The My Hero Academia Smash!! Omake is a special of Hirofumi Neda's My Hero Academia Smash!! spin-off manga, It was published in Weekly Shonen Jump's 18th Issue.


The Move

It is spring time and All Might is moving offices. Only this time, some of Class 1-A are helping All Might move. Izuku, Ochako and Katsuki search for All Might's old branch. They find it, but are surprised that All Might's branch is more of a home than a Hero branch.


All Might explains to Izuku, Ochako and Katsuki that this home was a branch he set up when he started out as a Hero. However, because of the building's age, it needs to be demolished.

Heim AM

All Might's new branch is a building called Heim AM. Izuku and Ochako apologize for misjudging All Might and promise to restore Heim AM by moving All Might's belongings efficiently.

Wh-what's in this room?

The students use their Quirks to make moving easier. Tenya uses his Quirk, but breaks his foot as a result of bumping into a table which forces him to withdraw.

Just Like Always

Izuku uses One For All Full Cowl to make his movements faster. However, Izuku trips and breaks a bone. Although he says that he is fine, Ochako orders him to go and get himself fixed which forces Izuku to withdraw.

Make Sure Nothing Goes Bad

While Ochako moves the fridge, Shouto carries the fridge's food and preserves them by freezing them. However, Shouto takes a closer look at the food and sees that the food has already expired.

Ota Mode

Izuku and Tenya return, fully healed. As Minoru tries looking for inappropriate content, Tenya orders him to work properly. However, Minoru's Quirk isn't able to help with the moving and looks at Katsuki. Katsuki is angered that Minoru thinks his Quirk isn't helpful and proves Minoru wrong by turning some of All Might's "trash" into ash. Izuku is appalled that Katsuki would waste All Might's paraphernalia.

But Its Precious

Izuku finds an anime proposal, to which All Might confirms that those are from an anime about him long ago. Izuku wants the anime proposal for himself. Suddenly, Katsuki blows the anime proposal to bits since All Might wants the proposal to remain a secret from society, much to Izuku's sadness.


The moving into Heim AM is complete, much to All Might's happiness, although Izuku notes that there is a lot of space unused. Ochako decides to used the unused space a garden to grow vegetables in order to bring back some of the nature the city devoured. In the end, Ochako made a hydroponic tomato garden which unexpectedly beared fruit,

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