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The Hosu Nomus' names are Conjectural. No official names have been given, and they are subject to change at any time.

These Nomu are the three Artificial Humans that participate in the Hosu City Attack. They were stated to be significantly weaker than the one at the USJ Attack that was sent to kill All Might.


They all have a brain protruding from their head but that is where the similarities end.

The Winged Nomu had two wings protruding from its back which allowed it to fly, light yellow skin, and it had two eyes on each side of the brain. The Nomu appears to wear a mask over its mouth similar to a gas mask.

The eyeless Nomu is the largest of the three Nomus and as its name suggests the only one without eyes. It has black skin and wears what appears to be shin guards and and a pair of trousers.

The four-eyed Nomu has light green skin and as the name states four eyes protruding from its brain. It's skin is a light green color and it wears ripped trousers going up to its calves.


Vs. Hero Killer Arc

The Nomu are sent by Tomura to attack Hosu to show up Stain. The four-eyed one is defeated by Gran Torino and Endeavor, the eyeless one is killed by Endeavor and the last one, the Winged Nomu, is killed by Stain.



Hosu Nomu

The Nomu's.

Absorption and Release: The four-eyed Nomu possesses a Quirk that allows it to absorb attacks and then to release them back at its foes, though it still takes damage from the attack.[1]

Muscle Enlargement: The four-eyed Nomu possesses a Quirk that allows it to enlarge its muscles, increasing its physical capabilities.[1]

Tongue Web: The four-eyed Nomu possesses a Quirk that allows it to extend its tongue in a web-like formation.[1]

Wings: The Winged Nomu possesses a Quirk which gives it wings, allowing it to fly.

Regeneration: The no-eyed Nomu possesses a regeneration Quirk.

Immense Strength: The three Nomu possess a high degree of physical strength. The four-eyed Nomu is able to throw a hero through the wall of a train, the no-eyed Nomu is able to throw a bus, and the flying Nomu is able to produce air currents with its wings.


  • The Winged Nomu is implied to be Tsubasa,[2] one of Katsuki's friends seen in one of Izuku's childhood flashbacks.
  • They are A-Rank Villains[3]


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