"Carrying a gun around is just another way of saying you've got no confidence in a fight. Because at least us simple minds at U.A... have grown beyond the point of ever thinking there's no hope!"

Itsuka Kendo to Mustard in "Drive It Home, Iron Fist!"

Itsuka Kendo ( (けん) (どう) (いつ) () Kendō Itsuka?) is a student studying to become a hero at U.A. High School. She is the class president of Class 1-B.


Itsuka is a young girl with large teal eyes and orange hair tied into a ponytail that hangs from the side of her head.

In her hero costume, she wears a light blue qipao, a black corset that ends just below her breasts, and short black spats. She also wears a brown utility belt and a black domino mask.


Itsuka is a spirited girl who is also thoughtful of others.[2] She does not hesitate to criticize even her classmates if she feels what they are doing is not right, like whenever she stops Neito from antagonizing Class 1-A.[3] and the rest of Class 1-B. She is also willing to pass on opportunities that would benefit her if she feels other people deserve it better, shown when she let Tetsutetsu and Ibara participate in the tournament event of the Sports Festival in place of her team.[4]

She seems to also be friendly to people outside her class and seems to hold no signs of ill-will towards class 1-A, making her a minority of the seen 1-B students. She has displayed sympathy towards others, even if she is not particularly close to them. She showed concern for Izuku and Tenya after hearing about their run-in with Stain, and helped Class 1-A by telling them what was supposed to be on the Final Exam's practical portion.[5]

When in combat, she is calculating and shows that she is very intelligent. She is able to understand Mustard's Quirk, reckoning it to that of a tornado, and using that logic to determine the user's location. She is also able to use her own Quirk to dispel the gas Mustard makes, allowing her and Tetsutetsu to fight without the need for gas masks.


Hand-to-Hand Combat: Itsuka seems to be quite capable at hand-to-hand combat, as she could incapacitate Neito Monoma with a karate chop.

Enhanced Strength: Itsuka appears to have the strength greater than the average human since she can carry people and lift her enlarged hands without a problem, as seen in her fight against Mustard. Her enlarged hands grant her proportionally increased chopping and gripping strength.

Intellect: Itsuka is shown to be rather intelligent, demonstrated when she theorized the location of Mustard and the pattern of his Quirk. She is also tactical, being able to figure out how to dispel of Mustard's gas.


Big Fist (大拳 Daiken?): Itsuka's Quirk allows her to enlarge her hands to a gigantic size.

  • Wind Pressure Generation: By enlarging both of her hands and swinging them around, Itsuka can generate huge quantities of wind capable of blowing away dense clouds of poisonous gas.


3/5 C
1/5 E
3/5 C
5/5 A
4/5 B
Itsuka's stats, according to the Official Character Book

Battles & Events

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Forest Training Camp Arc


  • In the First Popularity Poll, Itsuka ranked 13th, which currently makes her the most popular character in Class 1-B.
  • The kanji in Itsuka's name is "一"(itsu,lit. one or first) "佳"(ka,lit. beautiful), "拳" (ken, lit. fist), "藤" (do, lit. wisteria).
    • "Kendo" being related to her quirk big fist as well as being a Japanese martial art.
  • Itsuka likes black coffee and motorcycles.
  • According to the author, Itsuka is very popular among his staff.
  • In the anime, Itsuka came in 5th place for the Entrance Exam with a score of 25 Villain Points and 40 Rescue Points.
  • Itsuka shared same physical appearance, especially the one sided ponytail, with Athena Cykes from Ace Attorney


  • (To Mustard) "Carrying a gun around is just another way of saying you've got no confidence in a fight. Because at least us simple minds at U.A.... have grown beyond the point... of ever thinking that there's no hope!"[6]


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