Momo Yaoyorozu, Kyoka Jiro & Denki Kaminari vs. Villains is a battle fought between Class 1-A heroes-in-training: Momo Yaoyorozu, Kyoka Jiro, and Denki Kaminari versus several unnamed villains.


Momo, Kyoka and Denki are warped to the top of a mountain in USJ. They then fight the villains. Denki tries to use his Quirk, but says that he can only wear electricity and that he can't control or aim it. He needs to have a weapon to use it properly. Kyoka then kicks him into a villain and the villain is electrocuted. She then uses her quirk, Earphone Jack and shoots a blast of sound toward them. Momo uses Creation to make a 100mm Insulator Sheet so Denki's Electrocution Quirk will have a wider range.


Denki uses Electrification and electrocutes all the villains, including his brain.


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