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Half-Cold Half-Hot (半冷半燃 Hanrei Hannen?) is a Quirk used by Shouto Todoroki.


Half-Cold Half-Hot causes Shouto's right side to have the power of ice and his left side to have the power of fire. This Quirk allows Shouto to raise or lower temperature and gives him the ability to create ice and fire from his body.

If he were to abuse his freezing power, he would suffer from frostbite, so he uses his heat powers to regulate his body temperature. Not much is known if he were to use his fire powers consecutively since he doesn't use it often. However, it is likely that upon sufficient control of his fire side, he could use each side to almost completely counteract the weaknesses of the other.

Since the end of the Sports Festival Tournament and his internship with his father Endeavor, Shouto has become more open to using his flame powers, using it in conjunction with his ice moves as demonstrated during his fight against Stain.

Named TechniquesEdit

  • Giant Ice Wall (大氷壁 Daihyōheki?): Shouto creates a humongous ice glacier. This move is first used in his battle against Hanta Sero in the Sports Festival,[1] but is unnamed until the End of Term Test. A variation of this move, slightly smaller in size, is shown in his battle against Katsuki Bakugou.


  1. Boku no Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 34

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