Izuku Midoriya vs. Hitoshi Shinso is a battle fought between U.A. students Izuku Midoriya and Hitoshi Shinso during the Sports Festival fighting tournament.


The battle starts off by Hitoshi saying Mashirao Ojiro is an idiot for flushing away his chances. Izuku, angered by Hitoshi's insults, blindly runs in to attack, but is stopped in his tracks.[1] Shota Aizawa and Present Mic talk a little bit about Hitoshi's history and about his Quirk. Hitoshi then tells Izuku to go out of bounds. Izuku then turns around and starts to walk out of the arena. In his head, Izuku tries to stop himself but his body is moving on its own accord and is starting to lose consciousness. He then remembers that Mashirao told him about Hitoshi's Quirk before the match. Mashirao told him a strong bump could break the spell. He then goes on to tell Izuku to win the match for him.

Izuku flips Hitoshi on the ground

Izuku flips Hitoshi on the ground.

Suddenly, eight pairs of mysterious eyes pop out of the dark in front of Izuku. Izuku starts to freak out and wonders what is happening to his fingers. One For All starts to activate on Izuku's fingers by itself and breaks the spell with brute force. Hitoshi becomes confused by how he was able to break out of it. Izuku then remembers that All Might said that One for All was passed down through the ages and hypothesizes that those people could be previous users of One For All. Hitoshi then tries to get Izuku to talk to him again by taunting, but Izuku remains silent, now knowing that answering Hitoshi will result in him being brainwashed by Hitoshi again. Izuku reaches Hitoshi and begins pushing him out of the ring, but Hitoshi retaliates by punching Izuku in the face. Despite this, Izuku continues to push Hitoshi out of the ring. Hitoshi grabs Izuku's neck but Izuku counters by grabbing Hitoshi's arm and then throws Hitoshi over his shoulder, slamming Hitoshi hard into the ground and in the process, causes Hitoshi's feet to go out of bounds, which ends the battle.[2]


Izuku advances to the second round

Izuku's advances.

Izuku is declared victorious and advances to the second round.


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