Hellflame (ヘルフレイム Heru Fureimu?)[1] is a fire-based Quirk that can generate and control fire at will. It is used by Endeavor.


Hellflame is an extremely powerful Quirk that gives Enji pyrokinetic abilities.

Enji is able to generate large fire blasts to incinerate his opponents, as well as cover his body in flames. Changing the temperature of the flames is possible as well, which means that their damage output is capable of increasing or decreasing depending of Enji's wishes.[2] The anime adaptation shows that those flames can heat up to the point of turning blue.[3]

Hellflame will rise Enji's body temperature to dangerous levels if overused due to successive powerful attacks or drawn out battles, impairing his physical abilities.[4]


Enji likes to keep his body in a flaming state, in order to look more imposing as the Flame Hero Endeavor.

Endeavor chases Nomu

Various applications of Hellflame in action.

Endeavor fights by using his flames to overwhelm his opponents with extreme heat. His attacks include large-scale flamethrowers, precise heat-rays, and fists of fire among other options. Endeavor can also use his flames to propel his body through mid-air.

Endeavor uses lower temperature flames on weaker opponents to minimize the strain on his body. Lower temperature fire attacks can also be used as a warning shot and normally incapacitates Endeavor's targets. The Flame Hero turns up the heat whenever he's trying to finish off the opponent. Higher temperature finishing moves are meant to defeat foes and they raise Enji's body temperature significantly. This is a high-risk tactic that can backfire if Endeavor uses too many of these techniques.

Endeavor's greatest technique raises his flames to their maximum temperature to create a powerful heat-ray that vaporizes any target. The heat from this attack raises Enji's body temperature to its limit and immediately impairs his abilities going forward.

Hellflame can also be used to suspend Endeavor in mid-air by expelling fire jets through the soles of his feet. He can also eject flames from his back to propel himself forward. This same ability can be used as a reverse thrust should Endeavor need to resist an attack.

The anime shows more combat applications for Hellflame. Endeavor can shape his flames to function like various weapons and is able to heat up the soles of his feet to anchor himself to walls through molten footprints, allowing him to run along their surface. Burning down a target at a cellular level is possible for him as well, letting him bypass healing or regenerative Quirks with flames of extreme temperatures.

Named Techniques

  • Flashfire Fist - Jet Burn (赫灼熱拳 ジェットバーン Kaku Shakunetsu-ken Jettobān?): Enji shoots flames out the back of his fist to propel it forward and delivers a powerful blow to the enemy. This was first seen used against High-End.[5]
  • Flashfire Fist - Hell Spider (赫灼熱拳 ヘルスパイダー Kaku Shakunetsu-ken Herusupaidā?): Enji shoots streams of fire out of his fingers to burn his enemy. The flames take a form similar to a spider's web, hence the name. The flames are hot enough to burn through High-End's muscles and dice a building apart.[6]
  • Prominence Burn (プロミネンスバーン Purominensubān?): Enji burns brightly and intensely before shooting out a beam of highly pressurized flame. This attack is strong enough to overwhelm High-End's Super Regeneration and to incinerate it. However, the creature survives by tearing off its own head.[7]


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