach.[1]

Named Techniques

  • Art of Seduction (据え膳 Suezen?): Yuga's basic move. He places his hands behind his head and fires a straight beam from his navel. This move is first used to destroy a robot during the entrance exam.[1]


  • Like several other Quirks, Navel Laser has its own signature sound effect: "Thoom".


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