Hiryu Rin ( (りん) () (りゅう) Rin Hiryū?)[1] is a Class 1-B student in U.A. High School training to become a Pro Hero.


Hiryu has dark hair with a braided ponytail.

His hero costume consists of light coloured knee high boots, a dark vest with white clouds across it and a collar that covers his chin. He has a belt tied around his waist with pouches on the side and he also wears large gloves and a visor on his head. His outfit appears similar to a Jiangshi, his visor appears similar to the talismans commonly seen pasted on their forehead.


Hiryu is willing to work with others as shown during the obstacle course when he suggested for everyone to use their Quirks together in order to clear the way through the fallen 0-point robots.


U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Hiryu placed 32nd in the obstacle course and teamed up with Jurota Shishida for the cavalry battle.

Forest Training Camp Arc

On the day of the forest lodge trip, when Neito Monoma mocks Class 1-A, Hiryu is seen observing.[2]

When Class 1-B arrives at the training camp. Homeroom teacher Sekijiro Kan explains they will be extending their quirks and the more they use their Quirks, the stronger they will be by breaking their limits. When Class 1-B witness Class 1-A's training. Afterward, Itsuka Kendo asks Shota Aizawa if can they observe everyone, he explains that is the reason The Pussycats are around.[3]



Scales ( Uroko?): Hiryu can form scales through his entire body, being both durable and strong he can use then as armor for combat, he can also shoot these scales with considerable strength and speed.

Battles & Events

Joint Training Arc


  • The kanji in his name mean "scales" (?) and "flying dragon" (飛竜?).
    • Hiryu's name can be read as "Lin Fei-Long" in Chinese.
  • Hiryu 's hero name is a reference to the shroud draped over distinguished Chinese Leaders.
    • In Chinese, the characters of his hero name can be read as "Long Weizi."
  • Hiryu's favorite food is sushi.
  • Hiryu is one of the two students attending U.A. confirmed to be a foreigner, the other being Pony Tsunotori.
  • Hiryu's voice actor, Kosuke Kuwano, also voices Yuga Aoyama from Class 1-A.
  • His hero costume is shown to resemble a jiangshi, a type of Chinese mythological vampire known for having its face covered by a paper talisman.[4]


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