Grenadier Bracers is a move that is brought forth by Katsuki Bakugo's costume specs while using his Quirk, Explosion.


A specification that was added to Katsuki's hero costume that stores his sweat to amplify explosion effects and power to their fullest potential. Once filled, he can pull out the grenade pin to release a massive powerful explosion. The aforementioned blast was powerful enough to nearly destroy the building Katsuki was fighting Izuku in during the Battle Trial.[1] This modification was created so that Katsuki could release powerful explosions while minimizing damage to himself.[2]

During Final Exams, Katsuki allowed Izuku to use one of the gauntlets to blast All Might. Izuku commented that the strong recoil took a toll on his shoulder[3], although Katsuki seems to be completely unphased by it due to his superior athletic ability.


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