Gunhead (ガンヘッド Ganheddo?), also known as Battle Hero (バトルヒーロー Batoru Hīrō?), is a Pro Hero, whose agency specializes in armed combat.[1]


Gunhead is a man with a heavy muscular figure and spiky, gray hair. In his hero costume, he wears a white mask with four holes that resemble gun muzzles. He dons dark gray pads that cover his neck to his shoulders over a black vest with no shirt underneath. He also wears brown pants, black boots and his signature steel bracers.[1]


Is that your boyfriend

Gunhead's cute persona teasing Ochaco

Gunhead is a very professional and friendly individual with values that make him a great teacher. In a fight he's composed and fierce, but otherwise he tends to be unexpectedly kind.

Ochaco Uraraka often notes how he has very cute tendencies like teasing her [2] and posing [3].


A year prior to starting his teaching career Aizawa was called into a meeting with Best Jeanist, Manual, Desutegoro, Snipe, 13, Endeavor, Air Jet, Midnight, Ingenium, and Gunhead, They were there with an unnamed police officer to speak about the unwilling civilians injected with Trigger.


Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Gunhead is first mentioned when Ochaco Uraraka tells her classmates she has chosen the Battle Hero's Office for her internship.[4][5]

On the first day of field training, Gunhead takes Ochaco out on patrol. He explains to her how heroes are and that his hero office specializes in clamping down on crime. They receive commission based on their acts of heroics after they are called in by the police.[6][7]

Gunhead dojo

Gunhead training Ochaco

Gunhead uses the next day to instruct Ochaco and others on proper fighting form [3]. Later on after the Hosu City incident, Gunhead notices Ochaco on the phone speaking with Izuku Midoriya. He tells her another training session is about to begin, and then teases her about talking to a boy.[8][2]

Later on, Gunhead trains Ochaco on fighting an opponent armed with a knife. She uses a fake dagger to attack Gunhead, but his movements are too fluid for her to hit him. He eventually takes Ochaco down, explaining how he did it all along the way.[9]

Once the internship comes to an end, Ochaco returns to school and tells her classmates that learning Gunhead's martial arts was very worthwhile.[10]

Quirk and Abilities

Gatling: Gunhead's arm has gun-like organs which can shoot claw-like keratin mass bullets. This quirk is very capable in short-range combat, so this quirk is mainly used as suppressible fire.[11]

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Gunhead is a highly capable martial artist and trained Uraraka to an impressive degree in only a week.

5/5 A
2/5 D
4/5 B
3/5 C
4/5 B
Gunhead's stats, according to the Official Character Book


  • Despite his physical appearance, Gunhead has a cute voice, according to Ochaco.
  • According to the Official Character Book, he likes skin care.


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