Heights Alliance (ハイツアライアンス Haitsu Araiansu?) is a group of several dormitories inside the U.A. campus, where its students are currently housed.


The creation of Heights Alliance had been ruminated by a considerable amount of time between the U.A. staff. It was implemented in order to have a safe and stable environment for the students to live, after the institution suffered continuous attacks from villains.[1]


The Heights Alliance dorms are located inside the U.A. High School campus, in Musutafu, Japan. They are a five-minute walk from the main U.A. building.[2]

Exterior Design

Heights Alliance Alternate View

Heights Alliance seen from the main U.A. building.

Each dorm in Heights Alliance is a large, imposing building with five floors, separated in two wings. The first to third floors have the two wings connected to each other at the edges, forming a square shape hollow at its center, while the fourth and fifth floors wings only connect in one edge, forming an U shape.[2]

Each building is circled by a low hedge fence, except for a small path in its center that lead to entrance, which is composed of two sets of large, double doors. Above the doors there is a curved sign that reads "Alliance", and above it there is another much larger sign in which is written the class that is assigned to that respective dorm. The second floor and above are each adorned by arched windows, while the first floor's windows are similar in design, but noticeably larger and more numerous.[2]

Interior Design

Height alliance floor plan

Class 1-A's floorplans.

Each room is equipped with an air conditioning, toilet, fridge, closet and veranda. The are assumed to be pretty spacious, Yaoyorozu even claiming the closets to be "about the same size as the one at [her] estate."


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