The page lists all cards of the My Hero Academia: Tag Card Game.


Starter Pack 1

TCG Starter Pack 1
Release Date: April 23, 2016
TCG Izuku HAD-01-001
SP:1 C:1
TCG Izuku HAD-01-002
SP:1 C:2
TCG Ochaco HAD-01-003
SP:1 C:3
TCG Momo HAD-01-004
SP:1 C:4
TCG Eijirou HAD-01-005 HA-01-028
SP:1 C:5
TCG Mineta HAD-01-006 HA-01-031
SP:1 C:6
TCG Denki HAD-01-007 HA-01-034
SP:1 C:7
TCG Kyouka HAD-01-008 HA-01-042
SP:1 C:8
TCG AM Extra HAD-01-009 HA-01-053
SP:1 C:9
TCG Recovery Girl Extra HAD-01-010
SP:1 C:10

Starter Pack 2

TCG Starter Pack 2
Release Date: April 23, 2016
TCG Katsuki HAD-02-001
SP:2 C:1
TCG Katsuki HAD-02-002
SP:2 C:2
TCG Tenya HAD-02-003
SP:2 C:3
TCG Fumikage HAD-02-004
SP:2 C:4
TCG Tsuyu HAD-02-005 HA-01-022
SP:2 C:5
TCG Yuuga HAD-02-006 HA-01-025
SP:2 C:6
TCG Mashirao HAD-02-007 HA-01-044
SP:2 C:7
TCG Mina HAD-02-008 HA-01-046
SP:2 C:8
TCG AM Extra HAD-02-009 HA-01-053
SP:2 C:9
TCG Eraserhead Extra HAD-02-010
SP:2 C:10

Expansion Pack 1

TCG Expansion Pack 1
Release Date: April 23, 2016
TCG Izuku HA-01-001
EP:1 C:1
TCG Izuku HA-01-002
EP:1 C:2
TCG Izuku HA-01-003
EP:1 C:3
TCG Izuku HA-01-004
EP:1 C:4
TCG Ochako HA-01-005
EP:1 C:5
TCG Ochako HA-01-006
EP:1 C:6
TCG Ochako HA-01-007
EP:1 C:7
TCG Ochako HA-01-008
EP:1 C:8
TCG Katsuki HA-01-009
EP:1 C:9
TCG Katsuki HA-01-010
EP:1 C:10
TCG Katsuki HA-01-011
EP:1 C:11
TCG Katsuki HA-01-012
EP:1 C:12
TCG Tenya HA-01-013
EP:1 C:13
TCG Tenya HA-01-014
EP:1 C:14
TCG Tenya HA-01-015
EP:1 C:15
TCG Tenya HA-01-016
EP:1 C:16
TCG Shouto HA-01-017
EP:1 C:17
TCG Shouto HA-01-018
EP:1 C:18
TCG Shouto HA-01-019
EP:1 C:19
TCG Tsuyu HA-01-020
EP:1 C:20
TCG Tsuyu HA-01-021
EP:1 C:21
TCG Tsuyu HA-01-022
EP:1 C:22
TCG Yuuga HA-01-023
EP:1 C:23
TCG Yuuga HA-01-024
EP:1 C:24
TCG Yuuga HA-01-025
EP:1 C:25
TCG Eijirou HA-01-026
EP:1 C:26
TCG Eijirou HA-01-027
EP:1 C:27
TCG Eijirou HA-01-028
EP:1 C:28
TCG Mineta HA-01-029
EP:1 C:29
TCG Mineta HA-01-030
EP:1 C:30
TCG Mineta HA-01-031
EP:1 C:31
TCG Denki HA-01-032
EP:1 C:32
TCG Denki HA-01-033
EP:1 C:33
TCG Denki HA-01-034
EP:1 C:34
TCG Mezou HA-01-035
EP:1 C:35
TCG Mezou HA-01-036
EP:1 C:36
TCG Fumikage HA-01-037
EP:1 C:37
TCG Fumikage HA-01-038
EP:1 C:38
TCG Momo HA-01-039
EP:1 C:39
TCG Momo HA-01-040
EP:1 C:40
TCG Kyouka HA-01-041
EP:1 C:41
TCG Kyouka HA-01-042
EP:1 C:42
TCG Mashirao HA-01-043
EP:1 C:43
TCG Mashirao HA-01-044
EP:1 C:44
TCG Mina HA-01-045
EP:1 C:45
TCG Mina HA-01-046
EP:1 C:46
TCG Tooru HA-01-047
EP:1 C:47
TCG Rikidou HA-01-048
EP:1 C:48
TCG Kouji HA-01-049
EP:1 C:49
TCG Hanta HA-01-050
EP:1 C:50
TCG AM Extra HA-01-051
EP:1 C:51
TCG AM Extra HA-01-052
EP:1 C:52
TCG AM Extra HA-01-053
EP:1 C:53
TCG AM Extra HA-01-054
EP:1 C:54
TCG Eraserhead Extra HA-01-055
EP:1 C:55
TCG Eraserhead Extra HA-01-056
EP:1 C:56
TCG Present Mic Extra HA-01-057
EP:1 C:57
TCG Kamui Woods Extra HA-01-058
EP:1 C:58
TCG Backdraft Extra HA-01-059
EP:1 C:59
TCG Mount Lady Extra HA-01-060
EP:1 C:60

Promo Cards

TCG Izuku HA-P-001
P:1 C:1
TCG Katsuki HA-P-002
P:1 C:2
TCG Izuku HA-P-003
P:1 C:3
TCG Katsuki HA-P-004
P:1 C:4
TCG Ochako HA-P-005
P:1 C:5
TCG AM Extra HA-P-006
P:1 C:6
TCG AM Extra HA-P-007
P:1 C:7

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