Makoto Tsukauchi ( (つか) (うち) (まこと) Tsukauchi Makoto?) is Naomasa Tsukauchi's younger sister and a senior college student.


Makoto is an attractive and fashionable young woman, with long black hair, a slim build, bright eyes (the result of contacts), and a beauty mark right below the left side of her mouth. Usually exhibiting a earnest glare, and charismatic smile.

She has a strong resemblance to her brother.


Makoto is an intelligent, independent and studious woman who possess a strong determination towards her goals. She is generally kind and pleasant, but always knows how to get her way and isn't afraid to do some slightly underhanded methods to reach them. She appears to be popular and quite social, and generally gets along with just about anyone she meets. By and large, she appears to be an average Japanese university student.

Koichi Haimawari's mother considers Makoto to be the ideal daughter-in-law and completely out of Koichi's league.



Quirk and Abilities

Polygraph (嘘発見器 Porigurafu): Makoto has the ability to detect the authenticity of someone's words by touching them.



  • Makoto bares some resemblance to DC comics' Lois Lane, sharing Lane's determination to uncover the truth and tendency to attract trouble. Makoto is also associates with a Superman-like figure.
  • Makoto's name "真" (lit. truth, reality, genuineness) reference to her quirk.

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