"I thought I sent Inasa this way...? The fact that there are so many pawns left... is a disgrace to the Shiketsu name!!"

Nagamasa Mora vs. Gang Orca's Sidekicks in "After the Exam"

Nagamasa Mora (毛原長昌 Mōra Nagamasa?) is a second year student at Shiketsu High School. He is the representative of his class.


Nagamasa is a creature of some sort covered entirely by light brown hair, with no distinct features besides his eyes, which only show up occasionally.

His Hero Costume features only a pair of dark pants, plus the peaked cap that is part of Shiketsu High's uniform.


Unlike Inasa Yoarashi and Seiji Shishikura, Nagamasa has a far more polite and reasonable personality, willing to build a good relationship with Class 1-A.

He has very strict standards and will reprimand hostile or reckless behavior on the part of his fellow classmates. He values Shiketsu's reputation greatly and will not tolerate others shaming it.


Hero License Exam Arc



Nagamasa using his Quirk in a fight

Nagamasa is using his Quirk in a fight.

Hair Extension (伸毛 Shinmō?): Nagamasa is able to extend and manipulate his own body hair. This Quirk is efficient for incapacitating large numbers of foes.


  • Mo "毛" means "hair or fur", ra "原" means "meadow,plain". naga "長" means "long", masa "昌" means "good,prosper".
  • Nagamasa resembles Cousin Itt from The Addams Family.


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