Muscle Augmentation ( (きん) (にく) (ぞう) (きょう) Kin'niku zōkyō?) is a Quirk used by Muscular and High-End.


Muscle Augment

Muscular's Quirk grants him enhanced strength and speed.

Muscle Augmentation allows the user to manipulate and amplify their muscles to such great strength that they can't be contained by their skin.

Muscular's Usage

When the Quirk is active, enhanced muscle fibers protrude from Muscular's skin and cover his limbs. The improved muscles give the villain very enhanced strength and speed.[1] Muscle Augmentation raises physical strength to the point that, when seriously using his power, he can obliterate a large chunk of a cliffside with a single strike. By manipulating the muscles in his legs, Muscular can move at blurring speeds.

The muscles also provide Muscular with a high level of protection. The fibers can act as a shield to absorb attacks, and if there's enough of them, Muscular can even take the impact of special moves as powerful as Izuku's 100% Detroit Smash.[2]

It's possible to exploit the muscle fibers in a way that allows a foe to stick to Muscular's body, granting an opportunity for a counterattack as Muscular can't rely on his speedy movements to avoid it.

High-End's Usage

High-End's use of the Quirk appears similar to Muscular as the muscle fibers on his arms protrude from his skin and cover his limbs when the Quirk is active.[3]


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