The Provisional Hero License Exam is a biannual test held by the government and organized by the Hero Public Safety Commission, with the goal of selecting the most capable students to obtain a Provisional Hero License.

The exam is the main setting of the Hero License Exam Arc.


The Hero License Exam is held twice a year, from six to six months, coinciding with the start of the usual Japanese semester period.

The exam originally had a 50% rate of passing, but due to recent events like All Might's retirement and societal pressure, the exam was modified to be far more exclusive and demanding while also encouraging teamwork and communication between participants, with the intention of only allowing the best of the best to acquire licenses and filling the power gap left behind by All Might.

The exam takes in account several attributes considered important for a hero such as leadership, agility, judgement, communication and, most importantly, fighting skill.

In order to avoid conflicts between classes from the same school, different classes tend to take the exam in different locations.

The exam taken by Class 1-A consisted of two phases:

Initial Phase

Exam Part One

The first phase.

The first phase of the License Exam consisted of a fast-paced, elimination-focused game where the applicants were given six balls and three targets to put on their bodies. The objective of this phase was to use the balls to hit the targets on other students, all while protecting their own targets.

Once all their targets were hit, a student would be eliminated from the test. Those that managed to eliminate two or more students would proceed to the next phase.

Final Phase

Exam Part Two

The second and final phase.

The second and final phase consisted of a rescue exercise, involving professional rescuees from the Help Us Company, who would analyze the rescuing methods of the applicants and reduce points in case of perceived mistakes and waste of resources. They were assisted by public safety workers who would monitor every participants' decisions and actions.

This phase used a point deduction system, where all the participants started with full 100 points and were required to score over 50 points until the end of the exam, which happened once every rescuee was deemed safe, in order to pass. Perceived failures and mistakes would result in points being taken away.

Midway through the exam, Gang Orca and several equipped workers would show up in order to simulate a villain attack, requiring the students to juggle between rescuing efforts and fighting the new threat.

Exam Retaking

Those that passed the first phase, but failed the second phase were given the choice of retaking the exam after a period of 3 months, during which they have to attend a special extra course provided by the Hero Public Safety Commission.


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