Fumikage Tokoyami & Tsuyu Asui vs. Ectoplasm is a battle fought between Class 1-A heroes-in-training Fumikage Tokoyami & Tsuyu Asui and Pro Hero Ectoplasm during the Final Exams Arc in the Replica City-District.


This battle started when Ectoplasm created his clones, surrounding Fumikage and Tsuyu. Then, Fumikage ordered Dark Shadow to grab and threw Tsuyu up to the air.[1] As Ectoplasm produced more clones, one of his clones reached near Fumikage, but Tsuyu stretched her tongue, pushing Ectoplasm's clone away from Fumikage. Then, Fumikage summoned Dark Shadow to move, and Tsuyu stretched her tongue to ward off Ectoplasm's clones in front of her. When Tsuyu saw the exit, Ectoplasm praised the duo for sneaking.

Then, Ectoplasm summoned a gigantic clone. Using Giant Bite Detention move, Ectoplasm's gigantic clone trapped Fumikage and Tsuyu, so Fumikage commented Ectoplasm's quirk as powerful. After Dark Shadow commented its strength, Dark Shadow approached towards the exit, but Ectoplasm kicked Dark Shadow. Then, Tsuyu concluded Dark Shadow's movement, so she told Fumikage to take the item. As Tsuyu continued to vomit, Dark Shadow kept getting kicked by Ectoplasm. When Tsuyu finished vomiting the item, Dark Shadow grabbed and slammed it towards Ectoplasm's leg. The item turned out to be a handcuff, so Fumikage and Tsuyu passed the exam.[2]



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