Mei Hatsume vs. Tenya Iida is a battle fought between Tenya Iida from Class 1-A and Mei Hatsume from the Department of Support during the Sports Festival's fighting tournament.


Before the match starts, the audience questions why Tenya is also fully equipped with support items. After Midnight explains that students in the Department of Heroics need to apply for permission to use support items, Tenya apologizes for doing so, saying that he was moved by her superb sportsmanship for wanting to fight on equal terms and felt that not using her support gadgets would be dishonorable of him. Tenya is allowed to keep the equipment since both combatants agree to it.

The match begins with Tenya running at Mei using his enhanced leg support item received from Mei, who uses a mic to start advertising her creations while dodging Tenya's advances with her own equipment. For the next ten minutes, Tenya and Mei continue their fight with Mei explaining the features of her gadgets and items in the process. After ten minutes, Mei purposely steps out of bounds, finishing the match.


Mei eliminates herself from the tournament by stepping out of bounds, allowing Tenya to advance to the next round.


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