The great hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said... 'True heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life.' Plus Ultra!! Break a leg, everyone!!
Hizashi Yamada to the U.A. Entrance Exam participants in "Entrance Exam"

Hizashi Yamada[1] ( (やま) () ひざし Yamada Hizashi?), also known by his hero name Present Mic (プレゼント・マイク Purezento Maiku?) is a Pro Hero who teaches English at U.A. High School.


Hizashi is a tall, slender man with long, spiky blonde hair and a small mustache. He wears a pair of headphones with the word "HAGE" written on the headband and a pair of sunglasses. When his eyes are visible, they appear as concentric circles. He is almost always seen with a large smile on his face.

His hero costume consists of a black jacket with an upturned collar complete with studs. He sports a tan, studded shoulder pads, black pants with a red studded belt, black boots, and black fingerless gloves. His neck is completely covered by a directional speaker.


Hizashi maintains the persona of a radio host. He often poses when he talks and keeps a certain level of excitement or volume regardless of the situation. His attitude made Kyoka Jiro mistake him for a simple announcer rather than an actual Pro Hero.[2]

When in front of a crowd of people, he often attempts to bring his audience up to his level by getting them involved (he sometimes refers to them as his 'listeners', even while on a live stage). He will continue to act this way regardless of the crowds' response. He also has a good people sense, knowing to restrain Shota Aizawa from a crowd of reporters or otherwise risk widespread negative publicity. Present Mic has a great aversion to bugs, to the point where he faints when too many are in his general vicinity. He admits to much preferring urban areas to forested ones.


Keen Intellect: Present Mic was the first of the teachers to point out the possibility of a traitor in U.A., even stating his reasons for why this would be the case.


Voice (ヴォイス Voisu?): Present Mic's Quirk allows him to increase the volume of his voice, giving him the ability to create loud high pitched sounds. The sound from Present Mic's Quirk is strong enough to cause people's ears to bleed. The loudness from Present Mic's Quirk can annoy and distract enemies as well as block out other sounds. The only known weakness of this Quirk is that the loud sounds do not travel well underground, making this Quirk ineffective against anything that is underground, or separated from him by layers of earth


3/5 C
2/5 D
4/5 B
5/5 A
5/5 A
Hizashi's stats, according to the Official Character Book


Directional Speaker System: Present Mic has a device around his neck that allows him to aim his quirk to a specific direction.

Battles & Events

Final Exams Arc


Shota Aizawa

Present Mic and Shota used to be classmates and maintain a good friendship and partnership which explains the easy-going attitude between them. They are good enough friends that Present Mic gave Aizawa his hero name Eraser Head.


  • According to the official tweet, Present Mic's real name would be "Yamada Hizashi" (as stated in the prototypes). In Japan, there is a real radio personality "Yamada Hisashi(やまだひさし or 山田ひさし", the host of "Hisashi Yamada's Radi-Unlimited" in TOKYO FM.
  • Present Mic likes radio and TV.
  • At first, Present Mic was supposed to be just a fat old man that would do announcements, but the author thought it was boring, so he went for a high-tension guy instead.
  • The word "HAGE" on his headphones means 'Baldness' in Japanese, which may be a nod back to his original design as an old man.
  • Present Mic has a radio show called "Put Your Hands Up Radio" where he broadcasts nonstop music every Friday night.
  • Present Mic is entomophobic.
    • This means that he is scared of bugs.
  • In the anime, Present Mic is the one who provides explanation of characters and their Quirks.
    • When it came to his Quirk, it was instead Shota who provided the explanation.
  • Present Mic's rankings in the Popularity Polls are as follows:
    • Present Mic ranked 36th in the First Popularity Poll.
    • Present Mic ranked 17th in the Second Popularity Poll.


  • (To the Entrance Exam participants) "The great hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said... 'True heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life.' Plus Ultra!! Break a leg, everyone!!"[3]


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