Fumikage Tokoyami vs. Moonfish is a battle fought between student Fumikage Tokoyami and villain Moonfish.


Dark Shadow's immense power

Moonfish then hears the sounds of Izuku Midoriya and Mezo Shoji crashing through the forest, with an out of control Fumikage Tokoyami chasing after them. Distracted from his initial targets, Moonfish sends one of his tooth blades at the new arrivals, only for Fumikage's Dark Shadow to flatten him into the ground, shattering his teeth.[1]

However, Moonfish quickly gets back up using his teeth and is enraged at Fumikage, saying that he cannot forgive him for trying to steal his prizes. He attacks the shadow-using student, stabbing through the shadow arm that has grabbed him and its head. This has no effect on the creature, however, and it extends its arm through the forest, smashing the villain through multiple trees before throwing him forcefully into another group of them, incapacitating the bound villain.[2]


After the rampaging Dark Shadow effortlessly defeated Moonfish, Katsuki and Shoto managed to get close to Fumikage, and used their Quirks in a combined attack of explosion and flame to tame Dark Shadow.

After Katsuki once again told Fumikage that their Quirks have a bad chemistry, Fumikage thanked Katsuki and Shouta or saving him. Izuku told Fumikage that their top priority was to protect Katsuki, who was the target of the villains.


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