"What the heck, Kyoka?! Your old man's just tryin' to look like a good, concerned parent here!!"

Kyotoku Jiro to Kyoka Jirou in "Home Visits"

Kyotoku Jiro (耳郎響徳 Jirō Kyōtoku?) is Kyoka Jiro's father.


Kyotoku has light, shoulder-length, wavy hair. His eyes are triangular, like his daughter's.


He tried to project a stern attitude against Shota Aizawa and Toshinori Yagi, but in truth is actually very emotional and easygoing.

He likes rock, like his daughter, and is also a composer.


At some point, he fell in love with Mika Jiro's musical talents, which led to them getting married. They eventually had a daughter, Kyoka Jiro. He also adopted Mika's family name.


Hideout Raid Arc

Kyotoku is first seen confronting Aizawa and All Might over their request to take Kyoka to live in U.A. High, however Kyoka showed up and revealed that her parents had already decided in advance to let her go, which led Kyotoku to start bickering with her for ruining his concerned parent act.

Quirk and Abilities

Kyotoku is a musical composer, meaning he at least has knowledge about music theory.


  • Kyoka's name is composed by two syllables coming from each of her parents' names. In Kyotoku's case, it's "響" (Kyō), which means "sound".


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