Irinaka (入中?),[2] also known as Mimic (ミミック Mimikku?), is a villain, a Yakuza, and the general manager of the Eight Precepts of Death.[1]


Mimic's usual appearance is that of a black bodysuit with a sewn plague mask typical of the Eight Precepts of Death. His arms are also thin and disproportionally long in comparison to the rest of his body.

Mimic Arm

Mimic's arm leaving his costume "host".

This appearance, however, appears to be a result of his Quirk being used to possess a piece of clothing. The real Mimic's appearance is still unknown, aside from having a huge, muscular arm.[1]


Being the general manager of the Eight Precepts of Death, Mimic is responsible for controlling and administering the business activities of his organization. He is often seen counting stacks of money bills, implying that he also plays the role of the organization's treasurer.[3]

Mimic, like all members of the Precepts, is ultimately loyal to Overhaul, and can become enraged if people show disrespectful or threatening behavior towards his boss.[1]


Quirk and AbilitiesEdit

Mimicry: Mimic's Quirk allows him to transfer his body and mind into an object, allowing his full control over it. This Quirk, however, only works on objects that are about the size of a refrigerator or smaller.[2]

Equipment and WeaponsEdit

Black Cloak: Mimic's usual attire, which he possesses through his Quirk in order to move around and interact with others.

Trigger: Mimic has access to Trigger, which he can administer into himself through an autoinjector. Using this drug, he is able to boost the strength and effects of his Quirk.[4]



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