The Provisional Hero License Exam Arc (プロヒーロー仮免試験編 Puro Hīrō Karimen Shiken-hen?)[citation needed] is the tenth story arc in My Hero Academia and the first story arc in the Rise of Villains Saga.

U.A. has transitioned into a boarding school and Class 1-A begin their new life living at U.A. The first task Class 1-A needs to accomplish at their new abode is to finish their training, which they failed to do at the camp. This is so that they can be ready to take on the Provisional Hero License Exam, a rigorous exam that allows students to obtain Provisional Hero Licenses, which are temporary licenses for students that enables them to legally engage villains in combat and save civilians in times of danger. Meanwhile, the world begins feeling the effects of All Might's retirement.


Class 1-A's New Home: Heights Alliance and the "Best Room" Competition

It is the middle of August; Izuku Midoriya prepares to leave home. His mother asks him to eat healthy meals and respond immediately to her texts. Izuku replies that he will.

Izuku and Class 1-A arrive at their new accommodations; the Heights Alliance, dormitories that are inside the U.A. High School campus and only a five-minute walk from the school building. These dormitories were built in a matter of three days. Inside the U.A. school building, Mr. Principal overlooks the Heights Alliance. He comments that the conversion to a boarding school was not only to keep the students safe but to keep an eye on the supposed "traitor" in their ranks. Mr. Principal feels guilty for doubting his colleagues and students but his top priority is to protect the students. Mr. Principal decides that U.A. must direct its students to a hopeful and brighter future now that All Might is no longer the Symbol of Peace.

Class 1-A are at their dormitory. Before he explains about their dormitory, Shota Aizawa tells Class 1-A that at the training camp they were supposed to get their "Provisional Hero Licenses" but due to the League of Villains attack they did not. Shota is disappointed that some of them tried to act like they have their licenses; Shota calls out Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima, Izuku, Momo Yaoyorozu, and Tenya Iida. Shota tells them that he knows that they were present at the site of Katsuki Bakugo's rescue and took it upon themselves to rescue him. The rest of Class 1-A are shocked and surprised that they actually went to rescue Katsuki. He also knows that the rest of Class 1-A except Katsuki, Toru Hagakure, and Kyoka Jiro also knew about their plan to rescue Katsuki. Shota explains that their actions have been covered up but tells them that if All Might did not retire, with the exception of Katsuki, Toru, and Kyoka, he would have expelled them all as punishment. Shota advises to Shoto, Eijiro, Izuku, Momo, and Tenya to go through the proper procedures next time which will also restore the trust between them.

The atmosphere of Class 1-A has become gloomy. Katsuki sees the gloomy atmosphere and lights up the mood by taking Denki Kaminari and forcing him to use his Electrification, which makes Denki derby as a result, causing Kyoka and Hanta Sero to laugh. Katsuki then gives Eijiro money to pay him back for buying the night vision scope for their rescue operation. Eijiro apologizes to Class 1-A for his actions and will apologize to them by treating them to a barbecue.

Now that Class 1-A's mood has become better, Shota shows them their new dormitory; Heights Alliance has one dorm per class and Shota takes them to the Class 1-A dormitory. Shota explains that their dorm is separated by gender; the right wing for females and left wing for males. However, the first floor is common space and contains the dining area, baths, and laundry facilities. Class 1-A take a look at their new dorm and become excited about living here. Shota then explains that their bedrooms are on floors two, three, four and five; every student gets their own private bedroom with each room having an AC unit, bathroom, refrigerator and closet. Shota gives Class 1-A a map of their room allocations and says that their luggage has already been sent into their allocated rooms. Shota ends his explanation by telling Class 1-A to spend the rest of the day unpacking and organizing their rooms. Tomorrow, he will explain the operations of their new life style.

Class 1-A arrange their luggage in their respective bedrooms. Later that night, the boys of Class 1-A are in the common space on the first floor. The girls of Class 1-A show up and Mina suggests a room showcasing competition. On the second floor, Izuku's room is filled with All Might memorabilia, Fumikage Tokoyami's room is dark and grisly surrounded by horror related items, Yuga Aoyama's room is a complete contrast to Fumikage's, being bright and sparkly. The girls decide to forget about inspecting Minoru's room, much to his frustration. On the third floor, the rooms of Mashirao Ojiro, Tenya (though he has an excessive array of glasses and books), Denki, and Koji Koda are more normal unlike the themed rooms of the second floor. Denki, Mashirao, Fumikage, Yuga, and Minoru are unsatisfied with only having the male rooms evaluated, with Minoru saying that they must also evaluate the rooms of the females to be fair in order to determine a winner. Mina agrees to have the female rooms evaluated. Thus, the contest to decide the room with the "best taste" has now begun.[1]

Class 1-A continue the room with the "best taste" contest with the winner receiving the Room King Award and thus title of "Room King". On the fourth floor, Eijiro mentions that Katsuki did not want to participate, so Class 1-A decide to check Eijiro's room and the other rooms; Eijiro's room is filled with manly items and Mezo Shoji's room has a minimalist theme. On the fifth floor, Hanta's room is Asian themed. Next, Shoto's room is Japanese styled with tatami flooring; the girls are impressed with Toru commenting that Shoto will grow up to be a big-shot while Denki and Minoru are surprised, impressed yet envious that Shoto did all the remodeling by himself. The next room is Rikido Sato's room which is normal. However, Rikido remembers that he was baking a cake, a hobby of his and shares the cake with his classmates, much to the delight of the girls.

All of the males' rooms have been checked and now the time to check the females' rooms has come. The first room to be checked is Kyoka's; her room is rock themed. Next, Toru's room is normal, Mina Ashido's room is filled with cute items and Ochaco Uraraka's room is also normal with Ochaco considering it to be dull. The next room to be checked is Tsuyu Asui's, but Ochaco says that she is feeling under the weather so Class 1-A decide to check Momo's room. Momo's room has a large luxurious bed taking up most of the room space.

Back in the common space on the first floor, the votes are tallied and the Room King Award goes to Rikido, much to his surprise. Rikido received his votes from the girls because his cake was delicious, which makes Denki and Minoru accuse Rikido of bribing. Before heading to bed, Ochaco asks Izuku, Eijiro, Shoto, Momo, and Tenya for a moment of their time.

Wiping the Slate Clean: Class 1-A's Special Move Training!

Outside, Izuku, Eijiro, Shoto, Momo, and Tenya meet with Ochaco and Tsuyu with Ochaco telling them that Tsuyu would like to speak to them. Tsuyu says that she told Class 1-A at the hospital that trying to save Katsuki out of selfishness would be no different than a villain's. Tsuyu admits that her choice of words was severe and after they actually went to save Katsuki, which shocked her, made her regret her choice of words. Tsuyu became frustrated at her cowardly behavior which made her feel guilty in trying to stop them. Due to her guilt and the rest of Class 1-A's negative feelings towards them as a result of their decision to save Katsuki, Tsuyu became upset at not being able to have friendly chats with them like before. Tsuyu says that she wanted to have this conversation to settle things right and go back to having fun like before. While consoling Tsuyu, Ochaco explains to them that the "Room King" contest was to wipe the slate clean of their actions so that they can start anew again. Izuku, Eijiro, Momo, Tenya, and Shoto apologize to Tsuyu for their actions and for worrying the rest of Class 1-A.

The trust between Izuku, Eijiro, Momo, Tenya, and Shoto with the rest of Class 1-A have been restored. The next day, Class 1-A begin their school life anew. In Class 1-A's room, Shota mentions that their first objective will be earning their Provisional Hero Licenses. Shota reminds them that the Provisional Hero Licenses grant them permission to intervene directly when people's lives are at stake. The exam to obtain the Provisional Hero Licenses is less than five percent. To prepare for the Provisional Hero License Exam, Shota decides that Class 1-A will create at least two signature special moves that they will use in combat; Cementoss, Ectoplasm, and Midnight arrive in the room to help. Class 1-A become excited.[2]

Class 1-A are excited about getting to create their own special moves. Shota tells Class 1-A to change into their Hero Costumes and meet at Gym Gamma.

At Gym Gamma, Cementoss explains to Class 1-A that the Gamma Gym was created by him and using his Quirk he can alter the gym to suit the needs of every student. Tenya asks why special moves are necessary. Shota explains to Class 1-A that the Hero License Exam is designed to test the students' aptitudes such as information gathering, judgement, mobility, leadership, and communication in various types of trouble. However, the attitude that is most prevalent is fighting ability. Cementoss comments that bringing stability to a situation is a mark of a hero's true fighting ability. Next, Ectoplasm explains about special moves as being not entirely offensive. Ectoplasm names Tenya's Recipro Burst as a move worthy of being called a special move since being able to move at blistering speeds within a short space of time gives him an upper hand. Class 1-A begin to understand that the purpose of special moves is to give them the upper hand in battle. Midnight gives another example of a special move; Kamui Woods' Lacquered Chains Prison move allows Kamui to suppress his opponents before they can do anything. Shota tells Class 1-A that the training camp's purpose, before being abruptly brought to an end, was to help develop their special moves. Shota decides that the remaining ten days they have of summer break before the second semester begins will be entirely spent on developing their Quirks and creating their special moves. Shota also tells Class 1-A that in addition to creating their special moves, he advises them to consider upgrading their hero costumes to aid them in the creation of their special moves.

Cementoss prepares the terrain and Ectoplasm creates clones of himself for Class 1-A to spar against, Class 1-A begin training. While all of Class 1-A begin training, Izuku is puzzled and confused as to what his special move should be. One of Ectoplasm's clones scold Izuku for daydreaming; Izuku tells the Ectoplasm clone that he has not thought of any special moves because he must keep in mind not to try and break his arms in the process. The Ectoplasm clone advises Izuku to focus on developing his Quirk instead.

All Might arrives, wanting to see Class 1-A developing their special moves since it is his job as a teacher to oversee the training of his students. Meanwhile, Katsuki has defeated an Ectoplasm clone and is happy that he can fight again. Shota and All Might comment on Katsuki's prowess and that he will only keep growing stronger from here on out. The other students of Class 1-A continue their training and thinking about their special moves while Izuku is still puzzled on what to do next. All Might approaches him and gives Izuku advice; he is still trying to imitate him, which confuses Izuku. Before Izuku can question further, All Might goes to help Eijiro. All Might is teaching Izuku to think independently.

Seeing as he is unable to think of any special moves, Izuku decides that his best course of action is to upgrade his costume and goes to the first floor of the U.A. building to seek expertise from someone in the development studio. Outside the development studio's door, Izuku thinks that upgrading his hero costume to reinforce his arms' movements so that he can raise the upper limit of One For All is a good idea for now, which will enable him to withstand the special move he will create.

Meanwhile, Tenya and Ochaco are also heading to the development studio. Ochaco has decided to improve her ability to make herself float so that she can increase her mobility which will allow her to make better use of the hand-to-hand fighting skills she learned. Tenya has decided to mitigate the drawbacks of his Recipro Burst move and is going to ask the development studio to upgrade his Hero Costume's radiator. Both Ochaco and Tenya see Izuku waiting outside the door.

Before they can greet each other, an explosion from the development studio sends Izuku flying back, much to Tenya and Ochaco's shock. As the smoke clears, Power Loader scolds the person responsible for the explosion. The person responsible for the explosion is none other than Mei Hatsume who has landed on top of Izuku. Mei recognizes Izuku from the U.A. Sports Festival. Izuku gets embarrassed from the sight of Mei's bosom while Ochaco becomes surprised.[3] Mei apologizes for the explosion she caused; she asks the Class 1-A trio for their names since she forgot them. Izuku, Ochaco, and Tenya remind Mei of their names. Izuku asks for a costume upgrade, which catches Mei's attention. Power Loader reminds Mei that he is fine with her working in the Development Studio but must not cause chaos, otherwise, he will ban her. Power Loader turns his attention to Izuku, Ochaco, and Tenya and invites them into the Development Studio. Inside the Development Studio, Izuku, Ochaco, and Tenya are amazed at all the machinery in it. Power Loader explains to the trio about hero costume upgrades; after looking at their respective costume instructions, he will be able to tinker with their costumes. If it is small improvements and fixes, all he needs to do is inform the design office about the changes, but if it is big improvements, he must prepare a formal written application to the design office to request approval. After the newly upgraded costume gets inspected and approved, it goes back to them. Power Loader tells the trio that the design office he is partnered with is one of the best, so any costume upgrades can be done within a mere three days.

Izuku asks Power Loader if there is something that can reduce the stress on his arm ligaments; Power Loader replies that minor tinkering to his hero costume will make it possible. Suddenly, Mei inspects Izuku's body and makes him wear a powered exoskeleton, much to Izuku's discomfort. Izuku once again asks for simple arm support while Tenya asks for cooling capabilities for his legs. Mei gives Tenya Super Cooler Electric Boosters. However, the boosters are for the arms and not the legs, much to Tenya's frustration. Mei already knows that Tenya's Quirk is for his legs, but she thinks that if he wants to cool his legs, then he must run with his arms, which confuses Tenya. Mei's proverb makes Izuku realize what All Might was saying about him imitating him.

Power Loader scolds Mei for messing around. However, Power Loader advises Izuku, Ochaco, and Tenya to invest in their relationship with her because once they become Pro Heroes, she will be taking care of their Hero Costume needs. Power Loader points to a mountain of trash in the Development Studio; he tells them that the trash is actually support items Mei has created since she started at U.A., even creating support items during the school holidays. Despite her self-centered attitude, Power Loader compliments Mei for her talent at inventing as well as her courage to come up with new ideas and attempt to make them real even if they fail.

Izuku suddenly realizes that his way of thinking has been wrong; people who invent are not bound by conventional thinking and in order to improve himself, he must think out of the box like Mei. While Mei helps out Ochako, Izuku asks Tenya to help him with something.

Meanwhile, the rest of Class 1-A are progressing on improving their Quirks. Four days later at the Gamma Gym in the midst of training, All Might shows up and Shota tells him that Class 1-A are progressing nicely. Minoru comments on the change of Izuku's costume, causing Izuku to reply that he received arm support to lessen the stress on his arms. Meanwhile, Fumikage has developed a special move called Tenebrous Abyss Body that allows him to equip Dark Shadow onto himself. Midnight likes Fumikage's special move but advises him to change the name so that it is easier to say. Katsuki tests out his new special move called AP Shot on a rock, a move that creates an Explosion beam. Katsuki's AP Shot successfully executes and penetrates a rock.

However, the rock Katsuki used his AP Shot on cracks and begin falling towards All Might. Suddenly, Izuku appears and destroys the rock with a kick. Izuku then destroys the remaining rock with another kick. All Might is impressed that Izuku figured out his advice on his own. Izuku has realized that just because he is the new successor of One For All, it does not mean that he must inherit his predecessor's fighting style, in this case All Might's punching style, and is free to choose his own fighting style. Taking Mei's words into consideration, and Tenya's help, Izuku has decided to forego All Might's punch fighting style and redevelop his fighting style. The technique Izuku used to destroy the rocks is called One For All Full Cowl: Shoot Style, a technique that is an application of Izuku's new kick-based fighting style. It is a fighting style focusing on kicking, thus strengthening his kicks.[4]

Before heading back to the Gym Gamma, Izuku explains to Mei about his Full Cowl technique which gives him greater maneuverability and asks her for a slight change to his costume that will have a big effect. Mei makes changes to Izuku's costume, giving it spikes to support his arm and iron armor soles.

At Gym Gamma, Izuku saved All Might using his One For All Full Cowl: Shoot Style technique. As Izuku asks All Might if he is fine, Eijiro and Denki notice the change in Izuku's fighting style, causing Izuku to reply that he has changed to a kick-based fighting style and although it is not his special move, his new fighting style has given him a direction to go in. All Might comments that Izuku's new fighting style will help him in the Provisional Hero License Exam. Shota asks All Might to move to safety; All Might apologizes to Katsuki. Annoyed, Katsuki relieves his anger with an Explosion and tells All Might to be careful. The former Symbol of Peace is staggered about the fact that throughout his life, he has been protecting others. Now, All Might realizes that he needs others to protect him and is perturbed with the role change.

Izuku comments on Eijiro and Denki's hero costume upgrades. Other students of Class 1-A, Shoto, Kyoka, and Koda have made upgrades to their hero costumes.

Suddenly, Vlad King and Class 1-B enter Gym Gamma, causing Shota to ask Vlad King for ten more minutes. Neito Monoma, whose hero costume is a simple gentleman's attire, comments that due to the low pass rate of the Provisional Hero License Exam, all of Class 1-A will fail. However, Shota remarks that Class 1-A and Class 1-B will be taking the exam at different venues, much to Neito's disappointment. Vlad King states that the Provisional Hero License Exam is conducted every year in June and September at three different locations across the country; to avoid students from the same schools from clashing against each other, it is common practice to split up their students by sending them to different sites and testing times.

Neito is disappointed that he will not be able to bring down Class 1-A himself, causing Eijiro and Denki to wonder if he has a mental condition. Shota tells Class 1-A that the chances of those who receive their Provisional Hero Licenses in their first year is extremely small due to the presence of other strong students who have been training and honing their skills much longer than they have.

Class 1-A's Special Move Training Concludes: The Provisional Hero License Exam Arrives!

During the night at Class 1-A's dormitory in Heights Alliance, the Class 1-A girls are relaxing in the common space on the first floor and they comment on the rough training. Toru asks about the special moves they have been creating; Tsuyu and Momo have special moves in mind and need a bit more training to pull it off. Ochaco is asked about her special move, but she does not respond and appears depressed. After Tsuyu nudges her, Ochaco snaps back to reality and says that she still has a long way to go, but her heart has been jumbled up. Mina comments that Ochaco is in love, much to Ochaco's shock. Ochaco denies this fact, but Mina pries further and asks if she is in love with Izuku or Tenya, causing Ochaco to start floating due to her embarrassment. Ochaco says that her friendship with Izuku or Tenya is not like that. Tsuyu and Momo tell Mina not to pry into another's love life and decide to head to bed. Ochaco sees Izuku training outside and thinks to herself again that it is not like what Mina said.

The remaining days of training came and went. The day of the Provisional Hero License Exam has come. Class 1-A arrive at the exam site, Takoba National Stadium. Some of Class 1-A are nervous, but Shota encourages them to do their best so that they can pass this exam and further their goal in becoming heroes. Class 1-A huddle together; suddenly, a student interrupts their huddle, causing another student to tell Inasa that it is rude to interrupt other people's huddles. Inasa expresses his apology to Class 1-A with vigor and bows to them while smashing his head into the ground and bleeding, much to some of Class 1-A's shock.

Other participants of the exam recognize the students with berets; Katsuki comments that there is a high school in the west (Kansai) that is on par with U.A (which is from the east). The people standing in front of Class 1-A are students from the famous Shiketsu High School. Inasa energetically expresses his excitement about competing with U.A and wishes Class 1-A the best of luck. As the other students of Shiketsu High and Inasa leave, Shota tells Class 1-A that the energetic student's name is Inasa Yoarashi and states that he is a powerful contender; at U.A.'s entrance exam, the same year Class 1-A took it, Inasa received the top score and passed. However, despite receiving the top score, Inasa declined his admission offer. Izuku is surprised with Inasa's prowess and thinks that he might be as talented as Shouto.[5]

Hanta is confused as to why Inasa would refuse enrollment into U.A. even though he admires the school. Shota replies that while Inasa can be awkward, his strength is great and warns Class 1-A to be careful. Suddenly, a female teacher approaches Shota and states that it has been a long time since they have seen each other, although Shota is indifferent; the female begins joking around with Shota while the Erasing Hero is unamused by her sense of humor. The female teacher that Shota apparently knows is “Smile Hero” Ms. Joke and her Quirk is Roaring Laughter; Ms. Joke's Quirk forces others to laugh which impairs their cognitive and motor skills. Tsuyu comments on Shota's and Ms. Joke's closeness, causing Ms. Joke to reply that their workplaces were close to each other and helped each other whenever they had trouble, which is why she and Shota know each other very well. However, Shota denies the part about them being lovers. Ms. Joke reveals that she is a teacher from Ketsubutsu Academy High School and she teaches Class 2-2.

Some students from Ms. Joke's class show up and greet Class 1-A. One of her students called Shindo happily greets some of Class 1-A. Shindo is impressed with Class 1-A's perseverance considering everything they went through during the year and believes that overcoming obstacles is what heroes need which is why he respects Class 1-A. Shindo tries greeting Katsuki, but Katsuki rejects Shindo's greeting, causing Eijiro to reprimand Katsuki for his rudeness; although Shindo is not bothered by it.

Ms. Joke tells her class to change into their hero costumes. As her class go to get changed, Ms. Joke asks Shouta if he told his class about something that happens every year at the Provisional Hero License Exam; Shouta replies he has not.

Inside Takoba National Stadium, Mera of the Hero Public Safety Commission, a sleep-deprived man, introduces himself and will be the one explaining the Provisional Hero License Exam. Mera tells the 1540 examinees that only 100 of them will participate in the actual Provisional Hero License Exam, much to their frustration. Mera informs them that they will first compete in the First Exam to determine the 100 examinees that will compete in the Provisional Hero License Exam. The objective of the First Exam is to test the examinees' speed which is required in Heroics. Mera explains the preliminary round; every examinee will take three targets and paste them somewhere on their bodies where others can see, except their feet and armpits. Each examinee will be given six balls and use them to hit the targets; the target will light up when it is hit by a ball and once the third target is lit up, that examinee is considered as lost and disqualified. Whoever lights up the third target will be considered as the person who took down the other person. The goal of the preliminary round is to take down two examinees using the six balls given and whoever takes down two people will pass the preliminary round and qualify for the Provisional Hero License Exam. Mera tells the examinees that they will give them the targets and the balls a minute after the preliminary round has begun.

The place the examinees are in opens up and reveals that they are inside Takoba National Stadium surrounded by a huge varied terrain. Watching from the bleachers, Ms. Joke is surprised that Shota did not fail any of his students which he is known for and wonders if Shota likes his current class, although Shota is indifferent about Class 1-A, much to Ms. Joke's laughter.

On the First Exam battlefield, Izuku decides that Class 1-A should work together to pass the preliminary round since he believes that it will be school versus school. However, Eijiro, Katsuki, and Shoto separate in order to use their Quirks more effectively and so that they do not become an easy target by huddling together. Some of Class 1-A follow Izuku while Izuku explains that working together is better because the other schools know their Quirks and fighting styles. Ms. Joke comments to Shouta that while the format changes every year, a tradition does exist throughout the history of the Provisional Hero License Exam; the tradition is “destroying U.A”.

Provisional Hero License First Exam: Target U.A!

The First Exam of the Provisional Hero License Exam begins; as Izuku and some of his classmates follow him, dozens of examines approach them and are eager in taking them out. One of them, Shindo sees Izuku again and comments that his Quirk breaks his body every time he uses it. Shindo and many examinees begin throwing balls at Class 1-A. However, Izuku, Minoru, Mina, Ochaco, and Fumikage block the incoming balls with their Quirks. Shota tells Ms. Joke that it did not matter if he told them or not about the tradition in taking out U.A. since they have to overcome the obstacle regardless; being a hero means that they have to get themselves out of a pinch whatever the circumstances are.

Izuku informs his classmates to brace themselves.[6]

The First Exam of the Provisional Hero License Exam has begun; the first 100 students to hit six targets will move on to the Second Exam of the Provisional Hero License Exam. Most of Class 1-A have blocked the balls at them. An examinee from Ketsubutsu Academy hardens the balls while his fellow classmate fires the balls with perfect trajectory into the ground. Kyoka uses her Quirk and unleashes a special move called Heartbeat Fuzz which shatters the ground, allowing Class 1-A to see where the balls are being fired at. Mina uses her special move Acid Veil to protect Minoru. Seeing an opening, Fumikage equips Dark Shadow onto himself using Black Ankh (previously known as Tenebrous Abyss Body) and, grabbing a ball with his right hand, uses Piercing Claw of the Dusk against a student in order to attach the ball onto her. The student narrowly manages to dodge Fumikage's Dark Shadow claw in the nick of time and comments on Class 1-A's strength. Mera announces that zero examinees have passed so far. Izuku decides to wait and see the examinees' Quirks before starting an actual fight since everyone is protecting their targets and thus the chance of getting a lucky hit is minuscule.

On the bleachers, Ms. Joke tells Shota that those who take the leading role can turn the tables. In the stadium where Class 1-A are, Yo Shindo tells his fellow classmates that he will shatter their solid defense. Shindo uses his Quirk known as Shake (which causes whatever he touches to shake but the aftershocks are sent back to him) on the ground and uses a special move called Way of the Quaking Earth, which unleashes a powerful earthquake that completely shatter the ground, causing Class 1-A to lose their footing.

At another area of the stadium, some examinees feel the earthquake Yo Shindo caused. However, they soon forget about the earthquake and focus on the battle in front of them. Suddenly, all of the examinees' balls are being swept up into the air by powerful gusts of wind. On top of a building, the examinee causing the gusts of wind is Inasa Yoarashi. Inasa is getting fired up and wishes to participate in the heated battle. Inasa blasts all of the balls onto the examinees with his powerful wind.

Mera receives information on the first examinee to pass which is Inasa Yoarashi. However, Mera is shocked that Inasa managed to eliminate 120 examinees in an instant.

Back at the battlefield between Class 1-A of U.A. and Class 2-2 of Ketsubutsu Academy, Izuku is regaining his footing after the ground is shattered courtesy of Yo's Vibrate. Izuku contemplates that Ketsubutsu Academy have done their homework on analyzing their Quirks and decides that Class 1-A must team up together in order to combat Ketsubutsu Academy's strong teamwork. Despite at a disadvantage, Izuku cannot help but feel excited.

Suddenly, Izuku realizes that he has been hit by a female student's ball, much to Izuku's confusion. The female examinee who hit Izuku is from Shiketsu High called Camie and scolds Izuku for zoning out in the middle of a battle. However, Camie finds it weird that Izuku can still smile after being put at a disadvantage and finds it to be cool. Izuku focuses and prepares for combat.[7]

Ochaco has landed on rubble and is still recovering from Yo's earthquake. Ochako decides not to call out to Class 1-A as that would attract dozens of examinees to her; Being composed, Ochako thinks that the best option is to regroup with her classmates to avoid being ganged up by themselves.

The First Exam Heats Up!: Izuku vs. Camie

Meanwhile, Camie notes that in large-scale exams, some examinees target certain individuals for information or have enough, such as the case on all of the U.A. students. Camie is one of those individuals who crave information which is why she targeted Izuku as she wants to learn more about U.A. Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl, knowing that talking would only distract him and wonders if her classmates are supporting her or if she is on her own. Camie throws a ball and a rock, but Izuku effortlessly dodges them. However, Izuku is surprised that the female had disappeared once more. Suddenly, Camie appears before Izuku and tries throwing another ball at him, but Izuku dodges with his enhanced speed. Izuku prepares to counterattack with one of his balls; however, he realizes that he should not as she disappears the moment he takes his eyes off her. Camie appears behind Izuku and wonders if Izuku was thinking if she has a vanishing Quirk. The female pushes Izuku down to the ground and pins him, stating that she was simply hiding. Camie states that her fighting style revolves around concealing her presence; Izuku is surprised that Shiketsu High teaches that kind of fighting style. Having told Izuku some information about her, Camie asks Izuku what is motivating him for becoming a hero as she wants to learn more about him.

Izuku uses the power of One For All to blast himself off the ground slightly, causing Camie to jump away. Seeing that she is distracted, Izuku throws a ball at her, but his ball is deflected by webs protruding from the ground. Izuku and Camie see that other examinees have arrived. Izuku realizes that the worst case scenario has occurred and decides that his best option is to dodge. Izuku uses One For All Full Cowl to dodge the onslaught of Quirk attacks from the other examinees. Ochaco suddenly appears and calls out to him, causing Izuku to think that she has a plan.

Suddenly, other examinees approach Ochaco; Ochaco becomes surprised and annoyed by this, which forced her to take a step back, this made her lose her footing, which caused her to fall. Izuku begins thinking about all of his regrets; if he had not broken his arms, Izuku could have saved Katsuki and the fight between All Might and All For One would not have occurred, if he had been faster than the Vanguard Action Squad. Izuku notes that his speed would have allowed him to make all the difference which is why he has changed his fighting style to revolve around speed and training his legs.

Using One For Full Cowl: Shoot Style, Izuku sprints towards Ochako and saves her from falling. Having saved Ochako, Izuku swears to himself that until his body is ready, he will not use One For All 100%. To make up for his lack of power, Izuku has iron soles that empower the impact of his kicks with a blow back-like movement. Izuku uses One For All Full Cowl: Shoot Style and shatters the footing the other examinees are on with an iron sole empowered kick. As the examinees lose their footing and are distracted by it, Izuku and Ochaco manage to escape without being traced and successfully find a hiding spot.

As Ochako thanks Izuku for saving her, Izuku is looking out for any examinees. Ochako tries attaching a ball onto Izuku. However, Izuku knocks away Ochaco's ball. Izuku is not fooled by "Ochaco's" appearance and knows that the imposter is someone from Shiketsu High. Izuku is not blinded by the imposter's deception either because the Ochako he knows should have been able to float to prevent herself from falling and above all, the Ochaco he knows of would not have appeared before the enemy without some sort of plan. "Ochaco's" face begins dissolving and is impressed with Izuku for figuring out the deception but is still surprised that he saved the imposter; the imposter wonders if Izuku wanted to take advantage of the situation. Knowing that the imposter was not Ochaco all along, Izuku told the imposter that he could not stand by and watch the imposter fall which is why he saved the imposter.

The imposter dissolves and reveals itself to be the Shiketsu High female whom Izuku has been fighting. Impressed with Izuku's actions and desiring to learn more about him, Camie wants Izuku to teach her more about himself, much to his dismay.[8]

Mera announces that 53 examinees have passed and the eliminated count stands at 230. Mera then announces that the 54th examinee has passed; the 54th examinee to pass is Shoto Todoroki. Shoto managed to hit his targets by simultaneously using his fire and ice. Shoto comments that his simultaneous usage of his fire and ice together are sluggish and he still needs practice. The lights on Shoto's targets light up and once of them tell Shoto to proceed to the waiting room. The targets the examinees are wearing are special high tech devices that collect statistical information such as the wearer's movements and are able to identify who hit who; the only way to remove the targets is with a special magnetic key. Shoto proceeds to the waiting room.

Inside the waiting room, Shoto sees that quite a few examinees have passed like him already. While looking for a place to sit down, Shoto spots Inasa who is having a conversation with another examinee about Stamp Man. Shoto goes to sit down on a chair and ponders that he should have met Inasa when they were taking the Entrance Exam since he was also recommended. During the conversation, Inasa sees Shoto and suddenly stops talking, silently glancing at Shoto. Inasa turns back and continues his conversation with the examinee.

Back in the stadium, Camie analyses that Izuku is the type to save anyone, but wonders to what lengths Izuku will go and where he will draw the line. Camie charges at Izuku despite being nude; Izuku himself is puzzled as to why the female is nude. Camie slashes at Izuku, which causes a cut on Izuku's face to appear. Suddenly, tape divides the female and Izuku, preventing the female from attacking further. The tape came from Hanta, to which Izuku thanks Hanta for his intervention. Ochaco jumps from behind Hanta and launches herself towards Camie. Ochaco nearly manages to hit the female, but Camie's speed allows her to evade Ochaco's attack. Camie is disappointed that she can no longer talk with Izuku due to being outnumbered thanks to Hanta and Ochaco's interference. Before leaving, Camie comments on Ochaco's trustworthiness. Camie retreats as Izuku tells Hanta and Ochaco not to pursue her, having analyzed that her Quirk probably only works without clothing and because of that her targets have also been removed along with her clothing, reasoning that there is no point in chasing after her.

Izuku, Ochaco, and Hanta decide to plan their next move with Hanta noting that there are a group of examinees near their location. Mera announces that four more examinees have passed, bringing the total number of examinees passed to 58. Izuku analyzes that the examinees are working together in large groups and then attack smaller groups; afterwards they start fighting over who gets to hit the last target, to which Ochaco realizes that as they try to steal the last target from each other their numbers will also start to dwindle which makes it harder to catch others. Hanta asks why Izuku is intent on gathering Class 1-A together; Izuku responds that working together is the best option because they do not have knowledge on their opponents' Quirks and they are short on time. Izuku decides that they should first figure out the number of examinees they need to pass and then immobilize them; after they are immobilized, they will hit their targets with their balls. Suddenly, Ochaco hears footsteps; Izuku tells Ochaco and Hanta that he will act as a decoy while they keep a distance from him and try to immobilize as many examinees as possible. Izuku, Ochaco, and Hanta prepare to enact their plan.

Katsuki, Eijiro, and Denki vs. Shiketsu High School Elite, Seiji

Elsewhere, Katsuki and Denki confront a Shiketsu High male called Seiji Shishikura who has turned Eijirou into a lump of meat. Seiji expresses pride in wearing his hat as it is a symbol that shows Shiketsu High's brilliance. Seiji states that their sense of pride and dignity makes them superior to U.A. Seiji has respect for U.A but upon witnessing Class 1-A for himself, he feels disgusted to be participating with them. Katsuki could not care less about the male's whining and tells him action speaks louder. Seiji gladly demonstrates his Quirk, kneading five fingers out of thin air and launches them, calling Katsuki an ingrate while Katsuki prepares to attack.

On the bleachers, Ms. Joke offers Shota some gum, to which he rejects. Shota is frustrated that he is unable to find out who has passed; Ms. Joke wonders why he is worried. Shota explains that he is not worried but has high expectations because two of his students (Izuku and Katsuki) encourage and inspire the rest of his class. As a result of their presence, Shota feels that Class 1-A should perform spectacularly which is why he has high expectations.

Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl: Shoot Style and dashes past the group of examinees. The examinees prepare to attack Izuku. Seeing that the examinees are distracted, Ochaco and Hanta launch their surprise attack, catching the examinees off guard which allows Ochako and Hanta to immobilize some of the examinees. Meanwhile, Katsuki blows away Seiji and his kneaded meat fingers with his new technique, AP Shot Auto Cannon.[9]

On the bridge, Katsuki has blown back Seiji and his kneaded flesh fingers with his new technique, AP Shot Auto Cannon. Seiji is surprised that he let his guard down by Katsuki's impulsive and abrasive attitude; Denki notes that Seiji's kneaded fingers are returning to his skin. Getting his head in the game, Seiji rematerializes his kneaded flesh fingers and promises to make Katsuki understand the importance of behaving in a dignified manner. Annoyed with his constant talking, Katsuki charges towards Seiji while Denki fires projectiles with a piece of equipment attached to his arm. Seiji manages to dodge Denki's projectiles and decides to get rid of Denki's projectiles first. Kastuki becomes angry at being ignored and fires an AP Shot Auto Cannon at Seiji. Seiji defends himself from Katsuki's Explosion technique by materializing flesh in front of himself to act as a shield. Seiji remarks that he was not ignoring Katsuki; Katsuki realizes that a lump of flesh is on his shoulders. Seiji states that he had one of his kneaded flesh circle from around under the bridge to attach on Katsuki. Seiji reveals that if a person is touched by the flesh, they become a lump of flesh themselves. Katsuki ends up like Eijiro, a ball of flesh.

Seiji's Quirk is Processed Meat; his Quirk allows Seiji to crumple up "human flesh" and turn his victims into a ball of flesh. However, Seiji's aptitude with his Quirk and further training has allowed him to do more than simply turning human flesh into balls. Seiji can manipulate his own flesh in many ways such as cutting off portions of his own flesh and telekinetically manipulate them or mix his flesh together to enlarge it. Seiji believes that due to All Might retiring, the need for strong future Heroes are necessary and thus thinks that the true objective of the Provisional Hero License Exam is to weed out the weak and select the cream of the crop. Seiji agrees with the assumed true purpose of the exam which is why he stands in Class 1-A's way, believing them to not be fit to be heroes. Seiji warns Denki that even though Eijiro and Katsuki are balls of meat, they can still feel pain as they normally would meaning that unleashing electricity in the surrounding area would harm them.

Denki and Seiji decide to battle; Seiji kneads flesh fingers and fires them at Denki, to which Denki retaliates by throwing an object at Seiji. The object explodes which stops Seiji's attack, which confuses Seiji since Katsuki is a ball of meat. Seiji sees that the object is a grenade; Denki reveals that Katsuki was carrying one of those grenades as he can create simple explosions with them. Seiji realizes that Katsuki gave Denki one of those grenades when he was talking. Denki fires a beam of electricity from his fingertip at Seiji which electrocutes Seiji.

Denki reveals that he is unable to control the flow of electricity by himself which is why his new equipment on his arm allows him to control the flow of his electricity. Denki realizes that Katsuki's Explosions have a large range and used his AP Shot against Seiji which has a restricted range so that he would not harm Eijiro or him. Denki tells Seiji that Katsuki may be impulsive but he is more serious about becoming a Hero than most. Denki criticizes Seiji for mocking them when he knows so little about them. Seiji is furious with Denki's stupidity and angrily replies that he was telling them to know their place.

Suddenly, Katsuki and Eijiro attack Seiji with an Explosion and Hardened fist respectively. Denki comments the reason Katsuki and Eijiro are back to normal is that his flesh ball prisons can be canceled depending on the amount of damage Seiji has taken which is why Seiji fights at long range. With Seiji defeated, Katsuki and Eijiro begin arguing about their lack of timing until Denki tells them that the other examinees that became balls of flesh have returned to normal as well.

Meanwhile, Izuku, Hanta, and Ochaco are fighting the examinees in their area. Ochaco and Hanta use their Quirks (Ochako making the debris float and Hanta launching them with his Tape) and fire debris at the examinees which entraps them. Many examinees are pinned down by the tape due to the heavy debris. Mera announces that 76 examinees have passed. Izuku, Hanta, and Ochaco place their balls on six examinees; Mera announces that three more examinees have passed, indicating that Izuku, Hanta, and Ochaco has officially passed the preliminary round which is the First Exam.

As Izuku begins thinking about his other classmates, Mera notes a pattern; despite many examinees trying to eliminate U.A., Class 1-A has not lost a single student thus far. Katsuki, Eijiro, and Denki are fighting the examinees on the bridge. Tsuyu, Momo, Kyoka and Mezou have also passed and are in the waiting room along with Shoto. Tenya and Yuga are working together, Mina, Mashirao, Toru and Minoru have formed a group while Fumikage, Koji, and Rikido have teamed up in an attempt to pass.

Seeing that the First Exam is nearly over, Mera decides to make preparations for the Second Exam and leaves it up to them. The people Mera is referring to are a group of senior citizens and many young children. The senior citizens look forward to messing with the young examinees.[10]

Moments earlier before Izuku, Ochaco, and Hanta pass, Yo Shindo analyzes the situation after scattering Class 1-A with his earthquake; Class 1-A are weakened due to being scattered and half of his class are going after Class 1-A while other schools have hopped on the bandwagon. As a result, more and more conflicts are breaking out, making the situation messy. Yo's female classmate states that his plan to scatter them is backfiring. However, You is still satisfied because the end game of the First Exam is in motion and many examinees are wasting their energy going after Class 1-A and is happy that his class is fully aware of what is at stake. The female classmate comments on Yo's fake goody-goody act but Yo takes that as a compliment. Yo scorns the examinees for struggling to seize their dreams and ideals while stating that he is above such childish mentality.

The First Exam's Nail-Biting Conclusion: Class 1-A Pushes Through!

Back in the present, Katsuki, Eijiro, and Denki have passed which brings the total number of people passed to 82. Denki spots Izuku, Ochaco, and Hanta. Denki goes to greet them and congratulates them on passing. As Hanta and Ochaco praise Denki and Eijiro for passing, Katsuki asks Izuku if he passed, to which Izuku tells Katsuki that he did; Izuku finds it awkward to be speaking to Katsuki due to the Kamino Incident. As he walks away, Katsuki is not surprised that Izuku passed with his "power", much to Izuku's shock. Katsuki asks Izuku if he made that "borrowed power" his own yet, and walks away to the waiting room.

In the waiting room, Momo is glad that Izuku's group and Katsuki's group passed. Tsuyu tells Izuku's and Katsuki's group about the people who will remove their targets. Shoto speaks to Izuku and states that 11 people from their class have passed, leaving 9 of them remaining. Momo notes that there are 18 spots remaining and hopes Tenya is alright.

On the battlefield, Tenya and Yuga are in the heat of battle against dozens of examinees. As Yuga thinks that the situation is bad, Tenya saves Yuga from a stray bullet and tells him not to give up. Earlier on, Tenya found Yuga and decided to work with him so that they can find their classmates and pass. However, Yuga is content with the rest of Class 1-A passing ahead of him. Tenya refuses to leave Yuga behind as he is the president of Class 1-A and as such it is his duty to support everyone including him. This is how Tenya and Yuga began working together.

In the present, eight more examinees have passed, which leaves 10 remaining spots. Ms. Joke is certain that the examinees that just passed is her class and looks down to the waiting room, seeing her class walking to the waiting room; Ms. Joke is happy to see that her class passed. Momo and Kyoka are worried that some of their class will not pass the First Exam.

Tenya and Yuuga are still in the heat of battle against the hoard of examinees. Seeing that he is holding Tenya back, Yuuga fires his Navel Laser in the air; Tenya wonders what Yuga is planning. Yuga tells Tenya that he has already lost two targets and does not want Tenya to go down with him and thus decided to use himself as a decoy to attract more examinees which will allow Tenya to outspeed and attach his balls to two of them while they are distracted. Yuga admits that his dream is to be equal with everyone else.

Suddenly, a flock of doves are all over the area and are distracting the examinees courtesy of Koji. Concealed by the doves, Fumikage uses Black Ankh: Gloom of the Black Arm to land a surprise attack on two examinees which successfully connects and knocks them down. Examinees find themselves stuck due to Minoru's Sticky Balls; Mashirao knocks them down which sticks them to the ground. Tenya is surprised that Mashirao, Minoru, and Fumikage have arrived. The other examinees realize that U.A. has arrived and prepare to counter-attack. Out of nowhere, a bright light illuminates the area and distract the examinees which prevents them from counter-attacking; this bright light is emanating from Toru's body. Using Toru's light as a distraction, Mashirao attaches his balls to two examinees while Toru herself attaches her balls to two examinees allowing them to pass. On the ground, Yuga is confused as to what is going on; Mina tells Yuga it is thanks to his Navel Laser that they managed to group up with him and Tenya. Mina manages to attach her required balls and passes while the remaining Class 1-A students work together; they begin passing one after the other. Tenya criticizes Yuga for not keeping to his high standards and tells him that thanks to him, the remaining Class 1-A students grouped back together to pass. Yuga and Tenya attach their balls to their required number of targets, allowing them to pass.

The First Exam Ends!: Tension Between U.A. High School and Shiketsu High School

Now that Yuga and Tenya have passed, 100 examinees in total have passed; Mera announces that the First Exam is over and instructs the examinees who did not pass to leave the premises. In the waiting room, Izuku, Ochaco, Minoru, Denki, and Hanta celebrate because all of Class 1-A passed the First Exam. Inasa is shocked that Seiji failed to pass; one of Inasa's classmates comment that Seiji was full of himself which lead to his downfall and asks him to tone his voice down. Camie has also passed.

Mera asks the one hundred examinees who passed to look at the screen which shows the battlefield. The entire battlefield the examinees were competing on crumbles; all the buildings are destroyed which causes the battlefield to become a disaster site, shocking some of Class 1-A. Mera tells the one hundred examinees that the destroyed battlefield which has become a disaster site will be their next and last stage for the Provisional Hero License Exam. On this disaster site, the one hundred examinees will be conducting rescue maneuvers.[11]

Mera announces to the one hundred examinees that they will be conducting rescue maneuvers in saving citizens at the disaster site; what will be tested is the examinees' ability to adequately carry out rescue operations. However, the citizens ordinary; they are senior citizens and children who have obtained Provisional Hero Licenses and have gone through all sorts of training and as a result they are experts in rescue maneuvers. The senior citizens and children are a part of HUC (Help Us Company). Mera explains that the senior citizens are disguised as injured victims and are scattered throughout the disaster site; the examinees will carry out their rescues. Mera informs the examinees that their rescue activities will be scored on a point system; by the time the rescue activities are completed, examinees who exceed the average value will pass. Mera ends his explanation by telling the examinees that there will be a ten-minute break, which will give the examinees the time to prepare.

Izuku and Tenya realize that the Second Exam is modeled after the Kamino Incident. Izuku tells Tenya that they will do their best. Hanta tells Denki and Minoru that Izuku saw Kemi's naked body, which infuriates them. Denki and Minoru antagonize Izuku for what he saw, which confuses Izuku. The trio look at Camie who smiles and waves at the trio. Izuku begins understanding the situation and informs Denki and Minoru that her nude body had something to do with her Quirk. Students from Shiketsu High approach U.A.'s Class 1-A. A hairy Shiketsu male greets Katsuki and asks if he met Seiji Shishikura. Katsuki replies that he did; the hairy Shiketsu male apologizes for Seiji's rude behavior towards them. The hairy Shiketsu male states that Seiji was trying to impress them in his own way and reveals that Shiketsu High bears no hostility towards U.A. The hairy Shiketsu male wishes to establish a good relationship with U.A and apologizes for Seiji's impolite behavior. Seeing as how they are here to talk and not antagonize, Shoto asks Inasa if he did something to bother him. Inasa gets straight to the point; he hates both Shoto and his father, Endeavor. Inasa comments that while his demeanor has changed, Shoto still has the same eyes as Endeavor. Inasa rejoins his fellow Shiketsu High classmates while Shoto contemplates what Inasa just said. Before Izuku can consult Shouto, Camie says goodbye to Izuku, to which Izuku immediately responds with a nod. Camie walks away while Ochaco's heart starts pounding and is not able to suppress her feelings.

Provisional Hero License Second Exam: The True Mark of a Hero!

Before Ochaco can speak to Izuku, the Second Exam of the Provisional Hero License Exam begins. A rescue scenario is being broadcasted to the examinees; large-scale destruction of buildings have resulted in large numbers of victims. The damage to the roads are severe and the emergency unit will be considered late. Until the emergency unit arrives, all rescue activities will be left to the Heroes and they must save every life they can. The waiting room door opens up and the one hundred examinees rush out to the disaster site to carry out their rescue operations. Izuku, Ochaco, Tenya, Minoru, and Mina head to the nearest affected urban zone. They encounter a crying and injured child who screams that his grandpa has been crushed. Izuku finds that to be terrible, much to the crying child's annoyance who finds Izuku's reaction to be pathetic and takes away points from him. The child advises Izuku to check if he can walk and his breathing and notes that he is bleeding. The child tells Izuku that if he wants a Provisional Hero License then he must be able to access the condition of a victim and take instant action. Izuku realizes that the HUCS are doing the scoring and becomes overwhelmed. Some examinees begin scoping out the danger area of the disaster site, create make shift roads, landing areas, make first aid stations and establishing a relief area.

On the bleachers, Shota comments that Class 1-A will fall behind in this exam. The child tells Izuku that in addition to rescuing and providing relief, all authority and responsibility is on his shoulders and must smoothly act as the intermediary in rescue operations. In order to save lives, heroes must be good at all sorts of things. The child questions Izuku's tolerance towards the fear, pain, and anxiety of the victims since he found Izuku's first response to be terrible. The child's advice reminds Izuku of what All Might does; telling the victims that everything is all right since he has arrived. Izuku gets back into focus and realizes that this exam isn't a checkpoint; everything he is doing is a part of chasing his dream to be a Hero.

Izuku tells the child that everything is all right. The child reverts back to a victim while Izuku calms the child's fear by saying that they will definitely rescue his grandpa. Izuku check's the child's physical condition and tells Tenya and Ochaco that he will bring back the child to the first-aid station. Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl and rushes to the first-aid station with the injured child in his hands. Ochaco looks at Izuku and questions what she is doing. Ochaco realizes that she does indeed have feelings for Izuku and in order to focus on her dream, she must shut off her feelings for Izuku. The reason Ochaco found Izuku to be cool in the first place was because he does everything he can without giving up for the sole purpose of achieving his objective and found Izuku's determination admirable. Ochaco decides to do her best and shutting off her feelings for Izuku will aid her in doing so. Ochaco becomes focused and determined and springs into action.

Mera notes that the ordinary methods in the Second Exam will not be enough for the examinees. Suddenly, a mysterious individual steps foot into the disaster site.[12]

Inasa Yoarashi uses individual gusts of wind to remove rubble and safely move victims. One of the victims being moved by Inasa's wind is impressed with Inasa's precise control over his Quirk. However, he still finds the moving of the objects with his wind to be crude and deducts points. The hairy Shiketsu male tells Inasa that he shouldn't take action without confirming the safety of the environment or the condition of the injured. Inasa realizes his mistake and apologizes for it. Camie has disappeared from Inasa's group. On the sidelines, Seiji comments on Inasa's feat for taking the Provisional Hero License Exam which is a test second years normally take and his prowess has been accepted. Seiji's teacher talks to him about being influenced by Stain's teachings, to which Seiji finds to be absurd. Seiji's teacher doesn't mind Seiji being influenced by Stain's fundamentalist view as many individuals wish to change the approach to today's Heroes. Seiji's teacher reprimands Seiji for letting hatred drive his influenced ideals as it has clouded his vision.

At the disaster site, many examinees continue carrying out rescue operations. Momo spots the grandpa of the child Izuku saved and confirms that he is still conscious. Ochako rushes in to help by removing the rubble, but Momo stops her because there is a wall near the grandpa that looks like it will collapse. Momo creates metal pillars and Hanta tapes them together which reinforces the wall. Ochaco begins clearing out the rubble. The grandpa finds Momo, Ochako, Hanta and Rikido's rescue maneuvers to not be shabby. The grandpa notes that the rescuers must operate as efficiently as possible, must work together, understand the limitations of one's Quirk and divide roles and responsibilities to fellow rescuers. The grandpa knows from experience that it is difficult to accept one role only which can only be done with a strong understanding of the situation. Minoru and Tenya are frustrated that they are unable to do anything. Mezou decides that Class 1-A should split up into small groups. Tenya agrees and thinks that they should communicate and work together with the other schools to save the civilians. Yuuga is using his Navel Laser to give another examinee light.

Elsewhere in the disaster site, two civilians require help from Katsuki because their arms are injured. However, Katsuki refuses to help them since they can still move their legs and shouts at them to help themselves. Eijiro and Denki think that they should help the civilians. Denki and Eijiro go to help out the civilians. The civilians are appalled with Katsuki's attitude and deduct points from him. Meanwhile, Izuku has arrived at the makeshift shelter for the injured. Izuku hands over the injured boy to a female examinee, telling her that the child has a head injury which is not severe and is bleeding while his responses are normal.

Elsewhere, a mysterious individual comments that heroes act as the intermediary rescuers until rescue teams arrive. The mysterious individual asks Mera for an update; Mera comments that the HUC people are giving fewer point deductions while the rescue maneuvers are going well.

Suddenly, a huge explosion occurs which catches the examinees' attention. The mysterious individual is revealed to be Gang Orca and he is backed by a dozen enemy grunts. Mera notes that Gang Orca was at the Kamino Incident and comments that he is strong; Gang Orca is the ranked number 10 Hero and is ranked number 3 on the "Looks Most Like a Villain" ranking. A broadcast is given to the examinees; villains have appeared and they, the Heroes, must suppress them as well as continue carrying out the rescue maneuvers.

Gang Orca and the dozen enemy grunts begin their attack on the Heroes. Gang Orca wonders how the Heroes will respond to his menacing presence.[13]

The reason why the Provisional Hero License Exam has a real-life situation by having villains in the exam is because the Hero Public Safety Commissions Headquarters changed the exam's structure to include real-life scenarios so as to prepare upcoming Heroes for actual combat situations. The Provisional Hero License Exam's change is supposed to emphasize collaboration and cooperation. Mera thinks about the major change made to the Provisional Hero License Exam, seeing that the Hero Public Safety Commission wants to gather potential heroes who strongly value unity since there will never be another All Might. Mera notes that while the HUC will be evaluating the examinees rescue actions, 100 members from the Hero Public Safety Commission will evaluate the examinees overall movements and proper usage of Quirks; they will evaluate one examinee each. In order to pass the Provisional Hero License Exam, the examinees must get more than 50 points otherwise they fail.

Villains Appear!: Fire and Wind Confront One Another

In the disaster area, Gang Orca and his goons begin attacking. Shoto and Inasa head towards the villains while Izuku is nearby the villains along with Shindo. Shindo uses his Shaking Quirk to stop the advance of the goons in order to create distance between the heroes and the villains. Although Shindo manages to stop some goons, Gang Orca uses his Killer Whale Quirk to emit a paralyzing sound wave which stops Shindo in his tracks. Suddenly, Gang Orca is struck by Shoto's ice glacier, but Gang Orca manages to shield himself by breaking some of the ice. Fumikage, Mina, and Mashirao arrive with Mashirao informing Izuku that they were at the waterfront while Tsuyu and most of Class 1-A are in a nearby town continuing rescue operations. Inasa shows up and uses his wind Quirk to blast some of the goons away.

Some members of the Hero Public Safety Commission are impressed with the examinees rescue center operation and are pleased that Shoto and Inasa who have combat suited Quirk are attacking the villains. Shoto notices Inasa and tells him to go help in the rescue operation, but Inasa ignores him and blasts wind on the villains which blows Shoto’s flames away. Inasa is annoyed that Shoto used his fire, to which Shoto defends that his ice was ineffective. Inasa criticizes Shoto for attacking the villains first so that he can get all the credit, much to Shoto's confusion. Inasa attributes his belief that Shoto is selfish because he is Endeavor’s son. Shoto becomes angry at Inasa since his father has nothing to do with this exam. Suddenly, the other goons retaliate which causes Shoto to be struck by one of the goon’s cement weapons while Inasa uses his wind Quirk to fly around which enables him to dodge the goons attack. Inasa remembers his childhood where he witnessed Endeavor defeating a villain and became to admire Endeavor because he symbolized Inasa’s belief that heroes have hot spirits which inspire and move people. The young Inasa asked for an autograph, but Endeavor refused to sign him one and told him to not stand in his way. Endeavor’s rudeness shocked the young Inasa and caused him to despise Endeavor because he betrayed his admiration for him. Years later at U.A.’s Entrance Exam, Inasa tried to greet Endeavor’s son, Shoto. However, Shoto also rejected Inasa just like his father. Inasa despises Shoto and Endeavor because they do not symbolize his belief of what a true hero should be. With his right side immobilized by cement, Shouto refutes that he isn’t like his father. Shoto begins admitting to himself that he still hates his father, but stops thinking about his hatred so that he can concentrate on the exam.

Orca questions the logic behind Shoto and Inasa’s argument amongst each other while in front of a villain. Inasa states to Shoto that he will never recognize him nor Endeavor as heroes, but Shoto ignores him. Shoto and Inasa begin their counter-attack on Gang Orca and his goons; Shoto blasts fire while Inasa launches a blast of wind. However, Inasa’s wind blasts Shoto’s fire in another direction; Shoto’s fire begins heading towards the paralyzed Shindo. Suddenly, Izuku uses his enhanced speed to rescue Shindo, saving him from Shoto’s fire. Izuku is furious with Shoto and Inasa for their impersonal bickering and putting others in danger.[14]

In his youth, Inasa Yoarashi was a child who didn't know fear and as such whatever caught his interest became his new favorite thing. The latest trend, heroes, caught Inasa's interest and became deeply invested in them; eventually, he developed a belief from his perspective that all heroes have red-hot fighting spirits that allow them to challenge anything head on. Inasa admired Heroes who had red hot spirits. However, Endeavor crushed Inasa's admiration of him and became to despise the flame hero. In U.A.'s Entrance Exam for the recommended students, Inasa partook in a marathon. During the marathon, Inasa spotted Shoto and became interested in him after seeing his great usage of ice; although Inasa had a bad feeling coming from Shoto, he felt reassured that once they become classmates Shoto's eyes won't bother him. Inasa and Shoto reach the goal but Inasa reaches the goal by a stretch, making him the first to cross the finish line while Shoto comes in second. After the marathon, Inasa praises Shoto. However, Shoto doesn't care about Inasa's praise nor does he look at him and states that passing the exam was all that mattered to him. As he walks away, Shoto comments that Inasa is a nuisance, which shocks Inasa.

In the present, Izuku has saved Shindo from Shoto's flames and is furious with Inasa and Shoto for their impersonal bickering. Izuku's criticism stops Shoto and Inasa's stops their arguing. Shoto suddenly remembers that Inasa is the teenager he encountered in U.A.'s Entrance Exam; the reason he didn't recognize Inasa is because at that time he was only seeing his hatred of his father, Endeavor. After the Sports Festival, Shoto decided to forget about his for his father after reconciling with his mother. Seeing that forgetting his past isn't helping since it comes back one way or another, Shoto decides that he needs to do something else to confront his past. Annoyed with their bickering, Gang Orca appears before Shouto and uses his Repertoire sound wave move on Inasa; Inasa attempts to dodge, but he is hit by a goon's cement gun, which causes Inasa to lose his concentration and he is knocked out of the sky. As Inasa falls to the ground immobilized, Gang uses his Repertoire on Shoto which immobilizes him fully. Shoto embraces Izuku's criticism of him as his improper actions created the situation he is in now.

The Villains Gain Momentum: Shoto and Inasa's Desperate Gambit!

With Inasa and Shoto out of the way, the goons decide to go and attack a rescue group. Izuku sees the goons running toward the rescue site and decides to intercept them. Before he can, Shindo uses his Shake Quirk and crushes the ground the goons are on, stopping them in their tracks. Izuku is surprised Shindo can still move after taking Gang' soundwave move and the drawback of his Quirk. Shindo replies that he has developed a resistance to his Quirk but he is still numb. Shindou tells Izuku that it is up to him to put the goons out of commission; Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl and heads towards the goons while the rescue group continues its operations.

As Gang Orca prepares to back up his lackeys, Shoto blames himself for picking a fight with Inasa during a serious situation. Even with the odds stacked against him and the compatibility of their Quirks terrible as well as their cooperation, Shoto knows that with heat wind becomes unstable. Shoto starts producing fire from his left side and hopes that Inasa is thinking of the same idea. Indeed, Inasa is thinking of the same idea and starts producing wind. Inasa controls the wind and blows it towards Shouto. Inasa's wind scoops up Shoto's flames and becomes unstable, blowing towards Gang Orca. Suddenly, Gang Orca is engulfed by an unstable blazing whirlwind.[15]

Gang Orca is engulfed in a Fire Prison created by Shoto's flames and Inasa's wind. Gang Orca is impressed that Inasa and Shouto managed to still use their Quirks despite being completely immobilized. Although he wasn't amused by their bickering earlier, Gang Orca gives credit for Shoto and Inasa's combination attack and respects Inasa and Shoto for attempting to rectify their faults by working together. The goons that were stopped by Shindo's quake have gotten back up and see that their boss is being besieged by flame and wind. The goons attempt to stop Shoto, but Shoto creates a small iceberg to stop the goons from advancing towards him. The other goons that have gone ahead towards the rescue area see that their boss Gang Orca and their fellow goons are in trouble. Suddenly, Izuku appears and attacks three goons with his One For All Full Cowl: Shoot Style which knocks them down. Before the other goons can attack Izuku, Mashirao appears and attacks a few goons. Mashirao informs Izuku that rescue operations are almost completed and back up should arrive soon. Mera sees that there are three remaining HUC members that still need rescuing and after they are saved, he can conclude the Second Exam. Mina and Fumikage arrive and use their respective Quirks to attack and knock down some goons. Examinees from other schools begin to arrive to help battling the goons. Out of nowhere, some goons are knocked down by a long tongue. Tsuyu was the one who knocked the goons down and reveals that she can turn invisible thanks to her Camouflage. Mashirao asks Tsuyu about the rescue operations, to which Tsuyu replies that the rescue operations are mostly complete. Shiketsu High have also arrived with the hairy Shiketsu High male attacking some goons with his hair.

Meanwhile, Gang Orca is still engulfed by the fiery Fire Prison. However, Gang Orca isn't worried one bit as he had already planned ahead. Gang Orca throws water on himself to prevent himself from drying out. Gang Orca disperses the fiery whirlwind with a roar and asks Inasa and Shouto what they have planned next. Izuku appears and attacks the Number 10 Hero with an enhanced One For All Full Cowl kick, but Gang Orca defends himself from Izuku's kick. Inasa and Shoto are surprised that Izuku arrived with the latter commenting that to the bitter end, Izuku always comes to the rescue.

Provisional Hero License Exam Ends: Those Who Pass and Those Who Fail

Before Izuku can continue the fight against Gang Orca, Mera announces that all HUC members have been rescued and officially brings the Provisional Hero License Exam to a close. Mera informs the examinees that after the scores are tallied, he will present the results of the Provisional Hero License Exam to them; he tells those who have suffered injuries to direct themselves to the medical office and those who aren't to change back into their normal clothes and await for further instructions. The goons apologize to Gang Orca for failing at their jobs since it is difficult for them to move around with the restrictive protectors on. Gang Orca ponders that even without the restrictive protector and the exam continuing for longer, Inasa and Shoto's Fire Prison and Izuku's surprise attack might have injured him to the point of being unable to continue fighting.

After the examinees have their injuries attended to and have changed back into their school uniforms, they gather in front of a screen. Mera thanks the examinees for their hard work and will present the results. Before he does so, Mera explains that the HUC members and his fellow colleagues from Headquarters examined both the quality and nature of their conduct in situations of crisis. Mera tells the examinees that the names of those who passed will be displayed on the screen behind him in alphabetical order.

The results of the Provisional Hero License Exam are presented on the screen. 89 examinees have passed the Provisional Hero License Exam. Izuku looks up for his name on the screen and is shocked to see that his name is on the screen; Izuku is flabbergasted that he has passed the Provisional Hero License Exam. Inasa sees that his name is not on the screen and knew that he didn't pass while Shouto has a solemn look on his face.[16] Class 1-A look on the screen to check for their names. Everyone in Class 1-A has passed, except for Katsuki and Shoto. While most of Class 1-A celebrate, Katsuki is angry that he didn't pass and Shoto remains silent as he is fully aware why he failed. Inasa approaches Shoto and slams his head on the ground. Inasa apologizes to Shoto for making him fail and asks for forgiveness. However, Shoto tells Inasa that he doesn't have to apologize. Instead, Shoto thanks Inasa for his critique of him as it has made him realize there were some important things he missed. The rest of Class 1-A are surprised to hear that Shoto failed while Izuku and Momo offer their condolences.

Mera distributes out sheets to the examinees that has details of their performance in the exam and their scores: a point reduction system was used to tally their scores. While he understands the point reduction system, Izuku doesn't understand why those who fell under 50 points were not asked to leave the exam immediately. Mera congratulates those who have passed and will obtain their Provisional Hero Licenses immediately; Mera states that they now have authority equal to that of heroes and will be able to stop villains and rescue civilians at their own discretion. Meta tells the examinees that with All Might no longer active, their world is changing and they need to adapt to that change by upholding the balance All Might worked so hard for; when they become heroes, they will become the pillar that supports society. Even though they have hero authority now, they must continue studying until they graduate as having this authority doesn't make them true heroes. Mera tells those who failed to not become disheartened because they can attend a special training course in March and if they produce strong results they will obtain Provisional Hero Licenses; the failed will be given a chance to rectify their mistakes in this training course which will make them even more qualified than those who passed this exam. Mera tells those who failed that he will not object to them re-challenging the exam in April. Now that there is still an opportunity to obtain their licenses, Kastuki and Inasa are fired up. Shouto tells Izuku that he will catch up soon.

One Step Closer to the Hero Dream: The League of Villains Prepare to Strike Back!

Outside, the Provisional Hero License Exam is officially over; Izuku is holding his Provisional Hero License in his hands. Izuku cries tears of joy which causes Of halo to questions his tears. Izuku replies that the Provisional Hero License is proof of his growth is in his hands and is happy that the help he has received along the way has not been in vain. Izuku plans to immediately show his license to his mother and All Might while Ochaco agrees with him. Inasa says farewell to Shoto and once again apologizes to him while Shoto gives his farewell. Izuku spots the hairy Shiketsu High male and asks him about his camouflage technique. The Shiketsu High male replies that they don`t have that training, much to Izuku`s confusion since the girl he met had such a technique. The Shiketsu High male understands Izuku is referring to Camie and tells him that Camie went home immediately after the exam. However, the Shiketsu High male comments that Camie has been acting strange for the past three days and something is different about her.

In an alley. Camie is walking and her face starts melting, which reveals Himiko Toga; Camie is none other than Himiko who used her Quirk to shapeshift to take on the real Camie's appearance. Himiko receives a phone call from Mr. Compress. Mr. Compress is annoyed that Himiko hasn't been contacting then and reminds her that being in public puts them in jeopardy; Himiko tells Mr. Compress that she is well hidden and her excursion has been fruitful. Himiko informs Mr. Compress that Tomura will be happy because she has obtained a vial of Izuku's blood.[17]

Story Impact

  • U.A. High School becomes a boarding school.
    • Class 1-A along with the rest of the school live within U.A now.
    • The dorm rooms the U.A. students reside in is called Heights Alliance.
  • Class 1-A hold a competition to decide who has the best room in Class 1-A dormitory.
    • The winner is Rikido Sato because he made cake.
    • The competition to decide the best room in Class 1-A's dormitory was to restore the trust between Class 1-A and those who went to rescue Katsuki.
  • The trust between Class 1-A and Izuku, Eijiro, Shoto, Tenya, and Momo has been strained due to them going to rescue Katsuki.
    • Tsuyu expresses her sadness about this strained relationship.
    • Izuku, Eijiro, Shoto, Tenya, and Momo apologize for their actions. Thus, Class 1-A's camaraderie has been restored back to normal.
  • Class 1-A create their own special moves.
  • A school that rivals U.A., Shiketsu High School, is introduced.
  • A lesser hero school, Ketsubutsu Academy High School, is also introduced.
  • All of Class 1-A passes the First Exam of the Provisional Hero License Exam.
  • 89 of the 100 examinees score above 50 points in the Second Exam, therefore they pass the Provisional Hero License Exam and obtain their Provisional Hero Licences
    • Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, and Inasa Yoarashi are among those who failed.
    • The examinees who failed are offered a second chance to earn their Provisional Hero Licences by attending a special course in March or challenging the exam again in April.
  • After the Provisional Hero License Exam ends, it is revealed that Camie is actually Himiko Toga who used her Quirk to impersonate the real Camie.
    • Himiko Toga has obtained a sample of Izuku’s blood.
  • Ochaco realizes her feelings for Izuku after his interactions with Camie, but decides to put them aside so they can both focus on becoming heroes
  • The effects of All Might's retirement has lead to many changes:
    • Crime is increasing.
    • New villain organizations have risen up.
    • The Police Force are starting to take an active role against crime.
  • Izuku and Katsuki have their second fight, which brings forth many revelations.
    • Katsuki's true feelings such as the anxiety of being responsible for All Might's degradation and his jealousy of Izuku.
    • Izuku shows improvement in his overall strength, being able to keep up with Katsuki.
  • After Katsuki defeats Izuku, All Might appears and apologizes for causing him anxiety over his retirement.
    • All Might reveals to Katsuki the secret of One For All.
    • Katsuki promises to keep One For All a secret.

Characters Introduced

Quirks Introduced



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