"I'm on top of my game! That 'BAM' was more like 'KER-BOOSH!' Made my heart go 'BADUM!'"

Manga Fukidashi in "Resourceful General"

Manga Fukidashi (吹出漫我 (ふきだしまんが) Fukidashi Manga?)[1] is a student in Class 1-B at U.A. High School.


Manga is a short person with pale skin. His head appears to be a speech bubble,which can change shape and display his thoughts in written form.

Manga's Hero Costume consists in a series of ink bottle-like armors around his torso, arms and legs. He also wears a belt with frames and his mask resembles a manga page template.


Manga appears to be an expressive person, evident by his enthusiasm during the Cavalry Battle and Joint Training Session with Class 1-A.


U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Manga places 40th place during the obstacle race. In the Human Cavalry Battle, he teams up with Kojiro Bondo and Yui Kodai, who is the rider of the team.

Joint Training Arc

Manga participates in a Joint Training exercise between Class 1-A and Class 1-B. He is put on the second round team.



Comic (コミック Komikku?):[1] His Quirk allows Manga to manifest onomatopoeia's into reality, along with the effects that the sound suggests. Using his quirk too much and in rapid succession will eventually cause his throat to become sore, limiting his actions. He can alter the size of the onomatopoeia's and is shown to be able to make them extremely large. It seems he can also alter the speed at which they move as shown when he shoots a wall of onomatopoeia's to split up Momo from her team in the joint training arc. The manifested onomatopoeia's's seem to be quite durable since Aoyama's powerful laser couldn't even put a dent in it. We do not yet know how the quirk would work in other countries or if he can manifest onomatopoeia of other languages.


  • Manga likes drawing.
  • Manga's given name, 漫我, is homophonous with the Japanese word for "comic" or "cartoon". It is also written with the first (but not the second) kanji of the word. His surname, 吹出, means "speech balloon".


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