Minoru Mineta & Hanta Sero vs. Nemuri Kayama is a battle fought between Class 1-A Students Minoru Mineta and Hanta Sero against their teacher, the Pro Hero Midnight during the Final Exams Arc.[1]


When the battle first started, Hanta pulled Minoru away from Midnight. Then, Hanta fell asleep on Midnight's lap, so Minoru cried blood, envied Hanta, and ran away from Midnight.[2] Minoru then started to panick because people were announcing the passing teams.[3] As he stopped running away from Midnight, he frankly said that he wanted to be popular due to girls. Minoru commented on how "Everyone keeps passing this thing". He also commented that one sniff can cause an automatic failure. Minoru, once again, emphasized that he wanted to be a hero so that he can be with girls.

Then, Midnight whipped Minoru which made Midnight more sadistic and impatient. As Minoru commented on Midnight's seriousness, he covered his mouth which made Midnight comment on her quirk. Then, Minoru ran away and hid from Midnight again, but he commented on how he was a fan of Midnight. Minoru declared that all of ther events in this fight was to make himself a cool person. As Minoru with Hanta's tape covering his mouth rushed against Midnight, he threw the sticky spheres against Midnight's whip. As Midnight was tied to the whip and the floor, Minoru removed Hanta's tape and grabbed Hanta to the exit right before the test is finished. Minoru commented that he has to push himself and just this once he is willing to wait to touch boobs.


Mineta passed due to single handily accomplishing the test but Hanta failed due to being unconscious the whole time. This resulted in this team being the only team to have one student sent to remedial classes and one exempt.


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