Midnight Boys (ミッドナイトBOYS (ボーイズ) Middonaito Bōizu?) are a group of four heroes who work under Pro Hero Midnight.[1]


The Midnight Boys appear to function as a combination hero team and fan club, showing both great concern for Midnight's health following a battle and intense jealousy towards a defeated villain after Midnight mockingly kissed him. They refer to Midnight as "Mistress Midnight" (ミストレス・ミッドナイト Misutoresu Middonaito?)[1]


After Midnight helps Eraser Head subdue a nameless villain with a Suicide Bomb Quirk, the four Midnight Boys appear on the scene. Following Midnight's instructions, they quickly secure the criminal and drag him away to be handed over to the Police Force.[1]


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