Manifest is a Quirk that is used by Tamaki Amajiki.


This Quirk, using his body, allows Tamaki to manifest the characteristics of the things he eats. He can make multiple transformations at once, and seems to be able to make these alterations from anywhere on his body simultaneously. However, he seems to only be able to manifest items he currently has in his system, so he must eat his repertoire everyday. He has also been shown that he can use his Quirk on objects that are not necessarily food items, such as Crystals. This suggests that his Quirk will work with anything, so long as he is able to consume it in some form.

So far, he has shown to transform his body parts into:

Eaten Alteration
Unknown Vegetable

(possibly beansprout)

- Growing a plant on his hand
Takoyaki - Tentacle Fingers
Simmered Clam with Ginger - Clam Hand- Back Shield
Kentucky Fried Chicken - Chicken Wings- Chicken Talons
Beef Bowl - Cow Hoof
Crab - Pincer Hand, Armor
Hojo's Crystal - Crystallization

Known Combinations:

Combinations Alteration
Takoyaki + Crab - Hardened Hand with tentacle fingers
Hojo's Crystal + Chicken Leg - Crystallized Chicken Leg


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