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Katsuki Bakugo grew up in the same neighborhood as Izuku Midoriya since they were young children. Izuku and Katsuki's other childhood friends have him the nickname "Kacchan". Izuku and the other boys always looked up to Katsuki because of his energy, confidence and natural born talent. Katsuki often picked on Izuku and gave him the nickname "Deku". 

Once Katsuki developed his Quirk Explosion, his aggressive tendencies transformed into heinous bullying. He was constantly praised for his powerful Quirk and developed a twisted superiority complex as a young child. Believing himself to be better then everyone else, Katsuki looked down on Izuku especially because he lacked a Quirk all together. 

Izuku And Katsuki As Kids

Deku offers to help Kacchan.

Izuku still considered the two friends at the time, but things escalated when Izuku tried to help Katsuki after he fell off a small bridge into a stream. Izuku offered a helping hand, but Katsuki took this an insult. He believed that Izuku made him appear as if he needed aid from someone who is beneath him. This would strain the relationship between the two for years to come.[1]


Entrance Exam Arc

During class at Orudera Junior Highschool, the teacher announces that all students will graduate, and Katsuki contends the notion that he is of the same status as his peers. He refers to his classmates as beneath him and tells them all that he alone will attend U.A. High and surpass the number one hero: All Might.

Katsuki Blasts Izuku

Katsuki bullies Izuku.

His teacher discloses that Izuku is also attempting to get into U.A., much to Katsuki's displeasure. He berates Izuku and uses his Quirk to scare him. He tells Izuku that because he is Quirkless, he will never succeed at anything, especially getting into U.A. 

Katsuki and two of his friends confront Izuku after class. They take take his hero notebook and Katsuki burns it before tossing it out the window into a fish pond. Katsuki reminds Izuku that only he himself is destined to reach that school and Izuku is just a stepping stone for his greatness. Before leaving, Katsuki warns Izuku not to apply to U.A. at all.[2]

After school, Katsuki and company try to decide what to do for fun and ponder if Katsuki was too harsh on Izuku. Katsuki ignores them, only replying that he cannot stand Izuku's optimism and someone needs to teach him how the world works. Just then, the Sludge Villain captures Katsuki and goes on a rampage through the city. Katsuki tries to break free using his Quirk, but is unable to, only setting fire to the area around him and making it more difficult for heroes to intervene.

Bakugo tries to break free

Katsuki tries to free himself from the Sludge Villain.

As people and Heroes are watching, unable to help Katsuki, Izuku rushes to help him. While Katsuki demands to know why Izuku's helping him, Izuku states that he could not stand by and let Katsuki die. The two are ultimately saved by All Might, who destroys the villain while freeing Katsuki at the same time. Afterwards Izuku is scolded for his recklessness and Katsuki is praised for his Quirk, but the latter only frowns in silence. Later, he finds Izuku and yells at him for trying to help. Katsuki claims he was fine on his own and never needed any help before angrily storming away.[3][4]

Months later, Katsuki arrives to take part in the U.A. Entrance Exam. While walking in, Katsuki notices Izuku walking in and tells him to move out of the way. Later in the auditorium, Katsuki is seated next to Izuku, whom he has to tell to shut up after he starts geeking out over Present Mic being the examiner. Katsuki is also upset by the fact that he and Izuku must participate in separate areas because Katsuki was excited to crush him.[5]

Katsuki In The Exam

U.A. faculty monitor Katsuki during the Entrance Exam.

After the exam begins, judges note that Katsuki took on the exam using brute force and combat ability.[6] By the test's end, Katsuki scored seventy-seven combat points, the most out of any participant. He also received the lowest amount of rescue points, and was the only student not to get any rescue points at all. Examiners were still impressed by his performance. They make note of how he remained calm after the zero pointer arrived, and took out the smaller bots with ease.[7][8]

Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

Katsuki and Tenya Argue

Katsuki argues with Tenya on the first day of class.

At the end of Orudera's academic year, Katsuki and Izuku are praised by their teacher for being the only two students in school history to get accepted into U.A. Katsuki angrily demands to know what trick Izuku used to pass the exam. Katsuki wanted to be the only one from their school to attend U.A. and threatens for Izuku to change schools. However, Izuku stands up to Katsuki for the first time and refuses, claiming that he now has someone who believes in him and he won't let them down. 

April arrives and the U.A. academic year begins. On the very first day, Katsuki is argues with Tenya Iida about having his feet on the desk. Iida tries to introduce himself calmly, but Katsuki recognizes him as just another stepping stone and threatens to crush him. Their teacher, Shota Aizawa arrives and takes them out to the P.E. field for a quirk assessment test. Mister Aizawa uses Katsuki as an example to explain the test. Throughout middle school, physical tests were always given without quirks in mind. This lead to Katsuki only throwing about sixty-five meters on his original ball toss. This time, Katsuki uses his Quirk to throw the ball and his explosive toss sends the ball over seven hundred meters.[9]

Aizawa stops Bakugo

Aizawa stops Katsuki from attacking Izuku

The class goes through several different physical tests, including a fifty meter dash and a standing long jump. Katsuki uses his quirk to excel in both and claims that his quirk is the most versatile in the class. When Izuku takes the pitching test, Katsuki is shocked when Izuku uses a Quirk to toss the ball as far as he did. Katsuki questions why Izuku never got his Quirk as a kid and angrily tries to attack Izuku for an explanation, but Shota stops him from doing so using his Quirk and capture weapon.[10][11]

Battle Trial Arc

The next day at school during Hero Basic Training, Katsuki and the other students suit up in their hero costumes for combat training. Katsuki is teamed with Tenya Iida on Team D and must face off with Team A, consisting of Izuku and Ochaco Uraraka. Team D are assigned the villainous mission protect a warhead inside a building. Team A is assigned the task of stopping the villains by capturing the payload or the villains themselves.

As combat training begins, Katsuki still ponders Izuku's Quirk. He goes off his own and attempts to ambush Izuku, but is countered twice thanks to notes taken by Izuku. Notes from the same notebook Katsuki burned and threw out. Finally standing up to Katsuki, Izuku tells him that he is no longer the same kid Kastuki used to bully.[12] Then Izuku retreats, forcing Katsuki to search the building alone, giving Uraraka a chance to escape and find Tenya. Tenya tries to contact Katsuki, but he is too focused on fighting Izuku and ignores him.

Grenadier Bracers

Katsuki aims his explosion at Izuku

Katsuki eventually finds Izuku, demanding he use his quirk while revealing information about his own. Katsuki's Explosion Quirk works by detonating the nitroglycerin he sweats. The gauntlets on his costume store this "nitro-sweat", and once full Katsuki can fire off a huge blast.

All Might cautions him not to use the attack, but Katsuki does so anyway. Izuku narrowly evades and the blast destroys a large portion of the building. All Might warns Katsuki should he use that attack again, his team will be disqualified. 

Katsuki takes the duel into close quarters, where he easily dominates Izuku. He uses his explosions to change trajectory in the air and blast Izuku from behind. Then he grabs onto Izuku's arm and slams him into the ground after using explosions from his free hand to build up momentum. Katsuki's fighting style garners him commendation from his peers watching alongside All Might. 

Izuku And Katsuki Clash

Izuku and Katsuki ready to clash.

Katsuki again demands that Izuku use his quirk and questions whether Izuku feels he's too good for him now. This irritates Izuku, who expresses that he has always felt Katsuki was better, and that's why he wants to beat him.

Filled with emotion, both fighters rush each other for a final clash. Knowing he can't defeat Katsuki at close range, Izuku uses his Quirk to smash the ceilings from every building story above him. This smash creates enough debris for Ochaco to use on the floor above. She uses her Quirk to float debris and sends them flying at Tenya, then uses the opening to grab the weapon and secure the victory for Team A[13]

In disbelief of his loss, Katsuki begins to panic and hyperventilate at the idea of losing again when he is suddenly calmed and consoled by All Might. The symbol of peace tells Katsuki that it doesn't matter whether he won or lost, but that he takes a look back to reflect on his experience and learn from it. All Might leads Katsuki back to the monitoring room with the rest of the class where they critique the match. Momo Yayarozu comments that Bakugo's attack was far too foolish for the exercise, to which All Might agrees. 

Crying Katsuki

Katsuki's damaged pride

Katsuki watches the next match between Team B and Team I. He is visibly stunned by Shoto Todoroki's incredible Quirk. After all the Battle Trial's are completed, Katsuki storms out of the school but is closely followed by Izuku. Izuku reveals that he hasn't been decieving Katsuki about his Quirk.

He goes on to he got his Quirk from someone else and can't yet control it, but Katsuki refuses to believe that. In responce, Katsuki admits his failure. He admits agreeing with Momo and even says he can't defeat Shoto in a head to head fight. His pride has been damaged, but Katsuki declares that he will never lose again and will follow his dreams to become the best. All Might arrives and tries to console Katsuki again, but this time Katsuki tells him off and promises to surpass the number one hero without his help. [14]

Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc

Interview With Katsuki

Katsuki is recognized from the Sludge Villain incident.

The next day of school, reporters looking for an interview from All Might recognize Katsuki. They ask if he's the victim from the Sludge Villain insident but he only responds by warning them to walk away. 

In Class 1-A's homeroom, Mister Aizawa criticizes Katsuki's performance during combat training. He says Katsuki has talent and tells him not to sulk over his defeat. Next, Aizawa asks the class to choose a president. Katsuki tries to get himself elected, but ends up losing out to Izuku. Irritated, Katsuki demands to know who voted for him. 

During Hero Basic Training Class, Aizawa informs the class that they will undergo yet another training exercise. However, this time it will be rescue training held on an outside facility. The students suit up in their costumes and head out on a bus to the training area. Katsuki is teased by his classmates on the ride their. Denki Kaminari and Tsuyu Asui both comment on Katsuki's respulsive attitude, outraging him. 

Katsuki Eijiro VS Kurogiri

Katsuki and Eijiro attack Kurogiri.

When the students arrive at the facility, Rescue Hero Thirteen greets them. Katsuki listens to his explanation on how she built the facility and it is named the Unforeseen Simulation Joint. He goes on to lecture the students about using their powers to save people, but is ultimately interrupted by the arrival of several villains. [15]

Aizawa orders the class to evacuate with Thirteen, but they're cut off by an ominous villain using his warping Quirk. He introduces himself as Kurogiri of the League of villains. Katsuki and Eijiro hastily attack the villain, but their attacks don't affect his intangible body. Kurogiri counters by using her Quirk to separate the class into the many different simulation zones. Katsuki ends up with Eijiro in the Ruins Zone. [16]

Katsuki & Eijirou vs Villains

Katsuki and Eijiro fight villains in the Ruins Zone

Together, Katsuki and Eijiro easily defeat the villains trying to ambush them in the Ruins Zone. While discussing what to do next, they disagree on their next course of action. Katsuki wants to defeat Kurogiri and cut off the villains escape route while Eijiro desires to save his classmates.

A villain tries to take Katsuki by surprise, but he swiftly counters and routs the villain. He reassures Eijiro that their peers can handle themselves against the weak criminals. Eijiro is impressed by Katsuki's calm demeanor, but this only angers Katsuki who claims he's always that way. Eijiro continues by stating that perhaps Katsuki is saying to have faith in their peers, and decides to accompany Katsuki's search for Kurogiri [17]

Katsuki attacks Kurogiri

Katsuki blasts Kurogiri and saves Izuku

They arrive at the central plaza just in time to save the day. Kurogiri almost warps Izuku away, but Katsuki swoops in and blasts the villain while yelling for Izuku to get out of his way. Katsuki pins Kurogiri down by his neck armor and explains that he's already discovered the villain's weakness. Kurogiri's body is not fully intangible, he hides his physical form under the black smoke from his Quirk.

By aiming his attack at Kurogiri's neck armor, Katsuki was able to exploit his weakness. He warns the villain not to move, or else he will blow him to pieces. Tomura Shigaraki orders Nomu to free Kurogiri, and Katsuki isn't fast enough to react to Nomu. He is saved when All Might takes the brunt of Nomu's attack, but Kurogiri is freed as a result. Katsuki watches the ensuing battle in awe, where All Might uses his incredible power to defeat Nomu.[18]

Katsuki comments on how intense the situation is an decides to remove himself from the rest of the fight. However, Izuku rushes to All MIght's side. Katsuki notices the incredible speed Izuku uses to confront the villains. Izuku and All Might are saved when Tenya returns to the U.S.J. with Pro-Heroes as reinforcements. Katsuki is instructed to leave with the rest of the class and they meet outside the facility. Katsuki continues to wonder about Izuku's Quirk, but is abruptly told by Eijiro to return with the class to school. [19]

Sports Festival Arc

Katsuki excited for the festival

Katsuki eager for the U.A. Sports Festival

Two days after the attack on the U.S.J., Katsuki and his classmates return to school and talk about the attack. Minoru Mineta complains about his fear and Katsuki responds by insulting him and telling him to shut up. After Mister Aizawa returns to class, Katsuki and his peers lectured about the importance of the upcoming U.A. Sports Festival.[20] At the end of the day, Katsuki confronts a mob of students blocking Class 1-A's exit. Katsuki realizes these students must be there to scout their competition for the festival because Class 1-A survived a real villain attack.

He tells the crowd that he is a real future pro for them to move aside, calling them extras. Katsuki is approached by Hitoshi Shinso, who says that although some students may be scouting, he is there to declare war on them. Another student, this time from the other hero course, yells at Katsuki for being arrogant but Katsuki ignores him and walks away. Eijiro says Katsuki can't leave after making everyone hate Class 1-A. Katsuki does so anyway, saying that the people don't matter and the only thing that's important is that he defeats them all.

For the next two weeks before the festival, Bakugo trains at the Replica City District. When the day of the U.A. Sports Festival arrives, Katsuki changes into his P.E. clothes and prepares with his class in their designated waiting room. Like the rest of his peers, Katsuki takes notice when Shoto Todoroki challenges Izuku Midoriya. Katsuki takes exception to this because he feels as if Shoto is declaring war on the wrong person.

Katsuki Angers Other Students (Anime)

The other students boo Katsuki for claiming he will win the Sports Festival

Before the festival begins, First Year Chief Referee: Midnight calls Katsuki to the stage to lead the pledge. Instead, he simply announces that he will win the games, angering his fellow competitors and generates booes from the crowd. Midnight announces the preliminaries will be an Obstacle Race four kilometers around the stadium, which immediately begins after the rules are explained. Shoto gets out to an early lead by freezing the stadium's exit, but Katsuki avoids the ice by using his explosions to propel himself past them.[21]

Katsuki Catches Up Shoto

Katsuki catches up to Shoto during the Obstacle Race

Using his explosions to move through the air, Katsuki flies overtop the villain-bot blockade. He is followed close behind by Hanta Sero and Fumikage Tokoyami. Hanta comments that he expected Katsuki to try and blast through the blockade, and is impressed by Katsuki's strategy. Katsuki reaches the next obstacle soon after: The Fall, a canyon laced with tightropes. Katsuki avoids using the tightropes all together by flying over the canyon completely. After Shoto reaches final leg of the race: the Mine Field and is forced to slow down, Katsuki finally catches up to him. 

Katsuki yells at Shoto for declaring war on the wrong rival, and the two engage in combat as they run for first place. Then suddenly, a giant explosion goes off, propelling Izuku past both of them. Although Katsuki and Shoto momentarily catch back up, Izuku uses a second explosion to stop them for just enough time to cross the finish line first. Katsuki crosses the finish line after Shoto, placing him in third. Katsuki is enraged after losing to Izuku again, but he qualifies for the second round: The Cavalry Battle. [22]

While Midnight explains the rules of the Cavalry Battle, she notes that anyone who knocks other teams down will be disqualified, irritating Katsuki. Having placed third in the Obstacle Race, Katsuki is worth two hundred points for the Calvary Battle.

While everyone scrambles to make teams for the second round event, many students from Class 1-A try to convince Katsuki to form a team with them. However, he is unable to recall their names or their Quirk's, making them comment negatively on his ego. Then Eijiro asks to join but Katsuki forgets his name as well and greets him as dumb hair. After correcting him, Eijiro pitches his Quirk's compatibility to Katsuki's. Katsuki says he needs someone with guts and Eijiro replies that they should go after Izuku's ten million points together, exciting Katsuki. 

Fumikage blocks Katsuki

Fumikage's Dark Shadow protects Izuku from Katsuki

Team Bakugo is formed with Katsuki as the rider and Mina Ashido, Hanta Sero and Eijiro as his horses. After the Cavalry Battle begins, Katsuki flies through the air and tries to attack Team Midoriya, who are flying using a jet pack and Ochaco's Quirk. Katsuki nearly blasts the team, but he's blocked by Fumikage Tokoyami's Dark Shadow Quirk. Unfimilair with Fumikage, Katsuki is frustratedly asks what his dark shadow is. Katsuki falls out of the air, but is caught by Hanta's Tape Quirk. 

Soon after, Katsuki's headband is stolen by Neito Monoma from Class 1-B. Neito takes a moment to explain that Class 1-B purposely placed low in the Obstacle Race to scout their Class 1-A Rivals, calling them fools for obsessing for winning over the preliminaries. He continues to taunt Katsuki by recognizing him as the victim from the sludge villain incident. Now absolutely livid, Katsuki explains that his team has a new agenda: to annihilate Team Monoma before they go after Izuku. [23]

Katsuki attacks Neito, but the latter evades and then counters using an explosion of his own. When Katsuki tries to blast him again, Neito uses Eijiro's hardening power to block it. This forces Katsuki to realize that Neito's Quirk is the ability to copy other Quirks. When Katsuki tries to attack again, his team is immobilized by Neito's classmate: Kojiro Bonto. As Team Monoma runs away, Neito takes a moment to taunt Katsuki over his address at the opening ceremony for the festival. This infuriates Katsuki, but his determination to win remains steadfast. 

Katsuki takes Team Monoma's headbands

Katsuki breaks Kosei's shield and takes Team Monoma's points

Mina uses her Quirk to free the team and Katsuki uses an explosion to propel himself at Team Monoma. One of their memebers: Kosei Tsuburaba uses his Solid Air Quirk to repel Katsuki, but only for a few moments. Katsuki punches through the air shield and grabs two of the headbands around Neito's neck as he tries to flee, then Hanta recovers Katsuki using his Tape Quirk. Undeterred by his team's elevation into second place, Katsuki orders his team to continue pursuing Neito. Katsuki claims that he will go after Izuku's ten million points after they recover the headband Neito stole from them. 

Katsuki defeats Team Monoma

Katsuki defeats Neito and reclaims his team's points

Katsuki strategically uses his teammates Quirk's to close the distance between the two teams. Kosei tries to stop him, but Katsuki blasts through the air shield and takes Neito's last headband. All Might is impressed that Katsuki understands a truth that no one needed to teach him: "there's a difference between those who aim for the top and those who settle, and that difference matters". Mister Aizawa comments that although Class 1-B had a good strategy, they failed to take Katsuki's "overwhelming tenacity" into account. Even after securing more then enough points to advance, Katsuki urges his team to go after the Izuku's team. 

With only seconds remaining, Katsuki's team joins the frey already brewing between Team Midoriya and Team Todoroki. Kasuki notices that Team Todoroki has secured the ten million points, and damns Shoto for it. Katsuki tries to go after Shoto, but time runes out. Despite placing second in the event and moving onto the finals, Katsuki is extremely frustrated after failing to be the undeniable champion of the round.[24][25]

During the lunch break, Katsuki secretly eavesdrops on Shoto's conversation with Izuku in the student entrance corridor. Shoto explains that his father created him to usurp All Might, and he plans to win the festival without using his fathers power. Katsuki leaves after Izuku replies that he will do his best to defeat Shoto.[26]

Katsuki doesn't recognize Ochaco

"Ochaco Uraraka... who the hell is that?"

Midnight reveals that the finals will be a one on one fighting tournament and everyone draws lots for their matchups. Katsuki is set to face Ochaco Uraraka, but he fails to recognize her name and questions who she might be.[27][28]

Katsuki watches the first match between Izuku and Hitoshi Shinso. He becomes nostalgic when Izuku wins using the same shoulder throw he used during the Battle Trial. Denki reminds him of this, Katsuki tells "Sparky" to shut his mouth. [29][30]

Seven matches later, Katsuki takes to the ring to face his opponent: Ochaco Uraraka. He warns "pink cheeks" to withdraw from the match because he isn't going to hold anything back. She refuses and starts the engagement by rushing Katsuki. He immediately blows her away with an explosion and repeats that she should've dropped out of the tournament. He blasts her again, only to realize he's exploded only her jacket. She threw it through the smoke as a distraction and nearly gets the drop on Katsuki. Thanks to his incredible reaction time, he's able to blast Ochaco away before she can touch him and use her Quirk to send him out of bounds. 

Katsuki blasts Uraraka

Ochaco blown away by Katsuki's explosions

Ochaco continues to rush Katsuki over and over again, and although Katsuki contiues to blast her repeatedly, she continues her assault without resting between attacks. The crowd starts to boo Katsuki for being too rough, but Aizawa calls out the man who starts the uproar. He explains that Katsuki's fierceness is an acknowledgement of his opponent's strength, and he's simply doing everything he can to keep Ochaco at bay so he can come out on top.

As the smoke clears from all the explosions, Ochaco remains undeterred, still standing from Katsuki's barrage. Katsuki keeps his guard up, uneasy that Ochaco "isn't dead yet". This time, rather then dashes at him, Ochaco thanks Katsuki for keeping his focus on her. Confused, Katsuki glances up to see a great amount of debris floating high above them. Ochaco kept low to the ground as she moved so that Katsuki's explosions tore up the floor of the ring, creating weapons for her. Then she kept him focused on her by attacking relentlessly, rendering Katsuki oblivious to the impending meteor shower.

Katsuki's Super Explosion

Katsuki unleashes a massive explosion to counter Ochaco's meteor shower

As she releases her Quirk, causing all the debris to fall down towards Katsuki, Ochaco rushes at him to try and capitalize on an opening. Without any other choice, Katsuki unleashes a large, powerful explosion that repels all the debris, horrifying his opponent as she gets blown away as well.

Katsuki figured Ochaco would have some sort of plan since she's friends with Izuku, and quielty states to himself that this was a close call.  Katsuki rushes Ochaco, claiming it's time to get serious. She tries to stand up and fight, but ends up collapsing. Ge keeps his guard up even as she craws towards him, but Ochaco ultimately falls unconscious and Katsuki is declared the winner. [31]

On his way to the student section, Katsuki happens upon Izuku in the hallway and is immediately irritated by his presence. He accuses Izuku of providing Ochaco with her "annoying" strategy, but Izuku denies it and says that if the battle was harder then Katsuki had anticipated, then it's because of Ochaco's own plan and not his.[32] Katsuki eventually makes his way back to the stands with his classmates, who tease him for playing the villain in his fight. He angrily tells them to shup up, and Denki comments in disbelief that Katsuki would aim a powerful explosion at a fragile girl. Katsuki sits down and replies that he most definately would not label Ochaco as frail.[33]

As the match between Izuku and Shoto begins, Eijiro returns from his victory to sit down with his class. Eijiro tells Katsuki that they will fight next, to which Katsuki replies that he kill him. Eijiro laughts it off and then sarcastically says it must be nice that Katsuki and Shoto can use attacks that blast the entire stadium. Hanta adds that they also don't need to pause between attacks. Katsuki calls them morons and explains that just like spriting drains your breath, Quirks can be worn out because they are physical abilities too. Then Katsuki thinks to himself about his own limits and muses over that he designed his costume so that he could fire off stronger blasts then his body normally allows him to.

Continuing to watch the battle between Izuku and Shoto closely, Katsuki notes that Shoto's movements have become sloppy and assumes the reason behind it is because all the frost forming on his body. Katsuki compares Shoto's Quirk to that of a video game's MP meter.[34]When the match ends, Katsuki is taken back by Izuku's defeat.[35]

Katsuki defeats Eijiro

Katsuki defeats Eijiro

As the second round proceeds, Katsuki faces Eijiro in his next match. Katsuki and Eijirou trade blows, but Eijirou's hardened body dampens Katsuki's Explosions while Katsuki's cheek is cut open by Eijiro's hardened punch. Katsuki is forced on the defensive because of Eijiro's defensive abilities, but is eventually able to injure Eijiro after landing a few more explosions.

Katsuki realizes that Eijirou's Hardening weakens through continuous strikes and takes advantage of that by barraging him with a series of explosions. Eijiro's defense eventually gives way and he is knocked unconscious by Katsuki's final blast.[36]

In his semi-final matchup, Katsuki duels with Fumikage Tokoyami. He comments that Fumikage's Dark Shadow is annoying and continues to brualize it using his explosions. Fumikage is forced completely on the defensive as Katsuki's attacks continue to get faster, not giving his opponent any room to counter attack.

Katsuki defeats Fumikage

Katsuki overwhelms Fumikage in the semi-finals

After striking Dark Shadow with an explosion in mid-air, Fumikage orders it to grab Katsuki, but he evades and jumps behind them. Then Katsuki uses his stun grenade technique to flood the arena with light and pins down Fumikage by exploiting his weakness. Fumikage asks if Katsuki knew his weakness all along, to which Katsuki replies he learned by attacking over and over again. Katsuki admits it was an unfair match up for Fumikage and tells him that he's finished. Fumikage surrenders and Katsuki proceeds to the finals to face Shoto Todoroki. [37]

Katsuki accidently barges into the wrong waiting room and finds Shoto there. He yells at Shoto for being in the waiting room until he realizes that he's actually entered the wrong room. Shoto doesn't pay Katsuki any mind, much to his irrititation. He uses a small explosion to try and intimidate Shoto, saying that he better bring his best to their upcoming bout. Shoto replies that Izuku told him the same thing, and then asks if he was so helpful during their childhood. This greatly annoys Katsuki, who kicks over the table and yells for Shoto to ignore Izuku and his family issues so that he can use his fire during their battle. Katsuki angrily exits the room and states he wants to everyone to know he beat Shoto at full strength. While walking through the hallway Katsuki muses over the thought of bombing the entire stadium in the finals. 

Katsuki escapes the ice

Katsuki blasts his way out of Shoto's giant ice wall

The U.A. Sports Festival's finale between Katsuki and Shoto begins soon after.[38] Shoto opens the fight with a large scale ice attack. At first it appears that Katsuki is frozen inside the icy prison, but he endures it by blasting through the ice with his explosions. After freeing himself from the frozen prison, Katsuki says Shoto has powerful attacks, but he also has bad aim and needs to try harder. He rushes Shoto, who attempts to touch him with his right side, but Katsuki uses a small explosion in mid-air to avoid being frozen. Katsuki grabs on to Shoto's left side and throws him away. Shoto recovers by creating a wave of ice that he surfs and sends towards his opponent. 

Katsuki tries to blast Shoto, but he avoids and grabs onto Katsuki's arm using his left hand. Instead of burning Katsuki, Shoto simply tosses him away. This only annoys Katsuki, who questions if Shoto feels he's unworthy of his flames. He continues, threatening to kill Shoto and berates him for not giving their match his best. Katsuki demands Shoto use his fire so that he can defeat him at his best and prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the strongest student at the festival.

Shoto mulls over his words until suddenly Izuku starts cheering for him from the crowd. Katsuki notices and comments that Izuku is a stupid nerd before propelling himself in the air. Encouraged by Izuku, Shoto ignites his flames, exciting Katsuki. To counter, Katsuki decides to use his special move: Howitzer Impact. He begins his attack by using small explosions to propel himself in a circualr motion and create a twister that surrounds him. However, just as the two superpowers are about to clash, Shoto extinguishes his flames and exposes himself to Katsuki's large scale explosion. 

Katsuki doesn't accept victory

Katsuki dissatisfied with his victory over Shoto

When the smoke clears, Katsuki realizes Shoto didn't actually use his fire and has been blasted outside the ring. Unsatisfied, Katsuki runs over to Shoto even though he's unconscious and furiously demands that he get back up because a victory in this manner is meaningless to him. Midnight uses her Quirk to knock Katsuki out and declares him the victor of the battle and first year champion of the U.A. Sports Festival.[39]

When Katsuki awakens he goes ballistic with fury, still angry with Shoto for basically throwing their match. He has to be restrained and chained to the champions podium  during the closing ceremony for the festival. All Might removes the mask on his face before congradulating him on foreshadowing his victory during the opening ceremony. He notices Katsuki's face is scary thanks to his undeniable rage and tries to give him the gold medal. Katsuki refuses and tells All Might to get that "garbage" away from him because he still hasn't proved he's the best. All Might tries to encourage Katsuki to accept the medal even if it's just as a scar. Katsuki refuses, so All Might forces it in his mouth. 

After the Sports Festival concludes, Class 1-A returns to their homeroom class, where Aizawa grants them the next two days off. Katsuki is still visually upset with the way he's won. Katsuki remains fuming even until the next day, where he wakes up and noon and angrily brushes his teeth, yelling for his mouth germs to die.[40][41]

Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Katsuki returns to class two days after the Sports Festival. Mister Aizawa teaches them about Hero Informatics and reveals the draft results prior to the festival. Katsuki received 3,556 offers from Pro Heroes, second highest in the class behind only Shoto. Denki comments that this is because Pros may have been reluctant to send nominations to a student who needed to be chained up at the end of the festival. Katsuki angrily replies that if a Pro was scared away, than they are just weak.



Midnight joins the class to help them select hero names for their upcoming internships. Initially Katsuki tries to choose King Explosion Murder (爆殺王 Bakusatsu Ō?), but Midnight says it's too violent. While Katsuki re-writes his code name, he notices Izuku chooses Deku as his moniker. Once everyone else is finished presenting Katsuki changes his alias to Lord Explosion Murder (爆殺卿 Bakusatsu Kyō?) and Midnight comments that it's basically the same as before. [42]

At lunch time, Katsuki finds himself irritated while listening to the class discuss Izuku's workout regiment. When first day of the internships arrive, Katsuki receives his costume and boards a train to Best Jeanist's agency. [43] [44]

Katsuki restrained by Best Jeanist

Best Jeanist disciplines Katsuki

When Katsuki arrives at Best Jeanist's office in Tokyo, Best Jeanist admits that he isn't very fond of Katsuki because of his attitude despite being talented enough to take on as a sidekick. Katsuki is irritated by the Number 4 Hero's lecture and tries to approach him, forcing the Pro to restrain him using his Quirk. Best Jeanist continues, stating that he will transform Katsuki into an exemplary hero by the end of their time together.[45][46]

The next day, Best Jeanist scolds Katsuki on the importance of a hero maintaining an elegant appearance. He styles Katsuki's hair similarly to his own, prompting Katsuki regret choosing his agency. [47]

After Stain's defeat is published, Best Jeanist explains that the Hosu City incident is all over the news, but reminds Katsuki and his sidekicks that they must remain calm and collected. While Best Jeanist tells everyone that everything will run smoothly as normal, Katsuki mulls over his poor choice of an internship.[48][49]

Note: The events of Episode 32 occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.
Sometime during the internship, Katsuki goes out on patrol with Best Jeanist. He asks Bakugo the importance of patrolling, to which he answers so that they can find and beat up villains easier. Best Jeanist says this answer is wrong and corrects him. Patrols are to show the public who heroes are and give them peace of mind. Then, a few small children recognize Katsuki from what he believes to be the Sports Festival. However, they actually recall him from the Sludge Villain incident. This angers Katsuki, who yells at the kids and makes them cry. Best Jeanist asks Katsuki to deal with them properly, but the kids keep crying anyway. [50]
Note: This marks the end of non-canon material.

Eijiro and Hanta Make Fun of Katsuki

Hanta and Eijiro laugh at Katsuki

The internship concludes at the end of the Week and Katsuki returns to U.A. High. His first day back he is immediately met by Eijiro and Hanta hysterically laughing and making fun of his new haircut. Embarrassed, Katsuki lashes out at them in anger and his hair returns to normal. During Basic Hero Training, Katsuki watches the Rescue Training Race and notices Izuku's new abilities are copies of his own movements. Katsuki is greatly irritated that Izuku improved a great deal while he was stuck wasting his time with Best Jeanist.[51][52]

End of Term Test Arc

One week before the end of term test, in class, Eijirou notes that Momo is being virtuous to which Katsuki angrily reminds him that he is also virtuous, saying that he will tutor him until he bleeds (since he has the third highest grade in the class). After lunch, Izuku reveals the contents of the exercise test; Katsuki says that he doesn't care about who he will be fighting in the exercise test since his opponents will be blown away in the end. Angry, Katsuki confronts Izuku, saying that Izuku is starting to get on his nerves. Ochako wonders if Katsuki is referring to Izuku's movements during the Foundational Hero Studies. Katsuki says to Izuku that he doesn't want the same hollow result like the Sports Festival. Katsuki says that they will determine who is the better man by their grades; Katsuki remarks that he will show the power gap between them and defeat him. Seething, Katsuki says that he will also defeat Shouto as well. Katsuki storms out of the classroom. Eijirou notes that Katsuki hasn't been agitated in a while to which Fumikage says that Katsuki's animosity is getting the better of him. While Katsuki walks through the corridor, Shouta notes that Katsuki has become worse.

On the day of the exercise test, Mr. Principal reveals that Class 1-A will be fighting U.A.'s teachers in their exercise test. Shouta says that Izuku and Katsuki will be paired together, much to their shock. Izuku and Katsuki become more surprised to learn that they will be facing All Might in combat for their exercise test. All Might tells the duo to cooperate together to defeat him.[53]

All Might, Izuku and Katsuki get onto a bus and drive to an uninhabited city where the test exercise will take place. All Might, Izuku and Katsuki arrive in the city. All Might explains the test exercise: Izuku and Katsuki have two options of winning and passing the test exercise; they must either handcuff All Might or one of them must escape from the battlefield. Izuku and Katsuki have to accomplish either fighting to handcuff their opponent or one of them must escape the battlefield in 30 minutes. Izuku notes that this will test their flight or fight decision skills. All Might puts on super compact weighted bracelets to give himself a handicap. The test exercise begins. Katsuki decides to fight All Might in order to handcuff him while Izuku suggests that avoiding the fight with All Might and escaping is a better course of action. Katsuki ignores Izuku's suggestion and begins going toward All Might. Izuku tells Katsuki that the idea of him beating All Might is ludicrous. Katsuki smacks Izuku onto the ground; Katsuki angrily orders him to stop talking while Izuku says that he is talking because he wants them to pass. Izuku and Katsuki get into an argument; Katsuki declares that he can pass the test himself and didn't need Izuku's help in the first place while Izuku says that Katsuki's bad anger is the reason nobody likes him. Suddenly, All Might throws a punch which devastates the area Izuku and Katsuki are in.[54]

All Might declares to the duo that he is a villain and collateral damage means nothing to him. All Might charges at the duo. Feeling All Might's pressure, Izuku tells Katsuki that they have no chance of winning and should run away. However, Katsuki refuses to run away. Katsuki uses Stun Grenade against All Might which distracts him. Katsuki charges at All Might but the Symbol of Peace grabs Katsuki's face, stopping his advance. Katsuki launches a flurry of Explosions against All Might. However, Katsuki's Explosions do not even scratch All Might. All Might slams Katsuki down onto the ground. All Might turns his attention to Izuku who planned on running away. Izuku jumps into the air, but Katsuki has also jumped into the air; the duo collide into each other as a result. After the recoil, Izuku begs Katsuki to escape with him as they have no chance of winning. Angry, Katsuki still refuses to escape, saying that he will win because that is what a Hero does. Izuku remembers Katsuki's past; that he admired All Might as a Hero because he always won in the end regardless of the situation he was in.

Izuku tries to convince Katsuki otherwise but to no avail. Suddenly, All Might appears in the air with a guardrail in his hands; All Might slams the guardrail on Izuku which pins him down to the ground. Then, All Might punches Katsuki in the stomach, greatly injuring him and sending him flying backwards. All Might approaches Katsuki and says that he understands his jealousy of Izuku's sudden growth; All Might tells Katsuki that what he is currently doing is a waste and he must grow his willingness to borrow other peoples' strength when needed. The weakened Katsuki struggles to get up and tells All Might that if he must rely on other peoples' strength, then he would rather lose. Disappointed with Katsuki's decision, All Might prepares to finish off Katsuki; Katsuki tries to move but to no avail. Suddenly, Izuku breaks free of the guard rail; Izuku charges and punches Katsuki out of harms way. Izuku grabs Katsuki and leaps into an alley to escape from All Might. Izuku tells Katsuki to not say that he would rather lose, asking Katsuki to use his strength before giving up and reminds Katsuki that he is the kid that never gives up on winning. In their childhood, Katsuki manages to beat 4th graders and says that the Number One Hero always wins in the end while Izuku admiringly looks on.

All Might chases after Izuku and Katsuki. Suddenly, Katsuki appears from behind and attacks All Might with an Explosion which distracts All Might. However, one of Katsuki's Grenade Bracers is missing. Suddenly, Izuku appears behind All Might with Katsuki's missing Grenade Bracers equipped on him. Katsuki yells at Izuku to commence his attack; Izuku aims the Grenade Bracer at All Might and releases the grenade pin.

Izuku releases the grenade pin and blasts an immense Explosion at All Might at point blank range. After the Explosion is finished, Izuku and Katsuki dash towards the exit.[55]

However, All Might catches up to Katsuki and Izuku and defeats them; All Might apprehends Katsuki by pinning him down with his foot.[56]

A minute ago, Izuku and Katsuki are running towards the escape gate after blasting All Might with an immense explosion. Izuku spots the escape gate and notes that if one of them passes through the escape gate they pass the practical test. While running, Izuku isn't able to see All Might and wonders if he fainted, to which Katsuki admonishes Izuku for thinking that way. Katsuki tells Izuku that if All Might catches up he will launch Izuku using his bracer. Suddenly, All Might appears before the two, asking Katsuki what he plans to do after that, shocking Izuku and Katsuki. Before the young heroes can react, All Might crushes Katsuki's Grenadier Bracers into pieces, telling the duo that the weights are forcing him to use only a minuscule of his strength; All Might proceeds to pin down Katsuki with his foot and dangles Izuku in mid-air.

Back in the present, Recovery Girl announces that Shouto and Momo are the first team to pass the exam. All Might is surprised to learn that his colleague, Shouta, has been defeated. All Might smashes Katsuki into the ground with his foot. Katsuki finally understands that All Might is far too overpowered for him to stop and realizes that All Might is truly the strongest Hero and the world's most sky scrapping wall. All Might decides to finish off Izuku and Katsuki.

Suddenly, Katsuki gets up and launches a big explosion against All Might, which distracts the Symbol of Peace. While All Might is distracted by the light, Katsuki grabs Izuku and throws Izuku towards the escape gate with an Explosion. To prevent Izuku from escaping, All Might uses New Hampshire and blasts himself into Izuku which crushes Izuku due to All Might's great weight and sends him tumbling down. Katsuki chases after All Might; Katsuki tells All Might that the Grenadier Bracers were to help him use his maximum Explosions without risk and admits that he was a fool for thinking that he could win without taking risks. Katsuki uses a huge Explosion against All Might (similar to the Explosion in the Sports Festival) and tells Izuku to escape; Izuku struggles to get up. Katsuki decides to sacrifice himself to hold off All Might so that Izuku has time to escape; Katsuki uses another huge Explosion against All Might. However, although the great Explosions have distracted All Might, the Symbol of Peace is still unscathed.

Izuku gets up and prepares to activate One For All Full Cowl so that he can leap towards the escape gate. Not allowing Izuku to make an escape, All Might prepares to attack Izuku but Katsuki intercepts All Might's attempt. Izuku successfully activates One For All Full Cowl and begins his escape while All Might smashes Katsuki into the ground. Izuku sees that Katsuki is in trouble. Despite being greatly injured, Katsuki yells at Izuku to escape and bites All Might's hand. All Might ignores Katsuki's desperate attempt and tells Izuku that he won't allow him to escape.

Surprisingly, Izuku does not rush towards the escape gate; instead, Izuku rushes back to help Katsuki. Izuku smiles and punches All Might in the face. While All Might is suffering from slight recoil, Izuku grabs Katsuki who has fallen unconscious. Izuku rushes towards the escape gate with Katsuki in tow. All Might shrugs off Izuku's punch and watches him escape. Izuku passes through the escape gate along with the unconscious Katsuki in tow, which allows Izuku and Katsuki to pass the practical test.[57]

After Izuku and Katsuki pass the practical exam, All Might carries them to Recovery Girl's tent to be healed. Recovery Girls scolds All Might for not restraining himself during his battle with Izuku and Katsuki. Recovery Girl asks All Might to take Izuku and Katsuki back to U.A. to recover. After Izuku requests to stay, All Might leaves carrying an unconscious Katsuki in his arms, he notes that Izuku will be extraordinarily strong one day. All Might walks out of the tent and prepares to carry Katsuki back to U.A.. All Might notes that Katsuki himself is also incredible and that whenever there is a wall in front of Katsuki, he laughs at it.[58]

Back in class at U.A., Katsuki learns that he has passed the written test and will go along with his classmates to the forest lodge which is a boot camp. After Class 1-A decide to go shopping to buy necessities for the boot camp, Katsuki declines to go with.[59]

School Trip Arc

The next day at U.A., Shouta informs Class 1-A that the destination for their lodge trip has been changed and the new destination will only be announced on the day of the event. During class, Katsuki criticizes Izuku for not trying to attack the villain holding him hostage. The first semester has come to a close and summer break has begun.

On the day of the event, Class 1-A boards a bus that will take them to the forest lodge destination. An hour later, Class 1-A’s bus stops for a restroom break. However, Class 1-A notes that Class 1-B isn’t at the rest stop. Suddenly, two females wearing cat-like costumes and a small boy appear; the females excitedly introduce themselves as the professional Hero Team, The Pussycats. Mandalei explains to Class 1-A that they will be staying at the base of a mountain which is a part of their domain; they have three hours to reach the base of the mountain using their Quirks as they please and those who don’t arrive there by 12:30 pm won’t be served lunch. Soon, Class 1-A realize that they have already arrived at their destination and their training camp has already begun with the Pussycats being their supervisors. Some of Class 1-A try to leave, but Pixiebob uses her Quirk to create a landslide of dirt that causes Class 1-A to fall into a forest called Forest of Magic Beasts, which they must traverse to reach their destination. Suddenly, Class 1-A are confronted by a beast; Kouji tries using his Quirk to control the beast but it does not work due to the beast being made out of dirt. Katsuki along with Shouto, Tenya and Izuku mobilize and use their Quirks to destroy the dirt beast.[60]

After Izuku, Tenya, Shouto and Katsuki destroy the dirt beast, Class 1-A begins traversing the Forest of Magic Beasts. However, the journey through the forest to the Cabin takes around about 8 hours. Class 1-A arrive at the facility, battered and tired. It is now 5:20 pm in the evening. Pixiebob admits that she thought they would take longer to get to the facility; she praises Class 1-A for figuring out her Earth Beasts quickly and easily. Pixiebob then commends Izuku, Tenya, Shouto and Katsuki for taking quick action against one of her Earth Beasts and concludes that they have experienced action against villains. After Kouta punches Izuku in his crotch and harshly replies to Tenya, Katsuki comments that Kouta thinks he is an adult; Shouto replies that Kouta reminds him of someone who also acts like an adult (referring to Katsuki himself). Katsuki tells Shouto that he doesn't keep his emotions bottled up like someone he knows (referring to Shouto) while Shouto replies that he was joking.

Class 1-A fetch their luggage and put it in their rooms, Class 1-A head to the dining hall and have dinner; they enjoy the delicious food that the Pussycats provide them. After finishing dinner, Class 1-A go to the hot springs.

The next day at 5:30 AM, Class 1-A are outside the training camp cabin. Shouta greets his students and tells them that they will undergo reinforcement training to strengthen and upgrade their Quirks which will also allow Class 1-A to obtain their temporary licenses. Shouta tells Katsuki to perform the pitch from the Quirk Apprehension Test. Katsuki throws his pitch; however, Katsuki’s pitch records at 709.6 m, which is a minor increase from his last pitch. Some of Class 1-A are surprised with the lack of difference with Katsuki’s new pitch as they were expecting it to be immensely higher. Shouta explains that while Class 1-A has grown emotionally and technically, their Quirks have not which is why they are having the training camp to upgrade their Quirks.[61]

Katsuki trains along with the rest of his class. Later that day at 4:00 PM, Pixiebob and Ragdoll provide Class 1-A food materials and tell them that they must make their own food from now on. Tenya sees this as survival skill training and motivates his class to start making curry. Class 1-A begin making their own curry and after doing so, eat it for dinner. On the third day, Katsuki continues his training along with his class and Class 1-B.

Later that night after dinner, Katsuki is paired with Shouto for the test of courage. A few minutes after entering the forest, Yui tries scaring Katsuki and Shouto, although to no avail. Suddenly, the League of Villain's Vanguard Action Squad attacks. Shouto (while carrying an injured Kousei Tsuburaba) and Katsuki run through the forest. Seeing that the situation is chaotic, Shouto decides that they should head back to the facility to regroup. While running to the facility, Shouto and Katsuki encounter a villain; Katsuki asks Shouto who is supposed to be ahead of them, to which Shouto answers Fumikage and Mezou. The villain is admiring something on the ground; a severed arm. However, the villain realizes he has work to do and cannot afford to be distracted by the severed arm; the restrained villain turns his attention to Katsuki and Shouto.[62]

Shouto engages in combat with the restrained villain (known as Moon Fish), using his ice to block the villain’s teeth enlarging Quirk. Moon Fish proves to be highly skilled, being able to break through Shouto’s ice and nearly hit Katsuki with one of his teeth, only to be intercepted by Shouto’s ice. Shouto warns Katsuki to not use his Explosion Quirk due to the fear of igniting the poisonous gas and causing more chaos, much to Katsuki’s annoyance. Moon Fish continues breaking through Shouto’s ice defenses with his teeth enlarging Quirk while also using his teeth to maneuver himself around.[63]

Shouto and Katsuki continue their battle with Moonfish; Shouto is unable to fight properly due to carrying Kousei. The Shouto tries his best to keep Moonfish at bay by blocking his path with ice. Katsuki becomes furious that he is unable to fight back, thinking that firing a huge explosion should stop Moonfish, but Shouto warns Katsuki that the huge explosion will limit their visibility and give the villain more attacking opportunities. When Mezou and Izuku arrive to Katsuki and Shouto's location, Mezou asks one of them to make light. Before he can explain further, Moonfish senses Mezou and Izuku’s presence and sends one of his teeth to attack them. Suddenly, the rampaging Dark Shadow appears and uses its enormous claw to crush Moonfish, destroying Moonfish’s teeth. Shouto and Katsuki are surprised at what transpired.

After the rampaging Dark Shadow effortlessly defeats Moonfish, Katsuki and Shouto manage to get close to Fumikage and use their Quirks, which calms down Dark Shadow; Dark Shadow reduces in size and retracts back into Fumikage, allowing Fumikage to return to normal. Katsuki once again tells Fumikage that their Quirks have a bad chemistry; Fumikage thanks Katsuki for saving him. Izuku tells Fumikage that their top priority is to protect Katsuki, who is the target of the villains’. Izuku decides that they should escort Katsuki back to the facility and take a shortcut through the forest to do so; Izuku thinks that with the power of Mezou’s scouting capabilities, Shouto’s powerful Quirk and the unrivaled power of Fumikage’s Dark Shadow, escorting Katsuki will be a cinch. However, Katsuki is angry that he needs protecting and refuses their help. The Bakugo Escort Squad (consisting of Mezou, Shouto, Izuku and Fumikage) begin escorting a begrudging Katsuki back to the facility.

The Bakugo Escort Team travel to the facility and come across Ochako and Tsuyu. After seeing that Ochako and Tsuyu are alright, Izuku asks them to join the escort. However, Ochako and Tsuyu wonder why Katsuki isn’t with them. Mezou, Shouto and Izuku turn around only to find that Fumikage and Katsuki are missing.

Suddenly, a masked villain appears on a tree branch and reveals that he used his “magic” to take Katsuki by turning him into a marble. The masked magician-like villain, known as Mr. Compress, states that the Heroes don’t deserve someone of Katsuki’s caliber and notes that Katsuki will shine even brighter on the villains’ side. Izuku demands that he give Katsuki back.[64] Izuku, Mezou and Shouto chase after Mr. Compress in order to rescue Fumikage and Katsuki.[65]

At the Vanguard Action Squad's rendezvous point, thanks to Yuuga firing his Navel Laser at Mr. Compress, Katsuki's compressed form is released from Mr. Compress's grasp. Shouto tries grabbing Katsuki, only for Dabi to snatch Katsuki away. Dabi orders Mr. Compress to deactivate his Quirk, to which he does. Katsuki is freed from his marbled prison but is grabbed on the shoulder by Dabi to prevent him from escaping. Izuku desperately tries rescuing Katsuki but to no avail. Before warping away with Dabi, Katsuki tells Izuku to stay back. The warping completes and the captured Katsuki teleports away along with the Vanguard Action Squad.[66]

Hideout Raid Arc

Inside the League of Villains’ hideout, Katsuki is strapped and restrained on a chair being surrounded by members of the Vanguard Action Squad, Kurogiri and Tomura. Tomura asks Katsuki to become his ally, but Katsuki vehemently tells him to drop the small talk and die.[67]

After Katsuki and the League of Villains watch a video clip of U.A.'s public apology, Tomura understands why society is blaming U.A. for their failure and that is because the current Hero society is not just. Spinner agrees that the current Hero society isn’t just since the modern Heroes are only doing their job for compensation and not out of selflessness. Tomura explains that the League of Villains are fighting for a just society and intends to win this battle. Tomura orders Dabi to remove Katsuki’s restrains, although Dabi is unsure since Katsuki might attack; Tomura wants to treat Katsuki as an equal and is aware that Katsuki knows he has no possibility of winning. Dabi has Twice remove the restrains. As Twice removes the restrains, Mr Compress apologizes to Katsuki for forcibly kidnapping him and explains that the League of Villains are not just a group of hoodlums perpetuating crimes nor did they casually abduct him; he goes on by saying that everyone in the League of Villains is shackled by the current society and hopes that Katsuki understands their discrimination.


Katsuki attacks Tomura with an Explosion

Katsuki’s restrains are removed. As Tomura approaches Katsuki, Katsuki attacks Tomura with his Explosions. Katsuki tells the League of Villains that it is pointless to try and make him change his mind as he has already been won over by the way All Might looks when he wins. Katsuki says that from the beginning he has dreamed of becoming a Hero and surpassing All Might and nothing they say will change that.[68]

After hearing Shouta state that Katsuki desires to be a Hero, Katsuki tells his captors that U.A. are correct about him desiring to be a Hero. Katsuki taunts the Vanguard Action Squad and Tomura, telling them that his combat authorizations have not been revoked. However, Dabi, Himiko, Kenji and Mr. Compress are not intimidated; they wonder about Katsuki’s mental state and conclude that he has messed up by going against them. After picking up his hand, Tomura decides that he must use force on Katsuki and asks his teacher, Sensei, to help him do so.[69]

Tomura orders Kurogiri and Mr. Compress to knock out Katsuki. Katsuki continues insulting the League of Villains while thinking of a way to cause a distraction that will allow him to make a run for the door behind him.Suddenly, All Might breaks in with Kamui Wood swinging in and restrains the League of Villains with his Lacquered Chains Prison. All Might checks on Katsuki and compliments him for not being afraid, much to Katsuki's chagrin.[70]

As Gran Torino and All Might attempt to get information about Sensei from Tomura, mysterious black liquid appears with dozens of Noumus appearing out from the phenomenon. All Might grabs hold of Katsuki. Suddenly, Katsuki is engulfed by the black liquid and dissolves into it, much to All Might's fury.[71]

Katsuki is teleported by the mysterious black liquid to Sensei's location which is near the ruins of the League of Villains' warehouse. Sensei apologizes to Katsuki as Tomura, Kurogiri and the Vanguard Action Squad finish materializing from the black liquid's teleportation.[72]

All Might appears and clashes with Sensei. After All Might is blasted away, Katsuki becomes concerned, but Sensei tells Katsuki not to fret since his blast wave attack isn’t strong enough to kill him. Sensei uses a Quirk to forcefully activate Kurogiri's Warp Gate Quirk, causing a portal to appear and instructs the League of Villains to leave with Katsuki. However, Katsuki isn't willing to give himself up so easily and prepares to battle the League of Villains. Katsuki fends off Himiko, Twice and Mr. Compress with his Explosions; All Might tries to help Katsuki only for Sensei to intervene.

During the battle, Izuku, Tenya and Eijirou appear in the air from above. Katsuki sees the trio while Eijirou yells at Katsuki to take his hand. Tomura tries to take Katsuki, but Katsuki uses his Explosion to launch himself towards Izuku, Tenya and Eijirou. Katsuki grabs Eijirou’s hand and smiles.[73]

Kenji and Spinner launch Mr. Compress into the air, but Mount Lady intercepts him, allowing Izuku along with Eijirou, Tenya and the rescued Katsuki to get away. Izuku, Eijirou, Tenya and Katsuki land on the ground far from the battlefield and begin escaping.[74]

Katsuki manages to escape to the front of the train station. He and Katsuki converse, with Katsuki stating that he wasn't rescued and that he only escaped with them so that he wouldn't get in All Might's way. Katsuki watches the broadcast of the battle between All Might and Sensei and becomes surprised upon seeing All Might's true form. Many civilians encourage All Might to win, with Izuku and Katsuki also encouraging him.[75]

After the battle between All Might and All For One, Izuku and his group meet up with Shouto and Momo. They take Katsuki to a Police Station for his safety.[76]

The Police Force take Katsuki back home. Shouta and All Might visit is the home of Katsuki Bakugo. Inside the Bakugo household, Katsuki’s mother agrees to the U.A’ students’ relocation, being more than happy to send her son away. Katsuki and his mother begin arguing with each other while Katsuki’s father tries to calm them down. After calming down, Katsuki’s mother notes that Katsuki’s rashness along with his gifted abilities,has resulted in him being pampered and getting shallow praise for what he has which has resulted in his arrogant nature. However, Katsuki’s mother is happy that Shouta sees her son for who he is instead of his gifted abilities. Katsuki’s mother once again agrees to leave Katsuki in U.A’s care since her son returned home safe and sound thanks to the Pro Heroes and asks Shouta to make her son into a fine Hero.

As Shouta and All Might leave the Bakugo household, Katsuki asks All Might what Izuku is to him. Unable to tell Katsuki the truth, All Might informs Katsuki that Izuku is a student to him who has great potential just like Katsuki. Satisfied to a degree with All Might’s answer, Katsuki thanks All Might for everything and goes back inside his house.[77]

Hero License Exam Arc

Katsuki flunks the Hero License Exam.


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