Mika Jiro (耳郎実徳 Jirō Mika?) is Kyoka Jiro's mother.


Mika wears glasses and has dark, short hair with bangs falling to the right side of her face.

Like her daughter, she has plug-like earlobes.


She likes punk rock and is a talented musician.


At some point, Kyotoku fell in love with her musical talent, which led to them getting married. They eventually had a daughter, Kyoka Jiro.


Hideout Raid Arc

Mika is first seen alongside Kyotoku when he was confronting Aizawa and All Might over their request to take Kyoka to live in U.A. High, however Kyoka showed up and revealed that her father had already decided in advance to let her go. When they started bickering, Mika told the both of them to calm down.

Quirk and Abilities

Earphone Jack (イヤホンジャック Iyahon Jakku?): Mika has the same Quirk as her daughter, who inherited it from her. Most likely, she can plug her earlobes into objects and channel sound waves through them.

Musical Talent: Mika is a skilled musician, although it's unknown which musical instrument she is able to play.


  • Kyoka's name is composed by two syllables coming from each of her parents' names. In Mika's case, it's "徳" (Ka).
  • The surname, "Jiro", is actually from Mika's side of the family. It is not uncommon for the husband to take his wife's surname in real-life Japan.


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