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My Hero Academia Jump Pack 1 Cover

My Hero Academia Jump Pack #1.

The My Hero Academia Jump Pack #1 contains items and merchandise based on characters from the series.

Items and MerchandiseEdit

My Hero Academia NotebookEdit

The My Hero Academia Notebook is a notebook that contains profiles on Class 1-A students.

Ochako Zero Gravity Air CushionEdit

The Ochako Zero Gravity Air Cushion is a plastic cushion that you blow up with air. It has Ochako Uraraka's face on it.

My Hero Academia SealsEdit

The My Hero Academia Seals are seals with characters from the series on them.

Tsuyu Asui BookmarkEdit

The Tsuyu Asui Bookmark is a bookmark with the shape of Tsuyu Asui, but uses her tongue as the part that goes in the book.

Katsuki Fan and Shouto StandEdit

The Katsuki Fan and Shouto Stand are Japanese Fan with Katsuki Bakugou on it and a stand with Shouto Todoroki on it.


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