Kyoka Jiro & Koji Koda vs. Hizashi Yamada is a battle fought between Class 1-A heroes-in-training Kyoka Jiro & Koji Koda and Pro Hero Hizashi Yamada during the Final Exams Arc in the Replica City-District.


Before the battle starts, Present Mic said that he is "on another level", but Kyoka commented on that statement. While Koji shoke his hand, gesturing no towards Kyoka's comment, Present Mic told Kyoka to watch her mouth.[1]

As Present Mic shouted loudly, Kyoka held her hands on her ears. Kyoka commented that Koji can talk to animals, but Koji said about the animals fleeing from Present Mic's voice. Kyoka commented how Present Mic's voice is "on the top of the mountain."[2]

While Present Mic guarded the gate, Kyoka and Koji went around the edges, but Present Mic kept shouting. Kyoka looked at the rock and said how Koji's quirk works on animals. Then, Kyoka showed a bug and talked about controlling bugs towards Koji, and Koji freaked out and ran away from a bug. Present Mic shouted, and Kyoka used her boots to make sounds. Present Mic commented how that sounded so tiny, and Kyoka covered her ears. Kyoka said if Koji can control bugs, and Koji gestured yes.

Then, Kyoka blased a rock, and lots of insects showed; however, Koji cried over the insects. Kyoka said that there is no time to hestiate, but Koji saw Kyoka's ears bleeding. Koji remembers how his mom congratulated him for joining U.A.. Then, Koji thought "PLUS ULTRA" when he commanded insects to fight against Present Mic. While Present Mic waited for Kyoka and Koji, insects crawl up towards Present Mic's body and screamed. Later, Koji ran and held Kyoka towards the gate while Present Mic fainted.[3]



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