The Giant Villain (巨人化 (ヴィラン) Kyojin-ka Viran?) is a D-rank villain.[1]


The Giant Villain has a rough, beastly appearance. He has a horse-like head with brown hair styled into dreadlocks, and a beard. He wears a torn and tattered shirt as well as an average pair of jeans and shoes.


Not much is known about the giant villain's personality other then he was selfish enough to steal and challenge pro heroes after getting caught.[2]


Entrance Exam Arc

Giant villain appears

The Giant Villain is cornered at Tatooine Station

The Heroes Kamui Woods, Death Arms, and Backdraft corner the giant villain at Tatooin Station after he stole someone's bag. He is initially challenged by Shinrin Kamui, but is ultimately defeated and captured by Mt. Lady, who hits him with her Canyon Cannon special move. The Police Force restrain the villain while Mt. Lady greets the press.[2]

Quirks and Abilities

The giant villain possesses an unnamed Gigantification-type Quirk.[2]


Entrance Exam Arc


  • Giant Villain is the first villain to appear in the series.


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