Kaoruko Awata (泡田 薫子 Awata Kaoruko?),[1] also known as Bubble Girl (バブルガール Baburu Gāru?), is a Pro Hero and sidekick. She is currently working at Sir Nighteye's hero office as a sidekick.


Bubblegirl is a fairly slim girl with light blue skin. She has blue-green hair and yellow eyes.

Bubble Girl wears a dark blue, short-sleeved costume that reveals her midriff and the underside of her breasts. Over her top, she has an additional white section with a zipper that ranges from her neck to her collar bones. She also has a transparent visor with attached air filters. She wears yellow-white short shorts and spandex leggings underneath. On her legs, she wears thick white boots with a yellow ring design. She also wears dark blue gloves.




Quirk and Abilities

Bubble: With this Quirk, Bubble Girl can make bubbles filled with an aroma that she had smelled at least once before. She can make both sweet-smelling bubbles and foul-smelling ones. When she’s too nervous, she produces very unpleasant-smelling bubbles that it’s self-destructing.




  1. Boku no Hero Academia Manga: Volume 14

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