"Pretty. So pretty. No. This is work. So alluring. But no. Can't... Pretty flesh. Gah! So enticing though... Gotta do the job."

Moonfish in "Stake Your Life, Hero!"

Moonfish (ムーンフィッシュ Mūnfisshu?)[1] is a villain affiliated with the League of Villains and also part of its Vanguard Action Squad. He and the rest of his team serve as the main antagonists of the School Trip Arc.


Moonfish color

Moonfish's Color Scheme.

Moonfish is a fairly tall man, towering over most of his team members.[2] His entire body is covered in a black straitjacket-like garment, with his arms bound across his chest in a X-shape, and almost all of his face covered up, save his mouth, which is held open by metal clamps.[2][3] These clamps are attached to the end of three straps, which encircle his head in different locations: one attached to the lower left and right hand corners of his mouth, one attached to the upper left and right hand corners of his mouth, and the last attached to the center of the top of his mouth. There is a fourth strap that encircles his forehead; all of these straps except the bottommost one are connected in the center of the back of his head.[2][4] There is another strap encircling his neck, which is connected in front to yet another strap that runs down to about the center of his body, just below where his arms are crossed. Attached to this center strap is the one that keeps Moonfish's arms bound, which encircles his torso and is attached at the back to a similar restriction device, which climbs his back before splitting in two, eventually reappearing in front across both of his shoulders, where they then disappear into the folds of his garment.[2][3][5] This Y-shaped strap also continues down Moonfish's back to just below where his elbows hang, where it is attached to still another strap, which is wrapped around his waist. A similar positioned strap is just below this one, and is also wrapped around the waist, and is also notably the last of the leather straps around his main person.[5][6] All of these straps are black in color, with red spikes in evenly spaced intervals spanning them, both front and back.[3][4][5] A wrapping of similar straps is also around either of his legs, starting a few inches below the knees and ending at around his ankles. Between the first set of straps and these ones, there is nothing but the usual straitjacket suit, with light-colored soles at the bottom of his feet.[2][5][6]


Moonfish is a man of few words, with the habit of repeating key information to himself.[2][5] He also holds a strange fascination with flesh, to the point of closely inspecting and admiring a severed limb,[5] urging his opponents to show him their flesh,[1] and even uttering the word itself when attacking.[4] He quickly grows enraged if someone attempts to derive him of this "prize", as he immediately and viciously attacked an out of control Fumikage Tokoyami after he interrupted his battle against Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki.[7]


Nothing is known about Moonfish's past save that he is an escaped death row inmate.[1]


School Trip Arc

Vanguard Action Squad

Moonfish and his team prepare to strike.

Moonfish, Spinner, and Magne meet up with the other members of their team on the cliff side overlooking the U.A. training camp, with the bound man mumbling about their job.[2] After splitting up from the others, Moonfish encounters Mezo Shoji and Fumikage Tokoyami and attacks them. As a result of this sneak attack, the bound man cuts one of Mezo's arms off, although the two manage to escape him ultimately.[8][9] Left alone with the severed appendage, Moonfish kneels beside it and admires the gruesome object, while also murmuring to himself about getting back to the job at hand. He is approached from behind by Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki, and stands up, dropping Mezo's limb to the forest floor. He turns to the two heroes-to-be, affirming his need to get back to work.[10] He then activates his Quirk.[11]

Moonfish dodges

Moonfish dodges Shoto's attack.

Moonfish attacks Katsuki and Shoto, forcing them on the defensive. Suspended off the ground via his Quirk, the villain bemoans having to endure this situation, telling himself once again to do the job. He then attacks Katsuki once more, splitting his tooth blade in an attempt to catch the youth off-guard. Almost immediately he is attacked by Shoto, but manages to avoid the U.A. student's ice by quickly anchoring himself to the top of one of the surrounding trees with his Quirk. He then hangs upside down in the air, asking his adversaries to show him flesh.[12]

Dark Shadow crushes Moonfish

Dark Shadow crushes Moonfish.

Moonfish attacks Shoto next, managing to inflict a wound on the youth's right leg. Now suspended between two trees, the bound villain continues his onslaught, leaving his opponents no room to counterattack. Moonfish then hears the sounds of Izuku Midoriya and Mezo Shoji crashing through the forest, with an out of control Fumikage Tokoyami chasing after them. Distracted from his initial targets, Moonfish sends one of his tooth blades at the new arrivals, only for Fumikage's Dark Shadow to flatten him into the ground, shattering his teeth.[13]

Dark Shadow's immense power

Moonfish is defeated.

However, Moonfish quickly gets back up using his teeth and is enraged at Fumikage, saying that he cannot forgive him for trying to steal his prizes. He attacks the shadow-using student, stabbing through the shadow arm that has grabbed him and its head. This has no effect on the creature, however, and it extends its arm through the forest, smashing the villain through multiple trees before throwing him forcefully into another group of them, incapacitating the bound villain.[14] Some time afterwards, Atsuhiro Sako's message concerning the success of their mission is broadcast to all of the members of the Vanguard Action Squad, but the bound villain is slumped up against a broken tree, completely oblivious to his teammate's announcement.[15]

Defeated Villains

Moonfish is arrested.

Later, after the rest of the Vanguard Action Squad escapes with the fruit of their labor, leaving the defeated members of their group behind, Moonfish is arrested by the Police Force, still unconscious.[16]

Quirk and Abilities

Moonfish attacks

Moonfish using his Quirk to suspend himself between two trees.

Tooth Blade: Moonfish's Quirk gives him the ability to enlarge, grow and manipulate his teeth to attack or move around.

Overall Abilities: Moonfish despite his psychotic behavior, has loads of experience and skill in battle. As he managed to easily move in frozen terrain with his teeth. All the while, effortlessly containing two academy students who are considered above the average pro hero.

2/5 C
5/5 A
5/5 A
3/5 C
1/5 E
Moonfish's stats, according to the Official Character Book



  • Moonfish's design and obsession with flesh suggests he may have been inspired by the Cenobites from the Hellraiser franchise due to his leather outfit and general demonic appearance but his design is highly similar to the Chatterer Cenobite as they both have no eyes (or covered eyes in this case) and a mouth that is wide open similar to Chatterer 1 who has hooks pulling at his mouth.


  • (To himself, about Mezo Shoji's severed arm) "Pretty. So pretty. No. This is work. So alluring. But no. Can't...Pretty flesh. Gah! So enticing though...Gotta do the job."[5]
  • (To Fumikage Tokoyami) " good. Flesh. Need flesh...No good. No good. Can't forgive you. I'll be the one to see those boys' innards!!! Do not snatch my prizes!![6]


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