Hojo (宝生 Hōjō?) is one of the Eight Expendables who works for the Eight Precepts of Death.


Hojo is a bald, muscular man with shadowed eyes. He wears a mask on his mouth area just like the rest of the Eight Precepts of Death, albeit without the signature beak-like protrusion that is found on most members.


Hojo is fairly serious and observant, although he mostly keeps his observations to himself. As a fighter, he is straightforward and brutish.

Hojo, as well as the other members of the Eight Expendables, are all hopeless people who who have lost their dignity and no longer see any purpose in continuing to live, thus they're completely devoted to the Eight Precepts of Death and are not afraid of giving away their lives for the group. This led Hojo to share a powerful friendship with the other Expendables, something that he does not expect Heroes to understand.


At some point of his life, Hojo had the job to produce gems for someone, who planned to sell the minerals for large profits. However, the gems turned out to be worthless, leading Hojo to be discarded.[1]

Hojo was eventually found by Chisaki in the streets, with the yakuza offering him the opportunity to become his subordinate. With nowhere else to go, Hojo accepted and became one of the Eight Expendables.[1]

Quirk and Abilities

Crystallization (結晶 Kesshō?): Hojo's body is capable of growing crystal-like protrusions, giving him improved offense and defense.

Equipment and Weapons

Handgun: Hojo is armed with a pistol, which he uses in combat.



After being deemed useless in his previous job, Hojo was discarded on the streets, where he was found by Overhaul.[1]


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